Chapter 48 Fujima appears

“Yes, I’m going to play, you don’t have much confidence in this, I hope you can all cheer up later.”

Fujima said with a smile.


For a while, Xiangyang’s players became serious.

Their hearts suddenly burned, and the vine really came on, which filled their hearts with energy. In their hearts, Fuji is a god-like man.

As long as they have him, they feel very secure in their hearts.

“Okay, let’s go up!”

At this point, the timeout is over and the game continues.

And the players of the Xiangbei team expressed their surprise when they saw Fuji Zhen playing, and they did not expect that Fuji Zhen would actually appear so soon.

They looked at each other and both thought the game would be more exciting.

And Miyagi looked in the direction of Fujima, his eyes froze, this guy finally came on. Fortunately, our contest has only begun now.

Sakuragi said loudly at this time.

“Come on! Defeat the Xiangyang team in one go. ”


The players in Xiangbei were also shocked, and they actually forced Fuji Zhen out in the first half, it seems that they are in a hurry.

“Ding, host, the opponent’s main force is all on the field, reach the activated task, defeat the Xiangyang team to get 50 attribute points, come on!”


On the sidelines, the Faun of the Hainan basketball team began to speak at this time.

“I didn’t expect that the current Xiangbei is actually so strong, they can force Fuji Zhen into the field so quickly, it seems that the Xiangyang team is a little anxious this time.”

“Yes, it should be.”

“However, this year’s Xiangbei team is indeed very strong, otherwise, it would not be possible to force Xiangyang to such an extent, it seems that we have to be careful in the face of Xiangbei.”

Ah Shen said lightly.

Actually, that’s true, but they are the same no matter what kind of team they face, because they are the kings of Kanagawa Prefecture.

Lingnan team side.

“Xiangbei is so strong! He actually forced Fujima out so quickly. ”

“Well, they seem to be better than when they played against us because they have two more powerful players.”

“Anyway, when the time comes, we can go all out.”

Yuzhu looked at Akagi at the scene and said.

Akagi, even if you are very powerful now, but we will not admit defeat so easily, we still have Immortal Dao, and Fukuda who is about to return.

At that time, we will have a good fight.

Moments later, the referee blew the whistle and the game continued.

Sure enough, as soon as Fuji Shinichi came on the field, the morale of the Xiangyang team increased sharply, and every player looked at the opposite Xiangbei team very seriously and coldly.

And the players in Xiangbei also seem to feel the changes in the Xiangyang team, and their hearts are also vigilant, facing a very serious team, it is quite difficult.

And the cheerleaders of the Xiangyang team, after seeing Fuji Zhen on the field, constantly cheered and shouted loudly.

“Fujima!” “Fujima!”

The cheers rose from wave to wave, making the players in Xiangbei frown.

The first is the possession of the ball of the Xiangyang team.

Ito was replaced by Fujima, so Fujima controlled the ball.

Soon, he brought the ball to the front court, and the rest of the Xiangyang team kept running to create opportunities for Fujima.

Fujima faced Miyagi’s defense, rushed in with a brisk stride, and a gliding shot.

“Ugh!” Hit.

As soon as Fuji Shinichi came on the field, the Xiangyang team’s attack was indeed very strong.

“Good ball!”

“Fuji is really handsome!”

Fuji really scored, so that their cheerleaders shouted excitedly, the props in their hands kept banging, the sound was too loud.

“Xiangbei, come on!”

Fuji Zhen said calmly to the players in Xiangbei.

“Hmph, this vine really knows how to pretend, isn’t it just scoring a goal, it actually looks like winning a game, it’s good!” Then we will kill your sharp spirit. ”

Miyagi said coldly.

And Sakuragi looked at Fujima on the opposite side, he was indeed very good, and his appearance changed the momentum of the Shoyo team. He is indeed the soul of the Xiangyang team.

“Come on!”

Sakuragi said softly.

For a while, the players of Xiangbei immediately launched a fierce attack, and Miyagi quickly rushed away with the ball, and he wanted to throw him this time with color.

However, at this time, Fuji Shin flashed, quickly stole Miyagi’s ball, and immediately launched a fierce attack, and the players of the Xiangyang team also joined the front of the attack.

“Not good, hurry back to defense!”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Miyagi immediately rushed back.

And Sakuragi had already returned to the backcourt, and watching Fujima of the Shoyo team rush over, he was ready to defend.

“Come on! Fujima, I’m here to see how strong you are. ”

At this moment, Fujima brought the ball to the front court, there was only Sakuragi alone in front and there were three of them, but he was shocked when he saw Sakuragi’s eyes.

This guy, how is he not nervous at all.

Immediately, he greeted Sakuragi and made a layup, and Sakuragi jumped up with him. At this time, he passed the ball to the hand of the flower on the other side.

He immediately jumped up and wanted to dunk.


As soon as Sakuragi landed, he jumped up again and fanned his hand towards the ball.

Seeing this, Hanagata threw the ball up, but returned it to Fujima, he hit the ball to the side and threw the ball out.


Sakuragi landed on the ground, jumped quickly again, and fanned the ball with one hand.


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