Chapter 53 I’m really not a corner

“What’s busy? Is it because of the man named Oda? ”

Sakuragi said softly.

He already knew why she had come to him, but he pretended to ask.

“Actually, it’s like this, I want you to persuade Xiaotian to stop working so hard, after all, his leg is injured.”

Ye Zi whispered.

“Yezi, in fact, you don’t know that in the heart of a man, especially that Xiaotian, his self-esteem is very strong, and he will not listen to others, especially me.”

Sakuragi said lightly.

“Because I am now in the joint final, then he will work harder, because he does not want to lose to me, let me persuade, it will only increase his burden even more.”

“This way!”

Leaf felt that what Sakuragi said made sense, but how she felt strange, she looked at Sakuragi and found that his face was serious, and he seemed more mature than before.

“Yezi, go back! Sometimes, it’s a shame that some people only value what they like and ignore the people around them. ”

Sakuragi said lightly.

After that, he also slowly left here, leaving a stunned leaf.

Is this still the same Sakuragi?

How can what he say make so much sense.

She was in a daze, thinking about her and Oda, it seemed that it was really similar to what Sakuragi said, and what she liked about Oda seemed to be just basketball.

No matter how much he does, he still loves basketball more than he does.

Sometimes, after practice, he still chooses to practice more and does not stay with himself, does he have no feelings for himself, or does he deceive himself.

Her mind is very confused now, and she doesn’t know what to do for a while.

At this time, Sakuragi suddenly returned and brought her a piece of clothing.

“Yezi, it’s a little cold at night, take this dress and wear it!” I threw it away when I got home. ”

Sakuragi said and left here.


Ye Zi couldn’t believe it was true.

When did he learn to care so much about people, is he still the same him he used to be? He seemed very attractive just now!

Ye Zi didn’t know how he got home.

Tonight, Sakuragi gave her a very different feeling, which made her heart move inexplicably.

In the past, she seemed to have never been treated like this in Xiaotian’s body, but at this moment, her heart was very complicated, too complicated.

It caused her to have a dream about Sakuragi tonight.

Let her wake up the next day and find that it was just a dream, but she very much hoped that the dream was real.


Sakuragi came to the designated place with Yohei and saw Yohei chatting with Haruko, and they were all chatting very happily.


Sakuragi was very curious, Haruko was so late, why didn’t she go back, and talked and laughed with them.

And when they saw that Sakuragi had returned, they were overjoyed in their hearts and said one after another.

“Sakuragi, you’re finally here, or we won’t be able to stand it.”

What Sakuragi didn’t know was that when he didn’t come, Haruko kept asking if there was something wrong with why they didn’t go with Sakuragi.

And they have been coping with Haruko, and they have told her anything interesting. I barely delayed the time, but fortunately Sakuragi finally returned.

“Okay, you guys go back first! Come with me to a place tomorrow. ”

Sakuragi said to them.

“Okay, then we’ll go first.”

The Yangping people quickly left here.

They were all a little afraid of Haruko just now, because Haruko seemed to be like a repeater, constantly asking them all kinds of questions.

At this moment, only Sakuragi and Haruko remained.

“Sakuragi, where did you go just now? Hey? No, there is a girl’s perfume smell. ”

Haruko said with a frown.

She didn’t know what she was thinking at the moment, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, and she didn’t know why, was it because of Sakuragi?

“Nothing, Haruko, I just went to the jewelry store and bought something for you.”

Sakuragi could only lie so that Haruko would not be jealous. ,

“What a beautiful jewelry, Sakuragi, thank you.”

Haruko saw the gift, she was very happy in her heart, and she didn’t care what Sakuragi had just done, it seemed that she was still so simple.

“Okay, Haruko, it’s so late, I’ll send you there.”

Sakuragi said gently.

He also wanted to spend more time with Haruko, but after all, it was late, and his brother would definitely be worried about her, so he couldn’t be too anxious.


After that, they left here together.

Along the way, Haruko’s face kept red, and she seemed to enjoy walking with Sakuragi. Unconsciously, Sakuragi quickly returned her to her residence.

“It’s here, Haruko.”

Sakuragi said softly.

“Huh? Oh! Good. ”

Haruko said to Sakuragi.

“See you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow, and thank you for sending me back, I like your gift.”

After she said this, she seemed to feel that something was wrong, and her face turned red and ran back to her home.

Sakuragi looked at this girl and felt very tired, why did this girl still not understand his heart, it seemed that he still needed to work hard.

He looked at Haruko and left here.

Tomorrow, he will also go to Wuyuan to see the guy named Xiaotian.

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