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However, although the ball did not score, Sakuragi did make up for the basket very well, and the fish column could not grab the rebound at all.

Again he was detained by Sakuragi.


Yuzhu scolded fiercely, but it was more helpless.

The Lingnan team continued to attack, this time, Xiandao hit another one, and in the next few minutes, their hand seemed to recover, and they were no longer afraid.

Even off-road scored.

They played very tenaciously, Lingnan deserved to be one of the top four, and the speed of chasing points was still very fast.

Here, Lingnan just scored 2 points.

It was the turn of the Xiangbei team to attack.

Unfortunately, Mu Twilight was not able to hit, but the Lingnan team did.

After a few minutes, it seems that a lot of points have been recovered.

Now the score is 42:31, and they are only 11 points behind. There are 14 minutes left in the game.

At this moment, it was the turn of Xiangbei to attack.

Sakuragi beckoned on the inside, and the ball came to his hand.

His fiery red jersey not only roamed in the crowd inside, but the Guan Ping who defended him was not Sakuragi’s opponent at all.

Turned around and got rid of him, and the layup was too easy.

This made Immortal Dao keep squinting his eyes, as if he was thinking about something.

The game continues to attack.

Everyone in Lingnan shouted at this moment.

“Team Lingnan, come on! Team Lingnan, come on! ”

After receiving the cross-country pass, Sendo immediately rushed into the inside line without hesitation, and at this moment his eyes were just free baskets.

At the moment, he just wants to boost the morale of the team with a dunk.

Just as his hands were about to reach the basket, the sound behind him made him frown, which made his heart uneasy.

However, before he could react, he felt that the ball in his hand was empty.


A crisp sound reached his ears again.

Then, he heard the regretful voices of many people.

“Sakuragi, it’s too powerful.”

“Abominable! Am I covered by Sakuragi again? ”

This was Sendo’s thought at the moment, all the way to the ground, he turned his head and saw Sakuragi’s calm cheeks, the ball bounced out at this moment, but it was still grabbed by the off-road.

“It’s really covered.”

A feeling of powerlessness sounded in Immortal Dao’s heart.

However, fortunately, it is still in the hands of the off-road, and it is still the ball of the Lingnan team.

They still passed the ball into Sendo’s hands, and at the moment Sakuragi didn’t care so much, he ran directly towards Sendo.

“Does he want to cover me again?”

Immortal Dao originally had a good temper, but now he was actually angry, and for a while, he wanted to pass the ball to the hands of the inside, but at this moment.

A fiery red figure burst out.


Sakuragi made another steal.

The whole person jumped high in the air, and intercepted the ball in front of the fish column.


At this moment, let alone Immortal Dao, his face became a little embarrassed. Sakuragi completed another steal. How many steals and blocks did he have in this game.

It’s really sad, it’s hurting my self-esteem.

Immortal Dao was very depressed at the moment.

The Lingnan team is very unhappy now, their trump cards have actually been robbed and blocked one after another, what is this called!

If you are a little sad, someone is happy.

The players in Xiangbei are all smiling at the moment.

They were so excited, it was great to see such a situation and push the opponent into a cornered situation step by step.

This guy Sakuragi is really powerful and difficult to describe in words.

“Coach, I didn’t expect Sakuragi to be so powerful now.”

Saiko said to Coach Anzai.

“Well, Sakuragi is good, but there are other things that need to be strengthened. In time, Sakuragi will definitely become stronger. ”

Coach Anzai sees people very accurately.

The game continues.

Sendo came to the three-point line, and after receiving the ball, he made a fake move, deceived Rukawa Kaede, and after returning to the three-point line, he shot quickly.

“Ugh!” Three-point hit.

This time, he didn’t attack the inside, maybe I don’t know if he was afraid of Sakuragi.

He then took his offense to the outside.

“Good ball, Senior Immortal!”

Many people in Lingnan cheered.

“Senior Immortal Dao, it’s up to you, no matter how strong Xiangbei is, we are not weak either!”

Offense and defense conversion.

When it was Xiangbei’s turn to continue to attack, the ball was still given to Liuchuan Feng’s hands, and he immediately broke through to the immortal road, constantly making fake movements, and was never able to break through the immortal road.

“This abominable fellow.”

Rukawa Kaede jumped up, passed the ball to the inside Akagi’s hand, turned around and forced the fish pillar, and scored a layup.

“Good ball, Akagi!”

The substitute players in Xiangbei also cheered.

In the next few minutes, the two sides engaged in a big battle of points. Sendo no longer attacks the inside, he either shoots two or three points on the outside, fortunately he has a good shooting percentage and has achieved a lot of points.

And the Xiangbei team’s offensive hand is rich, either to make up the basket, or hit the mid-range, compared to the Lingnan team is more relaxed.

This situation lasted until the game was 5 minutes away.

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