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Chapter 68 is a blistering start

“Ding, host, release the mission, as long as you win, this game, you will get 50 attribute points, come on!”

“Okay, I will!”

This time the jumping ball Akagi actually did not beat the fish pillar, and he was the first to grab the ball, which is very rare, Akagi actually missed.

“This guy has become a little stronger.”

Akagi muttered to himself.

“Akagi, hurry up and defend!”

Sakuragi shouted quickly behind him, because the other party had already done it quickly.

Plant quickly pushed the ball into front, and Miyagi immediately greeted it, and he immediately wanted to pass the ball into Fukuda’s hands.

Because the immortal road was firmly guarded by Liuchuan Feng.

But at this time, Sakuragi suddenly broke out and pounced in an instant.

“What? So fast! ”

Fukuda was shocked, but fortunately after catching the ball, he turned around and was almost intercepted by Sakuragi, which shocked him in his heart.

“This guy, it’s really fast! Almost! ”

Therefore, facing Sakuragi’s defense at the moment, he did not dare to be too careless, and when dribbling, he was careful.

At this time, Immortal Dao shouted.

“Give me the ball!”

Futian instantly gave the ball to Immortal Dao’s hands, and this guy in front of him was too fierce.

After Sendo received the ball, he turned back and jumped back.


He was disturbed by Kaede Rukawa, the ball did not go in, talked out of the basket, and in the constant physical confrontation between the fish pillar and Akagi, Sakuragi flew up and snatched the basketball on the heads of both of them.

He passed the ball into Miyagi’s hands.

“Be careful, Xiangbei’s fast attack!”

On the sidelines, their coach shouted loudly.

He has watched many games in Xiangbei and found that as soon as the Xiangbei team grabs a rebound, it will immediately launch a quick attack.

However, Miyagi’s speed is too fast, and the players of the Lingnan team are few to catch up. And Xiandao soon returned to the backfield, and in terms of speed, it was only him.

When Miyagi came to the front court with the ball to take a look, he immediately threw the ball high.

“What? What does he want to do? ”

Soon, everyone knew the answer, and Rukawa Kaede flew up in the penalty area, and after catching the ball, he made a violent dunk with one hand.


The atmosphere of the scene was ignited under this dunk from Rukawa Kaede. Broken cheered.

At the beginning, a violent buckle of the Xiangbei team, to a certain extent, also hit a little momentum of the Lingnan team.


“Every player in the Xiangbei team is not to be underestimated.”

Taoka of the Lingnan team said.

Then, it was the turn of the Lingnan team to attack

Uekusa dribbled the ball to the front court, passed the ball to the cross-country, he broke through, but found that there was no chance, and passed the ball to Fukuda’s hands.

He shook Sakuragi a few times, and after a sudden breakthrough, he immediately shot the shot.


Sakuragi appeared in front of him in an instant, and his big hand slapped the ball thrown by Fukuda, and Miyagi was very close to the ball, so he quickly picked it up.

He quickly threw the ball to the front court, because Rukawa Kaede was already running in front. After he caught the ball, Sendo also felt it in time.

“Come on! Kaede Rukawa. ”

Immortal Dao said lightly.

Liuchuan Feng didn’t say a word, he kept dribbling the ball, and suddenly a stride broke through, and Immortal Dao’s body retreated.

However, he dribbled the ball with one crotch, stopped his body, and made a jumper.

“Ugh!” Hit.

“What? Liuchuan Feng actually scored in front of Immortal Dao. ”

Qingtian of the Hainan team said.

“He is worthy of being the scoring ace of Xiangbei, his strength is very strong, and we have suffered a lot of losses in our matches with the Xiangbei team.”

Faun Shenyi said calmly.

Xiandao looked at Liuchuan Feng’s back lightly, the corners of his mouth turned up, it seems that this guy’s strength is indeed a little stronger, even stronger than the practice match.

Offense and defense conversion.

The Lingnan team continued to attack.

The ball soon came into Immortal Dao’s hands, and he threw the ball into Yuzhu’s hand as soon as he turned around.

The fish column followed the ball and hit Akagi strongly.

They kept fighting, and Yuzhu still looked very strong, and he was indeed very unwilling last time, so this time he must defeat Akagi.

However, Akagi defended well and did not let the fish pillar succeed. The fish pillar suddenly turned around, and immediately jumped up, wanting to make a violent buckle.


Akagi swung his hand and knocked his ball down.


After Miyagi received the ball, he threw it at Sakuragi in front. Sakuragi soon came to the front court with the ball and found that Fukuda was the only one in the defensive area of the Lingnan team.

So, Sakuragi rushed in quickly, three steps, two steps, one step, jump.

“Boy, do you still want to come to that trick?”

Fukuda immediately jumped.

But when he jumped up, he found that this guy jumped even higher than him, and Sakuragi made a gliding leap at this moment, facing Fukuda and flying towards the basket.


Sakuragi made another one-handed dunk, dunked the ball into the basket, and knocked Fukuda’s body down.

“Toot!” Foul, plus a penalty.

The referee at the scene immediately blew the whistle for a foul.

The audience at the scene were shocked after seeing this dunk, this ball was so overbearing, they were all shocked.

After being stunned for a moment, they immediately cheered.

“Fantastic, Sakuragi!”

The players in Xiangbei were very excited when they saw Sakuragi’s violent buckle, Sakuragi was too strong, and actually came to a violent dunk, and also caused Fukuda’s foul. _

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