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Chapter 99: The Crisis of the Xiangbei Team

“Ding, host, this game is a bit difficult, if you win, you will be awarded 70 attribute points, come on!”


Squad of Xiangbei:

Center: Tsuyoshi Akagi, Power Forward: Kaede Rukawa, Small Forward: Mitsui Shou, Shooting Guard: Konobu Kiki.

All Stars of Kanagawa Prefecture:

Center: Jun Uzu, Power Forward: Toru Hanagata, Small Forward: Akira Sendo, Shooting Guard: Afu, Point Guard: Shinichi Mu.

From the perspective of this lineup, except for Akagi and Rukawa Feng, the rest of the positions of the Xiangbei team must be exploded by them.

However, at this moment, everyone noticed that on the bench of the Shonobi team, Sakuragi Hanamichi was sitting next to Anzai’s coach.

“Sakuragi, he actually didn’t go on?”

“What did he think, such a strong team, he actually didn’t play.”

The audience at the scene all started talking.

When they heard that the Xiangbei team was actually going to play against such a strong team, they all rushed over quickly and occupied the field.

At this moment, Yuzhu saw the Xiangbei team on the opposite side, and found that Sakuragi actually did not play, and he was shocked, and then he said angrily.

“Sakuragi actually didn’t play, they were too arrogant.”

He was originally a fiery temper, and seeing the other party underestimate them so much, he was immediately annoyed.

And they also saw the lineup of the Xiangbei team, and suddenly became sharp.

“In that case.”

They sneered.

In fact, Sakuragi also wants to see what the strength of the Xiangbei team is now, and I don’t know what kind of fight they can make with them.

The players on the Xiangbei team were shocked when they saw their expressions. Immediately, they all got up helplessly, waiting for the next game to be difficult.

As the referee’s whistle sounded, the game officially began.

Fish Pillar and Akagi both jumped high at the same time to fight for the first ball.


With a crisp sound, Akagi still pressed the fish pillar to grab a ball, the ball of the Xiangbei team.

After Miyagi received the ball, he quickly brought the ball to the front court as usual, then stopped and looked at the situation.

“Coach Anxi, your idea is very good, the Xiangbei team has been winning games during this time, it is suitable to teach them a lesson.”

“Oh, Sakuragi, you finally got it.”

Coach Anzai smiled a little.

“But, coach, is this really good? Will they be, besides, you only give me the second half, can you beat them? ”

Although Sakuragi was a little worried, he was still calm.

“Sakuragi? You don’t have faith?

“No, as long as they can awaken, there will be no problem.”

Sakuragi smiled.

This team is still very challenging, and he also wants to play against such a strong team.

At this moment, the lineup on the opposite side is very strong, and their current strength may be similar to that of the mountain king, and what is worse is their tacit understanding.

After all, they are a temporary team.

At this moment, Miyagi wanted to pass the ball to Rukawa Kaede’s hands, after all, it was like this before, but this time it was intercepted by Mu Squire.

“Fight back!”

Mu Shenyi’s speed was very fast, and his cooperation with Xiandao completely suppressed the Xiangbei team.

After two minutes, the Xiangbei team was simply unable to fight back.

Either get tackled, or can’t shoot.

Even Liuchuan Feng, who had always been active, was very well guarded.

The score was 0:9 and they were ahead.

“Rukawa Kaede!”

His cheerleaders didn’t have a voice anymore, after all, this situation was very bad for them, and they knew it.


Haruko was on the field and was very worried.

She kept looking at Sakuragi who was sitting with Coach Anzai, and she really wanted Sakuragi to help his brother.

And the substitute of the Xiangbei team.

Caiko also frowned, after all, this game was really beaten, although she was very worried in her heart, but she was still calmer.

If nothing else, it’s because of Sakuragi!

At this time, the Shonabu team’s rapid attack, Miyagi and Mitsui cooperated, after he hit the inside, after passing the ball to Mitsui’s hands, he caught the ball and threw it.


Faunichi suddenly appeared in front of him and fanned the ball away.


Mu Shen took the lead one by one, and only Rukawa Kaede could catch up with him, but when Liuchuan Kaede caught up, he passed the ball to Sendo for a layup.

“Good ball!”

Mu Shenyi and Immortal Dao looked at each other and smiled, and slapped each other with a high five.

“They are so strong, the Xiangbei team is not their opponent at all.”

Yayoi Aida said calmly.

“Sister, don’t worry, the Xiangbei team hasn’t exerted its full strength yet, you wait and see.”

Hikoichi said from one side.



Sendo and Rukawa Kaede are on par.

At the moment, everyone was focused on the duel between the two of them.

“Come on! See if you’ve grown. ”

Liuchuan Feng stared at Immortal Dao coldly, he was not worried about physical strength at all now, in this short time, he had practiced very hard.

At this time, Liuchuan Feng kept making fake movements, trying to get rid of the defense of Immortal Dao, but Immortal Dao had been very tightly defended, so that he couldn’t move at all.

After more than ten seconds, Liuchuan Feng still couldn’t break through.


As soon as they broke through once, the Faun reached out and broke the ball. _

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