Chapter 26 Return to Training

The boss muttered to himself.

“That guy just now, it’s hard to do it in the future, this reminds him of when he was young before, and he was also so young and frivolous.”

At this moment, Sakuragi and Haruko are walking on the bustling street, constantly chatting.

“Sakuragi, what are you buying so many shoes for?”

Haruko was curious.

“Hehe, I like the shoes you chose, and this pair of shoes, do you know its origin?”

Haruko heard Sakuragi’s previous words. I was very happy in my heart, but I was very interested in the sentence behind him.

“What is the origin?”

“This is worn by the god of NBA basketball, and I don’t know how the owner of this store got it, so I spent a lot of tongue and snatched it up.”

Sakuragi said with a smile.

“So that’s it! No wonder you insist on pestering your boss. ”

Haruko then knew that it was like this.

However, this shoe looks domineering, and the color is particularly bright, and most importantly, it is not much different from the color of Xiangbei’s jersey.

“So where do we go next?”

Haruko asked.

“Let’s go! It’s been so long since I came out, and I haven’t asked you to eat yet.” ”

After that, they walked here for a long time, and Haruko also ate a lot of snacks, and she chirped non-stop like a small bird.

Looking at this pure and kind girl, this made Sakuragi feel like he wanted to pamper him.

After waiting for the morning, the two of them separated, Haruko went back, and Sakuragi went back to school, ready to train.

When Sakuragi returned to the court, he saw his teammates, training hard, everyone was training so hard.

“Sakuragi? You’re back? ”

The other players in Xiangbei greeted him one after another when they saw Sakuragi returning, because they knew that the last game was more the credit of Sakuragi to win Lingnan.

“Well, I have a bit of a problem with my sneakers, so I went to buy a pair of sneakers, look, this is my sneakers, how?”

Sakuragi said with a smile.

After they saw it, they were very jealous, and this pair of shoes looked very handsome. I don’t know where this guy snatched it from.

Once Mu Twilight wanted to buy a better pair of basketball shoes, but he couldn’t find such a good one.

“Oh, Sakuragi, not bad!”

Caiko looked at it and immediately felt that it was still very good.

“Caiko, this is a hat for you, and I saw that your hats are all old, so when I went to the street just now, I also bought one for you.”

“Really? Sakuragi! ”

“Of course, although it is not very valuable, but it is my heart, I hope you don’t mind, hehe!”

Sakuragi smiled.

In fact, when Sakuragi used to watch TV, she still admired Saiko, she was very good, although a little fierce, but she was very serious.

And she has given a lot to the basketball team in Xiangbei, even if the team lags behind a lot, she still cheers for them as always, so Sakuragi thinks she is very good.

“Then thank you, I can’t see it, you are quite careful.”

Saiko laughed happily.

She didn’t seem to have received a gift from anyone for so long, and many people were scared away when they saw her appearance, because she felt that she was a little fierce.

However, she seemed to want something and became a little depressed.

“Okay, let’s start training!”

For a while, Sakuragi also joined the training, just now the system said, 50 laps of possession will reward 20 attributes, which is very good.

By the way, he immediately opened his attribute panel, and after winning Lingnan in the last game, he still had 50 attribute points not added.

Sakuragi Hanamichi:

Height: 1.88 m. (50 attribute points).

Talent Value:

Power: 100

Bounce: 100CM

Speed: 100

Stamina: 100

Explosive power: 100

Athletic ability: 100

Field of view: 90

Spirit: 95

The following are the attribute values for the capability.

Capability panel.

Offensive end:

Rebounds: 100

Near pitch: 56

Medium Pitch: 2

Three points: 0

Dunk: 100

Singles: 1

Passing: 0

Ball control: 50+50=100

Defensive end:

Supplement: 92

Steals: 10

Caps: 60

Judgment: 2

Sticker: 30

This is the properties panel after the dot.

Now that he has the ball in control, he has reached 100, and in the future, he will not worry that he will be tackled by someone dribbling the ball, and his ability to break through has been greatly improved.

Possession of the ball can improve breakthroughs, so now he also has an extra breakthrough skill.

Immediately, he began training with the ball.

Now he dribbles the ball very fast, much faster than before.

Half an hour later, he easily completed the task and gained 20 points.


After Sakuragi finished running, she sat down and took a break.

Then, I tried to shoot in a row.

This is what he lacks the most right now, and the system has given him another task, that is, 100 shots, he will get 20 attribute points.

So, he started practicing shooting.

One, two, three…

When the players in Xiangbei saw Sakuragi training so seriously, they trained harder, and they didn’t want to drag Sakuragi back.

After more than an hour, Sakuragi finished the shooting task.

After completing the two tasks, Sakuragi gained 40 more attributes, which allowed him to greatly improve his attributes and become much stronger.

After that, he added these 40 attributes to the close shot, which also reached 96.

He has become strong now.

At this moment, what Sakuragi didn’t know was that a problem figure from Xiangbei appeared.

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