Something’s wrong with this Hinata in Konoha

Something’s wrong with this Hinata in Konoha


319 Chapters Ongoing Status


After traveling through time and becoming a member of the Hyuga branch; having a close friend of Uchiha; offending the Sarutobi clan; and even being on the root blacklist. Hinata Inaba felt that the buffs on her body were almost full at the beginning, like being on a stage with people behind her back. Flag of the old general.
At that moment, he put his fingers together and took off his forehead protector with slightly trembling hands, comforting himself that as long as the Tenseigan launched an attack, everything would be fine…
until a few years later, when he completely wiped out Konoha and ascended to the position of Hokage. When Hyuga Inaba saw Sarutobi Hiruzen who was forced to abdicate again, he smiled and patted him on the shoulder, saying: “You were so weird back then. If you hadn’t pushed me into a desperate situation, I would probably still do this.” Nothing more than that.”
Sarutobi Hiruzen looked constipated and remained speechless, indicating that everything you said was right.


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