Chapter 50: The collapse of the Xiangyang team

At this moment, there are 15 seconds left before the end of the first half of the game, the possession of the Xiangyang team, Fujima quickly brought the ball to the front court and took a look.

He broke through Miyagi’s defense and passed into Hanagata’s hands.

He immediately backs a jumper.


Akagi jumped up quickly and slammed his hat at Hanagata.

The ball flew out from the inside, the height of the ball was high, and at this moment, Sakuragi jumped high and picked the ball off with one hand.

“It’s so high!”

“How could he jump so high?”

After many spectators saw it, they exclaimed, such a ball can also be received, is he still a high school student? Too strong.

At this time, the players of the Shoyo team wanted to go over and take out Sakuragi’s ball, but Sakuragi had already prepared, and after he jumped down, he immediately passed it to Miyagi.

At this moment, there are 5 seconds left in the game.

Miyagi’s quick counterattack passed to Rukawa Kaede in the front court, and he immediately faced the opposing player and shot quickly.

“Ugh!” Also in.

At the end of the first half, the score was 48:35, and Xiangbei led by 13 points into the second half.


“You guys played so well, you actually led the Xiangyang team by so many points, you must know that they are a seeded team, too powerful.”

Saiko said with a smile.

From Caiko’s face, it can be seen that she must be very happy in her heart. I don’t know that the players in Xiangbei have played so well, and their team is actually ahead now.

“Good, good!”

Coach Anzai also praised.

“Sakuragi, keep up the good work, I believe you still have a lot of abilities that you haven’t used.”

Sakuragi said with a chuckle.

“Don’t worry! Coach, with me, we won’t lose. ”

Sakuragi does have the ability to say such things now, because the inner line of Xiangbei has him, which is a great deterrent.

At this moment, the players in Xiangbei are full of confidence.

For Xiangyang, they are all gloomy at the moment. Fuji Zhen couldn’t have imagined that he was all on the field, and the game was played like this.

The other players also looked depressed and lowered their heads.

“Now, what should I do?”

Fuji Zhen looked at his teammates, all with a dull face, without a bit of war. His heart was very chaotic, and he thought about it for a long time without thinking about what to do.

And the sidelines.

The Faun of the Hainan team looked at Fuji Zhen, who was covered in cold sweat below, and muttered in his heart.

“That’s how can a player do it without a coach, the player and the coach. Because only by sitting on the field can you observe everything on the field and make judgments. ”

“This is the reason why Xiangyang has not achieved a good position in the national competition for so many years.”

“The Xiangbei team is very strong, and it actually played so embarrassing to the Xiangyang team, and it was only 10 minutes of the game, and Fuji Zhen was forced onto the field so quickly.”

The Immortal Dao of the Lingnan team was also silently chanting in his heart.

Time was fast and the second half of the game began.

Fuji Zhen still hasn’t come up with any way to do it, and he can only fight later.

Then he shouted.

“Everyone listen, now we have no way back but to fight. We are a seeded team, we can’t lose, come on! ”


They looked at Fuji Zhen, very serious. So they also slowly regained a little momentum.

At this point, the ball is back on the pitch for both sides.

“Fight back!”

Fuji Zhen looked solemn and quickly brought the ball to the front court.

After he broke through to the three-point line facing Miyagi, he saw Sakuragi inside, paused, and immediately jumped.

“Ugh!” Hit.

As soon as the second half started, Fujima scored a goal for the Shoyo team.

“Good ball! Fujima, come on! ”

A lot of their cheerleaders saw Fujima score and they were immediately excited.

However, Shonbei’s counterattack was also fast, and Miyagi passed the ball to Mitsui Shou on one side.

After receiving the ball, Mitsui Shou found Hasegawa in front of him, he seemed to have a great opinion of himself, and he was more desperate than others for his defense.

“If that’s the case, then I’m welcome.”

Immediately, after a breakthrough by Mitsui, he pretended to rush into the inside line, paused, and after retreating outside the three-point line, he raised his hand to make a three-pointer.

“Ugh!” Gap into the network.

“Good ball!”

Miyagi gave Mitsui a high five.

Then, it was the turn of the Xiangyang team to attack, but Xiangbei defended quickly, and both teams fell into positional battles, and Fujima gave the ball to the hands of the inside lineman.

He jumped backwards, but was disturbed by Sakuragi and the ball did not score.

It was the turn of the Xiangbei team to continue the attack.

Miyagi rushed into the inside line with a stride, he changed direction continuously, and then threw the ball high, and Sakuragi immediately jumped up and faced Hanagata with a violent buckle.


Sakuragi was in the air and slammed the ball on the basket.


“It’s so beautiful.”

Sakuragi’s goal also won the love of the audience at this time, because they continued to contribute many wonderful dunks to them.

In the following time, the Shonobu team played better and better, and Mitsui Shou also recovered, scoring many three-pointers in front of Hasegawa in a row.

The other players also scored, and Sakuragi sat on the inside, preventing the Shoyo team from collapsing a little.

At this moment, they are playing worse and worse, and the speed of attack is slowing down.

There is no more warlike anymore.

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