Chapter 39 The secret weapon is simply a joke

Miuradai’s coaches never imagined at the moment that they were going to send their secret weapon, Naito, so soon.

This guy is about the same height as Akagi, and his strength is still very strong.

“Forget it, let’s end the competition in Yuxiangbei early!”

Their coach sighed slightly, suddenly full of confidence.

Naito whispered in his heart.

“Finally it’s my turn to play, and I’m looking forward to it.”

However, what he didn’t know was that Sakuragi had already seen through him, had long known his weaknesses, and would make him cry later.

And Sakuragi saw this tall bald man at this moment, and muttered in his heart.

“Is this guy finally on the field?”

Sakuragi then said to the players in Shonobei.

“Wait and watch this guy, he has a lot of power, don’t fight with him, you can attack him from the side and taw his balls.” His basic skills are not very good, as long as you grasp his weaknesses, you can defeat him. ”

“Sakuragi? Are you real? ”

Miyagi said.

“Don’t worry, come on!”

After speaking, they immediately returned to the field and looked at them coldly.

At this time, Miuradai began to attack.

Kazuo Araki quickly reached the front court and passed it to Naito. And Naito plays the position of power forward, so it is Sakuragi who defends him.

“Boy, I’ll start with you!”

Naito sneered.

He looked at it, in the first half, this guy was the biggest threat to them, as long as they defeated him, then Xiangbei would be easy to deal with.

So, after he received the ball, he beat Sakuragi strongly.

He kept squeezing Sakuragi at the moment, trying to let him see how powerful he was, but after a few seconds, he was shocked.

Because he could never squeeze Sakuragi a step away.


Is he even stronger than mine?

Just when he was stunned, Miyagi took his ball away from the side with a stride, and then, after Shonbei’s quick counterattack and passing to Rukawa Kaede, he passed the defensive players in one step and scored a layup.

“It’s impossible, how can Naito be easily broken by the other party, do they know Naito’s weakness, how is this possible.”

Miuradai’s coach was shocked and couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“Naito, watch your side.”

Kengo Murayu knows Naito, he has played for a short time, and he certainly won’t do much to prevent others from breaking the ball.

“I know!”

Naito was very depressed.

However, every time they passed the ball to Naito, he was cut off by the players of Shonbei.

“What’s going on?”

He was continuously broken by Sakuragi, Miyagi, Mitsui, Kaede Rukawa and others in turn.

In the end, Akagi also broke his ball.

Miuradai’s players simply couldn’t figure it out.

At this time, the players in Xiangbei became more and more courageous, and did not give Miuradai a chance at all. The score kept expanding.

“Yes, I thought this bald man was very powerful.”

“It’s just that it’s inferior to second-rate players.”

The audience at the scene was still looking forward to it, but they didn’t expect him to be like this, and they were immediately happy, and they couldn’t see the guy who didn’t like it.

And Naito’s face suddenly turned red and black.

However, that red-haired kid from Xiangbei is really powerful! He actually saw his weakness so quickly, what is his name?

“It seems to be called Sakuragi Hanamichi!”

“Sakuragi Hanamichi? Interestingly, I can’t miss his game in the future. ”


With 10 minutes to go, the score was already 85:41.

Because Miuradai was beaten by Xiangbei with little confidence, their attack was not so fierce, and the rest of the time, Sakuragi and the others were all off.

Replaced with a substitute to play.


At the end of the match, Shonbei defeated Miuradai 101:52.

When the voice of the audience came to mind, the fans of Miuradai let out a breath, this game was too embarrassing.

“Damn it!”

Naito was furious in his heart, but was so angry by their coach that he couldn’t speak, turned around and left here.

And all the players in Xiangbei were excited.

They played this game so well that they actually beat this opponent by a big score.

At this moment, Saiko suddenly exclaimed.

“Sakuragi, how can your data be like this, it’s too powerful.”

Sakuragi had a triple-double of 20 points, 14 rebounds and 10 blocks.

Sakuragi, your performance like this, but many people remember you, others will definitely target you in the future, be careful.

“Don’t worry! Saiko! ”

Sakuragi was very disdainful in her heart, targeting me? Hehe.

At this point, the game was over, and since others still had to compete, they couldn’t stay here for long, so they packed their bags and left here.

As for Miuradai, he has long left here in ashes.

At this time, the audience burst into fierce cheers, celebrating the victory of Xiangbei.

“Xiangbei is so strong!”

“Indeed, Miuradai was unable to fight back.”

“yes! , this year’s Xiangbei should have the strength to enter the national competition. ”

The players in Lingnan are a little ugly at the moment, and the strength of Xiangbei is very bad news for them.

“Futian, haven’t you come back yet?”

Many players from Lingnan silently chanted in their hearts.

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