Song Tan Jishi

Vol 311 Chapter 1056: 1056 flower bed

Once the atmosphere relaxes, the aroma of vegetables that permeates the surroundings makes people unable to lift their heads.

The old Song family has always had no red tape when it comes to eating. Starting from the eldest Song Youde, everyone started using chopsticks.

Qin Yun and He Kuang were already fascinated by the milky white crucian carp soup. When they saw everyone starting to eat, they quickly picked up the spoons:

 “Let me try this soup!”

 “I’ll try it too!”

 The milky white crucian carp soup is rich and fragrant, and the heat is mixed with indescribable deliciousness. It is garnished with some chopped green onion and coriander. Now when you scoop it up with a big spoon, this green color is quickly distributed in the whole pot of soup.

 Fortunately, no one is picky about food—maybe the only one who needs to be taboo is Lu Chuan.

Song Tan asked him: "Can these hair things be eaten?"

Lu Chuan laughed, and the joy from the inside out quickly infected everyone around him: "It has been more than half a year and I have already recovered. I have almost eaten all the dried fish you sent me before."

“That’s okay!” Ulan hurriedly urged him: “Come, drink soup! Tantan’s cousin is very good at cooking. Let’s try it with a bowl of crucian carp soup!”

Despite the diligent urging, the old Song family did not have the habit of picking up vegetables and serving soup for others, so Lu Chuan seemed more adaptable:

“Okay. I’ll give it a try—I already smelled the aroma when I stewed the fish.”

In addition to the tender crucian carp soup, there are also juicy cold black fungus, red and green oily fried river shrimps with green onions, rich-colored eel pot, and plump and dark green peppers stuffed with meat.

 Refreshing cabbage kang tofu, local cucumber mixed with eggs, all-purpose homemade scrambled eggs with tomatoes, stir-fried minced pork with sour cowpeas, and cold shredded radish in season...

This dish is richer than ever before, and even the pots are two sizes smaller than usual. The quantities are stacked on top of each other, squeezing the edge of the turntable of this large round table!

If you put your chopsticks in any direction, you can eat something that you can't stop eating.

On the inner floor, there are simple large basins filled with rice, crispy rice, and a large basin of white fungus soup.

If Qin Yun and He Gu, who had forgotten what they were eating, were asked to comment on this meal, they would probably just open their mouths and then close them again in vain.

 What do you evaluate? Just show off your rice!

Eating less than one bite is disrespectful to the meal!


 They are all young men, and their stomachs feel like bottomless pits when they eat.

The seventh cousin was still mumbling about whether this pot of rice would satisfy them, when Qin Yun took the lead and put down his chopsticks:

 “It’s so good...”


 Qiaoqiao had already eaten and was the first to stand up now: "It's okay, uncle. Sister Xiao Guo made hawthorn pills. I'll go get some first."

He said proudly: "The hawthorn pills are delicious, sour and sweet, and they are full of fruity aroma after chewing them. Then your saliva will flow a lot... If you eat too much, it will be digested quickly!"

He Ji on the side opened his mouth, then quickly closed it.

Although he was very full, as he described it in this way, the saliva secreted unconsciously.

well! Why are you so useless!

Qin Yun pursed his lips and nodded, resisting the urge to hiccup, but after enduring it again and again, his desire to hiccup was replaced by one sentence:

“Why did you call my uncle Brother Lu Chuan? Are we so different in appearance?”

Qiaoqiao's eyes widened instantly: "Uncle, are you dissatisfied with old age?!"

 Qin Yun:…! !

I am not dissatisfied with the old age. Why should you treat me differently? !

His eyes also widened, and the big question mark seemed to materialize. So much so that He Fu, who was also called uncle, couldn't hold back his laughter.

Song Tan couldn't help laughing and said, "Qiao Qiao, you shouldn't judge a person's age by his appearance. The brother Qin Yun in front of you, not to mention the older brother, is about the same age as your beautiful brother."

"You can call me brother." However, Qiao Qiao, who had always been obedient, glanced at Lu Chuan and felt very reluctant at this moment: "I don't know how to look inside... I'm just an uncle on the outside..."

Qin Yun sighed, leaned back on his chair and solemnly swore:

“It seems like I won’t be able to survive this night—I will definitely go to bed early tonight!”

If you keep going on and go out with Lu Chuan next time, will people start calling you grandpa?

 What's more, he said heartbrokenly: "Who doesn't understand the principle of going to bed early? But can you do your work in the afternoon?"

Each time it lasts until night, and then the energy is high until the early morning, and then the day and night are reversed...

 This is how my work, rest, and body deteriorate.

Qin Yun paused: "I'm not productive in the afternoon, so I'll do it in the evening...I won't fish tonight!"

He sighed and said to Qiao Qiao:

  "Then I'd better trouble you to get some more hawthorn pills..."

 Everyone was chatting and watching the two of them laughing and joking, and they couldn't help but feel more cheerful at this moment.


Dr. Xiao Guo’s skill in rolling meatballs is extremely good, and now he can make delicious hawthorn pills.

Qiaoqiao held a freshly kneaded box in her hands and couldn't help but eat one when she came back.

 This can’t be blamed on Qiao Qiao’s lack of self-control, Hawthorn Wan is so cute!

They are round, about the same size as quail eggs, and the outer layer is a shell sealed with white wax—

 The reason why it is so troublesome to make Shanzhao Pills is simply because Dr. Xiao Guo is improving his technology. Includes physical preservation.

 And after chewing it, the rich sour aroma and slight sweetness are combined together with the delicate and soft texture...

 Qiaoqiao paused, then took out two more and put them into his pocket.

So while Lu Chuan was standing in the yard, Qiao Qiao hurriedly sent the hawthorn pill over:

“Brother, give me one! Sister, give me one. It’s delicious.”

Lu Chuan spent a lot of effort to restrain himself today.

  No matter how restrained you are, given the amount of food and rice, it is inevitable that you will be a little too full.

 He took the hawthorn pill, pinched it open easily with two fingers, and then stuffed it into his mouth, feeling the acid instantly.

 And Qiaoqiao looked at the place where Lu Chuan was staring just now: "Brother, what were you looking at just now?"

Lu Chuan slowly swallowed the hawthorn pill and pointed at the flower bed: "The house is very beautifully built. It can be seen that the garden was originally reserved for the garden. It's just that the plants are not cold-resistant, are they all dormant now?"

Qiao Qiao actually didn’t pay much attention to whether plants could withstand cold or go dormant, so he said nonchalantly:

“No, it was summer when we were building the wall. It was so hot that we couldn’t plant flowers.”

“My sister is going to dig a wisteria in the mountains and put it on the wall. Brother, have you ever seen a wisteria flower? Teacher Xin showed me a photo, it’s very beautiful!”

"I didn't realize they were growing in the woods before...but my mother wouldn't let me plant them. She said there was a lot of land here and it was in her yard, so she wanted to grow vegetables."

“Then winter came, and my sister didn’t want radishes and cabbages to be planted here, so she refused to let them grow!”

 (End of this chapter)

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