Chapter 42 Righteousness

“Iron man, I’m sorry, I hurt you.”

Mitsui Shou lowered his head, originally there were not so many things, but since the last time, the status of the iron man seemed to have become lower.

“It’s none of your business, everything is caused by me, don’t worry, wait for me to stop them, you will run quickly, and others will catch up.”

The iron man said resolutely.

Mitsui saw that he was in trouble, and rushed over to help, which he was grateful for.


“When is this, these two guys are still apologizing, they just laughed me to death. With so many of us, can we still let you run away? It’s ridiculous. ”

The one at the head said.

“Go on, fix them for me.”

In an instant, they teamed up with Mitsui and Tetsuo and kicked each other.

“These nasty guys.”

Although the iron man was beaten, he remained calm. The constant sorties also hit one of them. But Mitsui never fought back, just dodged.


The iron man wanted to rush over, but there was no way to do it, and his heart became more and more anxious. And the more anxious he was, the more flaws he made, and he was hit in the head with a stick, and blood flowed down.

“Iron Man?”

Mitsui was also anxious.

“Yangping, you guys have seen enough, go down!”

Sakuragi didn’t know when he appeared in front of them, and said with a faint smile.

“Just wait for you, I know you will come, it seems that I guessed well, hehe.”

Yohei smiled a little.

In an instant, he flew inside and shouted.

“Stop it all.”

After that, Sakuragi and the others came to them coldly, looking at everything here, and after looking at Mitsui, they breathed a sigh of relief, and Mitsui was not harmed.


Mitsui was particularly surprised by Sakuragi’s appearance, and did not expect him to come here, etc. He knew how to know I was in danger.

“Mitsui, are you all right! We’ll take care of the rest. Your name is Iron Man, right? It seems that you are quite righteous, this time we started to cooperate, and I will help you beat them down. ”

Sakuragi said to the iron man.

Although Tetsuo was surprised by Sakuragi’s appearance, he still agreed. He knew Sakuragi’s fighting power, otherwise he wouldn’t have knocked himself down with one punch.


After speaking, Sakuragi and the others looked at them lightly, and hooked their fingers.

“Come on!”

“Wait, Sakuragi, we can’t shoot, in case someone finds out, we won’t be able to play basketball, please stop.”

Mitsui opened his mouth suitably, and just now he took these points into account, so he didn’t make a move.

“Don’t worry! Mitsui, if I don’t make a move, naturally someone will deal with them. Mitsui we still have a race, hurry up! ”

“Yangping, I’ll leave it to you here.”

For Yohei’s strength, Sakuragi is very clear, otherwise he would not be at ease to hand this place over to Yohei, so he dared to say so.

“Don’t worry!”

Yohei said calmly.

Now Yohei admires Sakuragi more and more, I didn’t expect that he is actually powerful here now, not to mention how good he is at playing, what I want to say is that his mind seems to be very smart now.

“Is Sakuragi so appropriate? That’s it for them. ”

Mitsui said worriedly, after all, there are so many people on the other side, how can they be opponents. Moreover, the iron man is a little injured now.

“Mitsui, don’t worry! You say yes? Iron Man. ”

Sakuragi said softly.

The iron man took a deep breath and said.

“Mitsui, don’t worry! No problem. ”

Last time, he also saw the strength of Yangping people, very strong, especially this person called Yangping, who has strong combat effectiveness.

“Okay then, Sakuragi, let’s go!”

“Want to go?”

After seeing it, the leader Ah Long quickly surrounded them and punched Sakuragi, but at this moment, Yohei on one side kicked him out and hit the wall motionless.


When those people saw it, they immediately became angry.

“Yohei, please.”

After that, Sakuragi ran away with Mitsui Shou.

Tetsuo and Yohei looked at the shadows of Sakuragi and Mitsui leaving, and suddenly took a deep breath. Now, they don’t have to shrink their hands.

“Iron Man, come on! This time we fought together. ”

The iron man glanced at Yangping lightly, and immediately merged with him back to back, and instantly fought with them, and the screams suddenly sounded here.


At this moment, Sakuragi and Mitsui kept running forward, because they had one more game today, so they had to speed up.

Although Mitsui Shou had a lot of questions to ask Sakuragi, he still didn’t ask the exit, so he could only wait for this game to finish!

Soon, they were in the arena, and thankfully the game had not yet begun.

“Mitsui, Sakuragi? What’s going on with you? ”

The other players in Shonobei saw Mitsui’s appearance and felt puzzled. Because Mitsui’s face showed scars.

“Nothing, he just fell and made it like this, you say? Mitsui. ”

Sakuragi said with a smile.

“Well, yes! Blame me for not being careful, today is really unlucky. ”

Caiko and the others looked at them, not knowing what to say.

“Forget it, you guys hurry up and change your clothes! The game is about to start. ”

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