Chapter 396 The feeling of panic

At this moment, Akagi, who entered the ZONE, was much stronger than when he had not entered, and his combat power was even stronger.

And Seijuro Akaji looked at the figures of the two people in front of him, and he said indifferently.

“You’re really cautious.”

This is, Sakuragi and Vulcan, one after the other to defend.

Vulcan defended closely, while Sakuragi observed from behind, a double line of defense, which allowed them to see Akaji’s movements more clearly.

“It’s us who win, sincerely.”

Vulcan gulped.

“Hmph, Vulcan don’t be too arrogant.”

Akaji suddenly moved, he did not change direction to break through, but directly with the ball.

“What do you mean?”

The Vulcan had not yet understood, and the ball had flown in front of him.

When he wanted to catch the ball, a cold hand instantly took the ball away, and after Akaji’s continuous speed, the Vulcan instantly fell to the ground.


Vulcan was shocked.

And Akaji simply ignored the Vulcan and went straight forward with the ball.

“The fire god is really a tendon, he has been reminded many times, don’t get too close to Chiji, his Heavenly Emperor Eye is not vegetarian.”

Sakuragi said fiercely in her heart.

At the same time, he instantly appeared in front of Akaji.

But Sakuragi also kept a certain distance from him, and he didn’t want to break the ball at all, because he couldn’t break it at all.

His Heavenly Emperor Eye can see it.

In an instant, they were instantly in the front court, constantly facing each other at high speed, they fought from left to right, and from right to left, and they fought fiercely for more than ten seconds.

Although Akaji kept shaking, Sakuragi was far away from him at all.

And Akaji is difficult to attack, but Sakuragi is also difficult to defend, it is too difficult.

At this moment, Akaji’s speed is much stronger than that of the Vulcan, and Sakuragi can block it, or with his own reactions, and his physical fitness can withstand it.

After a while, the Vulcan also caught up in an instant.

Akaji saw Vulcan coming up, and he immediately stopped himself, after all, no matter how strong he is, he is no more than two players who have entered the ZONE’s Makoto team.


The audience at the scene, they were all stunned at the moment.

This scene, which they saw for the first time, was too exciting, too chaotic, and their eyes couldn’t keep up with the rhythm at all.

Could it be that Akaji was suppressed by the two of them?

Akaji saw their appearance, and his heart was fierce, and he said fiercely in his heart.

“I’m definitely not going to lose.”

He cried out in his heart.

No matter what Akaji thought, time passed by minute by minute.

Under the defense of the two of him, Akaji didn’t have a chance to shoot at all, even if he shook one, there was another one to come up to make up for the defense.

They kept stalemate.

Seeing that time was short, he glanced at Dai Chihiro on the side, and he pretended to immediately throw the ball out, attracting the attention of the Vulcan.

Just as he wanted to move, Akaji gave up the pass.

In front of ZONE, the others had no chance to make a move. However, Akajita suddenly made a jump shot directly, making it too late for Vulcan at all.

“This time it’s finally in!”

However, a figure rushed away.

“I already knew you wouldn’t pass the ball, even if the distance is adjusted again, I can still block, Akaji, watch!”

Sakuragi’s figure reached Akaji’s ears coldly.


He jerked his head up.

I saw Sakuragi’s figure, and in the sky, his hand touched a little bit of the ball, but just this little bit could change the direction of the ball.


The ball hit the basket.


Akaji glanced at Sakuragi hatefully.

Just now, he had confirmed that he was a little away from Sakuragi, but he still didn’t expect that his explosive power was so strong.

His bouncing power is stronger and higher than that of Vulcan.

In the stands.

Huang Se looked at the situation in the stadium, and he couldn’t help but frown and said.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Akaji’s expression like this, and he seems to be in a hurry.”

“Yes, in front of the double ZONE, Akaji looks particularly powerless.”

Midori said indirectly.

“Akaji, what do you do next?”


Back inside the pitch.

Just now, the rebound was caught by Teppei Muyoshi and immediately passed to Sakuragi.

He moved forward with lightning speed, instantly passing Akaji’s defense, and then broke through the others’ defenses again, directly scoring with a dunk.

The players of Luoshan, at the moment, they are also powerless.


They all looked at Akaji stunned.

At this moment, Akaji, he was motionless, did not notice the other people at all, and said indifferently when Sakuragi passed by Akaji’s side.

“Akaji, you are too blind, and one person wants to fight two people, it’s too naïve.”

“What are you?”

“It’s boring.”

Akaji’s heart was stabbed by Sakuragi again and again, and his expression changed for the first time.

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