Chapter 36: Xiangbei’s Counterattack

“Is this guy serious?”

Sakuragi’s dunk made the players of Miuradai a little surprised, they didn’t expect that this guy was so powerful.

This is the free throw line! The average person rarely does it.

“Abominable brat!”

Kengo Murayu looked at Sakuragi and said coldly.

“I’ll make you pay later.”

And the audience at the scene, after seeing this slam dunk of Sakuragi, immediately let out an exclamation, and they all grew their mouths and looked at this red-haired one incredulously.

“Is he really a high school student? How is it so powerful. ”

“yes! The average person can’t do it. ”

At this moment, they were all in a state of discussion, all aimed at the dunk that Sakuragi had just made.

“Good ball, Sakuragi!”

The players from Shonobei all came over one by one and gave Sakuragi a high five.

Mitsui Shou was stunned at the moment, he knew that Sakuragi was very strong, and he had also dunked one for him to see, but it was far less domineering than this dunk now.

He also inquired with Mu Twilight.

This guy had won the alliance between Akagi and Rukawa Kaede, and his strength was very strong, but what he didn’t expect was that he was so strong.

The game continued, and it was Miuradai’s turn to attack.

“Don’t panic, we’re still so much ahead, stabilize.”

Kengo Murayu shouted to his teammates.

“Well, it’s good, Murayu Kengo is right, at this time, you must stabilize and don’t mess up the lineup.”

Off the field, their coach nodded.

At this time, Kazuo Araki quickly brought the ball to the front court and passed it to Kengo Murama, and it was Sakuragi who defended him.

“Boy, wait!”

Kengo Murayu sneered.

“Come on! Let me see how many pounds you have. ”

Sakuragi said very unceremoniously.

Kengo Muraya was constantly dribbling the ball at the moment, flashing left and right, but Sakuragi’s body did not move, tightly behind to prevent him.

At this time, he broke through a turn, which was a hook. It feels good in the hand and if it is not blocked, this ball will definitely go in.

However, before Kengo Mura could show a smile, his eyes turned black, and a figure flew high and slapped the ball with one hand.


With a crisp sound, the ball he threw was slapped out by Sakuragi.

“What? How is this possible! ”

Kengo Murayu was shocked, the ball he just threw was very high in arc, but he didn’t expect that he would actually be covered.

“Hmph! Just if you still want to shoot in front of me. ”

After that, he immediately counterattacked quickly, because Miyagi had already picked up the ball that Sakuragi had shot.

For a time, Xiangbei’s counterattack was very fast, and it reached the front court in an instant, and Miuradai’s return defense was also very fast, returning to their defensive area.

However, at this time, Miyagi passed the ball to Mitsui Shou’s hands, and he immediately shot three points.

“Fast! What a beautiful pose. ”

Mitsui Shou’s shooting action is very beautiful, in one go, like a cloud flowing water, which makes people look at it and have a pleasing feeling.

“Ugh!” Hit.

Mitsui hit a three-pointer.

“Good Mitsui, it seems that you still maintain your original level.”

Akagi looked at Mitsui and said.

“Of course, who am I! I’m the best player Mitsui Shou! ”

Mitsui said very narcissistically.

“But, then again, Akagi, you should also be tough, haven’t you grown a little in the past few years?”


Akagi was annoyed.

“This kid is really hateful, and he just came back and ridiculed himself.”

And the dialogue between Mitsui Shou and Akagi made Sakuragi and others very speechless, this kid is also too narcissistic! Just scored a goal.

Immediately, they returned to the back defense area and defended.

Outside the field, the players of Lingnan looked at the Xiangbei team, and there was actually a very powerful person coming, which made them all feel very surprised, more dignified.

The stronger the strength of Xiangbei, the more threatening it is for them.

At this time, the fish column suddenly remembered.

“This guy is that Mitsui Shou from Takeshi Middle School, I didn’t expect him to come back so soon, and he also became a player of the Xiangbei team.”

“It seems that the Xiangbei team has become stronger.”

Immortal Dao also frowned, but it quickly unfolded.

The game continues to attack.

“Abominable! Counterattack. ”

Murayu Kengo drank a little, he was a little unbeliever, the Xiangbei team was actually so powerful.

Kazuo Araki quickly brought the ball to the front, but at this moment, Miyagi rushed towards him with a stride, reached out and intercepted the ball.


Miyagi was as fast as lightning, and he quickly reached the front court, and the Rukawa Kaede on the side appeared on his right, and he passed it to Rukawa Kaede in a second.

He then voted.

“Ugh!” Hit.

In just two or three rounds, the Xiangbei team played a wave of 9-0 small climax, chasing the score to 5 points behind.

“Good, Rukawa Kaede, it’s a beautiful shot.”

Miyagi clapped a high five with Rukawa Kaede and said with a smile.

However, Liuchuan Feng just nodded, very cold.

At this time, Miuradai called a timeout.

Because at this time, Xiangbei had already chased the score almost equally, and it was only in just two or three minutes, and it was only 5 points left.

At the moment, their coach is very angry and his face is very ugly. And the players of Miuratai also lowered their heads one after another.

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