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Chapter 63 defeats the Hainan team

Then, the Hainan team continued to attack, and they handed the ball into the hands of Shinsoichiro, who quickly made a three-pointer, but it was missed by Mitsui.

The ball hits the basket and Sakuragi grabs the rebound.


The ball soon came to the front court, and Miyagi immediately gave the ball to Sakuragi’s hands, and he used his strong body to stare at Faunichi, and he instantly circled it.

From facing the basket with his back to facing the basket, he immediately jumped high and roared.


It’s a two-handed snap.

Sakuragi grabbed the basket with both hands, and could clearly watch the basket bend a little by him, and when he jumped down, the basket kept swinging.

Takasago on one side looked at Sakuragi in horror.

“It’s so strong!”

The people on the scene were now stunned, and couldn’t help but exclaim, this kid, how many are you tonight?

Then, the Hainan team took the ball to the front court, and with their cooperation, they dodged the range of Sakuragi, and Aota shot from the side.

“Bang!” The ball did not score.

Sakuragi once again rebounded and passed it to Miyagi.

Miyagi immediately pierced the ball towards Rukawa Kaede, who had been running in front, and he turned to avoid the defender and scored a layup.

The ball returned to the hands of the Hainan team.

As a result, they simply did not have the ability to break through to the inside, but kept shooting on the outside, although they scored, but also wasted a lot of opportunities.

And Xiangbei Vietnam is playing more and more smoothly, and the score is constantly rising, and the score of the two sides is much wider.

With one minute left in the game, the score between the two sides was 103:79, and Xiangbei led by 24, which can be said to be the general trend.

At this moment, the Hainan team also gave up, and the high-headed coach helplessly replaced all the main players.

Xiangbei also goes.

When the whistle is over, the game is over.

In the end, Xiangbei defeated Hainan 107:82 to face the first game of the joint final, but it has already advanced to the national competition.

If they win one more game, then they can reach the national competition.

“Yay! We won, we won! ”

The players of the Xiangbei team cheered non-stop, and they were very excited one by one. They finally won this game, which is fantastic.


Everyone ran to Sakuragi, slapping him constantly. Especially Miyagi and Mitsui, they are very hard at sakuragi.

They were all so excited at the moment that they didn’t care about Sakuragi.

“Hey, hey, you all stop me, stop!”

Sakuragi saw that he was getting harder and harder, and he couldn’t help shouting, but he was still very happy at the moment.

“Good! We finally won! ”

After they had been fighting for a while, they slowly stopped, and they looked at each other, and raised their hands away.

A moment later, Faunichi slowly came to Sakuragi and said.

“Sakuragi, congratulations, but next time, we will definitely beat you,”

“Amu, your strength is very strong, the next time I fight against you, I just don’t know if you have the ability to enter the national competition.”

Sakuragi looked at the Faun and said lightly

“It will!”

“Good luck to you!”

After speaking, Sakuragi and Faun shook hands with each other and left the place.

“The basketball department in Xiangbei is really powerful, and I actually beat the Hainan team, so that now I want to play with them.”

Sendo said with a smile.

“Especially that Sakuragi, last time you beat me, I don’t know if the next time we meet, can you beat me, or I beat him.”

Immortal Dao is looking forward to it at the moment, but they will meet soon.

“Ding, congratulations to your host, win this game, reward you with 60 attribute points, keep up the good work.”

Immediately, Sakuragi opened her own properties panel.

Height: 1.88 m. (60 attribute points)

Talent Value:

Power: 100

Bounce: 100CM

Speed: 100

Stamina: 100

Explosive power: 100

Athletic ability: 100

Field of view: 90

Spirit: 95

The following are the attribute values for the capability.

Capability panel.


Rebounds: 100

Near shot: 96

CIC: 2+60=62

Three points: 0

Dunk: 100

Singles: 1

Passing: 0

Possession: 100

Defensive end:

Supplement: 92

Steals: 10

Caps: 100

Judgment: 82

Sticker: 80.

This is the page after the dot, come on! Sakuragi nodded in satisfaction.


The next day, everyone went back to their schools, after all, they were still students, and they still had to go back to school.

At this moment, the other players in Xiangbei are sleeping, after all, they were too tired from yesterday’s game, but Sakuragi was still listening to the class very seriously.

This surprised Yangping when he saw it.

Isn’t this guy tired? Yesterday’s competition was so tired, and today I actually went to class with such spirit, which is really rare.

Soon, class was over.

They went back to the training ground to practice.

At the moment, all the players are going to training with high spirits because they have already won one game and can reach the national competition with one more.

“Come on!”

They trained for a long time before it was over.

“Okay, everyone go back and rest first.”

After a few moments, everyone left the place.

Sakuragi has been strolling through the streets, constantly looking at the surrounding scenery. Suddenly, he heard some playing sounds, and he walked in and looked, huh?

“Isn’t this the Fukuda on TV? How is he here. ”

Sakuragi wondered.


Fukuda slammed a violent dunk, shaking the basket.

Good bounce, full of strength, this Futian’s attack power is really good. It seems that the rumors are good, he can attack, but not defend.

“You are Fukuda?”

Sakuragi walked over slowly and said to Fukuda. _

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