Chapter 57 The game begins

“Ding, the host game is a bit difficult, if you can win, you will be awarded 60 attribute points, come on.”


At this time, Sakuragi opened his attribute point.

Sakuragi Hanamichi:

Height: 1.88 m. (80 attribute points).

Talent Value:

Power: 100

Bounce: 100CM

Speed: 100

Stamina: 100

Explosive power: 100

Athletic ability: 100

Field of view: 90

Spirit: 95

The following are the attribute values for the capability.

Capability panel.

Offensive end:

Rebounds: 100

Near shot: 96

Medium Pitch: 2

Three points: 0

Dunk: 100

Singles: 1

Passing: 0

Possession: 100

Defensive end:

Supplement: 92

Steals: 10

Caps: 100

Judgment: 2+80=82

Sticker: 80.

This is the page after the dot, well, soon, it will be full soon.

Sakuragi muttered.

At this time, the referee came to the center circle with the ball and threw it high.

And Akagi and Takasago jumped high.


Akagi pressed Takasago to shoot the ball first, and on the side of Shonbei, Miyagi caught the ball and immediately launched a fierce attack.

This is the consistent feature of Xiangbei, fast attack.

However, the Hainan team returned to defense quickly, and instantly returned to the defensive area to carry out a stern defense.

After Miyagi came to the front court, he immediately stopped.

“The Hainan team defended really quickly.”

Miyagi was taken aback.

The red wood in Xiangbei is really good, and it is worthy of being the pillar of Xiangbei. And Xiangbei’s attack speed is also very fast, but Hainan’s defense is not bad.

“Give it to me!”

Rukawa Kaede beckoned for the ball, and Miyagi immediately gave it to him.

After he received the ball, Nobunaga Aota, who was defending him, immediately came up to defend, and he looked at Rukawa Kaede with open hands.

“Liuchuan Feng, it is impossible for you to break through my defense.”

Without saying a word, Rukawa Kaede broke through his defense with a swing left and right, jumped up high, and threw the ball out.


A big hand suddenly stretched out, interfering with Rukawa Kaede’s ball, and the ball hit the basket and popped out.


Liuchuan Feng was shocked in his heart.

When he was waiting for him to jump down, he saw the opposing player, Faun Shinichi.

“His bouncing is really good.”

However, it was at this time that Sakuragi saw the opportunity and immediately jumped up and grabbed the ball.


The Faun didn’t want to say a word, and also jumped high.


Both sides clicked the ball, and when Sakuragi fell, he swooped and grabbed the ball in his hand, and Faunichi was a little late, and then he dunked into the basket.


Sakuragi dunked the ball into the basket.


Faun God looked at Sakuragi coldly, he forgot just now, careless, there is a very tough guy in Xiangbei, that is, this Sakuragi.

“Faun Shenichi, your opponent tonight is me, you wait for me, I will definitely defeat you.”

After Sakuragi finished speaking, he quickly returned to his backfield.


The Faun looked at the background of Sakuragi and sneered.

For so many years, few people still dare to speak to themselves like this, and he is still a first-year high school student, and he is really a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers.

On the sidelines, some of the players from other teams were shocked.

“This Sakuragi is amazing! He actually dunked in front of Faun Shinichi, and when he resisted, Sakuragi jumped a little higher than Faun Kazu. ”

“Could it be that Sakuragi is more athletic than Faunichi? How is this possible. ”

They didn’t want to believe this reality, but with the ball just now, Sakuragi was obviously a little more powerful than Faunichi.

After the audience saw Sakuragi’s dunk, they immediately exclaimed, and they all cheered for Sakuragi’s dunk.

As soon as it opened, Sakuragi gave them such a wonderful dunk.

“Sakuragi, it’s a great job.”

The other players in Xiangbei all walked up to Sakuragi and slapped Sakuragi one after another.

“Liuchuan Feng, this Faun Shenyi is not so easy to deal with, but what you have to do now is to be careful, and you have to cut points, rest assured, the rebound will be handed over to me.”


Rukawa Kaede said coolly.

“Good, defend!”

Sakuragi shouted, because at this time, the players of the Hainan team had already attacked quickly. And each of them is so serious and calm.

Muto quickly brought the ball to the front court and passed it to Faunichi, who was defending him.

“Ah Mu, come on!”

Sakuragi said lightly behind him.

As soon as he felt Sakuragi’s defense behind him, he paused on his feet, turned and broke through, and the speed was fast, but Sakuragi also reacted quickly.

It instantly blocked his way, and he wanted to resist Sakuragi’s defense, but he couldn’t resist it at all.

“What? He’s so powerful! ”

After a few seconds, Mushinichi still failed to break through Sakuragi’s defense, and he immediately passed the ball into Shinsoichiro’s hands.

He caught the ball and threw it, and Mitsui was indeed one step slower and could not hold it. His movements were not as strong as Mitsui’s, but they were gentle, and the ball quickly flew into the basket.

“Ugh!” Hit.

The score was 2:3, and the Hainan team led.

Shinsoichiro scored three points for Hainan.

“Good ball!”

The fans at the scene continued to cheer for Shinzoichiro, and his three-point shot just now was too perfect.

“Mitsui, don’t worry, the game is only starting now!”

Sakuragi patted Mitsui to tell him not to mind so much.

Offense and defense conversion.

Shonobi continued to attack, Miyagi quickly brought the ball to the front court, he looked at the situation in the field, just wanted to pass the ball, but was snatched by Faun Shinichi.

“Not good!”

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