Song Tan Jishi

Chapter 769: 769 Guarding and stealing

Everyone in the live broadcast room was excited!

  【What is what is what? ! 】

  【Come closer to Kangkang! 】

  【Blind guessing is a good baby! 】

 Zhang Yanping also held up his mobile phone and prepared to go further, but the next moment—

 “Ouch, ow, ow, ow…”

The Six Treasures of Wisdom seemed to have hit a spring. As soon as his two claws pressed into the grass, he quickly ran away, and then ran around in circles, his voice full of grievances.

In its grievance, Zhang Yanping’s camera moved closer, and everyone in the live broadcast room almost went crazy laughing.


  【I thought it was some kind of good treasure, but I didn't expect it to be a chestnut bag. 】

 【Six treasures, six treasures! What do you want me to say about you? 】

  【Seeing Liu Bao's strong figure and wise eyes, I knew that this Chinese pastoral dog must be extraordinary! 】

  【I never expected that this man has gold and jade, but this dog also has bad qualities, hahaha】

  【Six treasures, six treasures, what's going on in your head? 】

【Ask me, does Liubao, a pastoral dog, keep its authenticity? No husky skewers? 】

  【Liubao, haven't you always been guarding me in the Chestnut Garden? Why haven’t I longed for memory yet?]

  【Recommend strict investigation, it is not like there has been no guarding and self-stealing. 】

 What I saw surrounded by three dogs in the grass turned out to be a huge chestnut bag! It's even bigger than Zhang Yanping's fist, which is really rare.

The chestnut bag is still green, with only some brown signs of ripeness stained on some parts. It was obviously just taken out when chestnuts were threshed today.

Now, Zhang Yanping frowned and stared closely at Dabao Erbao, who was sitting upright beside him, with "It has nothing to do with me" written all over his face:

"What's going on with you two? I let you look at the chestnut garden, how can you still line your own pockets?"

"Such a big chestnut bag, the chestnuts peeled out are half a catty! Do you know how much half a catty costs? You two have to gnaw for a long time to buy big bones."

“Tell me, how many times have you done this kind of theft?”

                             ded! This crime is not a light one, as it involves stealing and lining one's own pockets. 】

  【That's not possible. When they came across such a big gift bag, the three of them wanted to hide it privately... This was a sign they couldn't let go. 】

  【I don't think it's like being a thief. If you are really used to stealing, how can you be helpless with this chestnut bag? 】

【that is! You look at Liubao so stupidly, as if you are seeing him for the first time. 】

  【Then you have never seen Erha. Even if I eat this chestnut secretly three or five times, it will still be the first time I see you again. 】

【shut up! I don't allow you to say that Liubao is not smart! 】

  【Nonsense, look at our six treasures, we have floppy ears, shiny coat, strong posture, and how wise our eyes are. 】

At this moment, the Dabao and the Wise Treasures did not dare to say anything, but the Wise Six Treasures were already lame on one leg and came over whining.

Seeing Zhang Yanping, she looked at him with big wet eyes and made a wisp of breathy sounds from her nose, as if she had been greatly wronged:


Who can withstand this? !

The gangster Zhang Yanping almost reached out and touched its head, but at least he held it back and pointed at the chestnut bag:

 “Where did you steal it?!”

Actually, judging from the way they were helpless, it was probably not stolen. It was probably just smashed over while cracking chestnuts.

But who can resist teasing a puppy when he sees it like this?

The next moment, Liu Bao groaned and lay down on the ground. He crossed his two front paws and put them on his face, pressing his eyes.

Of course, I didn’t hold it down completely. At least in the live broadcast room, I could still see its eyes trying to look up from under its paws.

  【The six treasures are just one chestnut, why do they end up like this! 】

  【It knelt down so quickly that it didn't know what to say. ]     【Looking at this look, who would say that our Six Treasures are not wise? He is obviously as wise as a fool. 】

  【Laughing to death, this is obviously trying to cover up the obvious. 】

  【Bao, you are hiding your ears and stealing the bell! Originally, all three of you were suspected, but if you lie down like this, everything will be settled. 】

  【What's up, are you practicing idioms in the live broadcast room today? So what should I do if I am illiterate and can't explain it? 】

The barrage was instantly distorted and messy, but Liubao's little eyes were so moving that his little front paws couldn't stop him. At this moment, Zhang Yanping caught him and looked back:

"It's useless to escape. Come on, tell me. Have you ever eaten secretly in normal times? I'll let you go if you explain clearly."

 After saying that, he also turned the live broadcast camera to a close-up of Dabao Erbao.

But these two big dogs were very thoughtful, and they just sat there motionless, showing no signs of guilt at all.

 Fortunately, Liubao Zhenzhen's eyesight is not very good. He can understand the words, but he does not fully understand them.

At this moment, he put his paws on his eyes hypocritically, looked at Zhang Yanping for a while, and suddenly stood up numbly, no longer pretending to be lame.

Instead, he ran all the way to the big chestnut tree in front, sniffing the ground left and right, and finally picked a spot. His two newly injured claws hadn't rested yet, and they started to dig at that area again.

 Ouch, what ashes!

Zhang Yanping was about to stop him, but he saw that he had only dug a shallow hole, and some brown fragments were already exposed in the hole, which looked like brown chestnut shells.

  There is far more than just one.

Zhang Yanping was stunned.

The live broadcast room was also stunned.

The next moment, I saw a colorful firework special effect flashing across the live broadcast room, and then a line of colorful words was pinned to the top -

  【Just think of it as me buying chestnuts, hurry up and show us some treasures! 】

 And below, dense barrages also exploded.

      … I’ll reward you with a thousand yuan. This chestnut is quite expensive to buy. 】

  【Brother Tuhao, reward me with a thousand dollars, and I will eat it for you to see! 】

  【Thank you, boss, I want to see it too】

  【Hahaha, I'm also very curious, this chestnut is so hard, how on earth did they get it into their mouths? 】

  【Liubao, Liubao, why are you a kid in your teens? 】

  【The six treasures escaped with their lives today, but the big and two treasures cannot spare you...】

Zhang Yanping was also dumbfounded. Looking at Liu Bao's proud and proud expression as if offering a treasure, and then looking at his fluffy long tail sweeping back and forth on the ground, he couldn't help but stroke Liu Bao's dog's head.

  “You little fool, this time you will be humiliated by the pastoral dog!”

Then he turned around and pointed at the two treasures:

 “Come here! I don’t believe that so many of them are eaten by Liubao.”

 Looking at its puppy legs, it doesn’t know how to flatter the first and second treasures on the mountain. Now they are betrayed in a few seconds...

 With this IQ, how can I still have chestnuts to eat? It can't even catch chestnut shells.

Dabao Erbao snorted, and finally walked over dejectedly:



Zhang Yanping smiled proudly: "Okay! The suspects are complete, the big treasure, two treasures and six treasures! The stolen goods are confirmed! I announce that the trial meeting will begin now!"

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