Chapter 6 Heads-up


Sakuragi was also not polite and received a pass from Akagi.

At this time, outside the stadium, after someone discovered the situation here, they immediately gathered a lot of people to watch, and one after another.

Later, even that cool Ruchuan Kaede came.

“Come on!”

At this moment, everyone at the scene shouted, they rarely saw anyone come to challenge Akagi.

Sakuragi dribbled the ball and stared coldly at Akagi.

He found that Akagi was like a mountain, extremely hard, which made his heart move, Akagi was indeed the pillar of northern Xiangbei and the overlord of the inner line.

And his technology is now mature, more mature than the previous high school one and two years. It seems that this game is really difficult to deal with, but you have to try.


His quick dribbling, no unnecessary movements, is just the most basic dribbling.

And Akagi saw Sakuragi’s movements and immediately breathed a sigh of relief, watching his movements was simply very amateur.

“If you think about it, there is no door.”

Akagi flashed and blocked in front of Sakuragi.


Sakuragi was very puzzled in her heart, the current ball control is too child’s play, it is just a beginner.


The audience watched Sakuragi’s actions, and there was a sound of disdain and ridicule.

And Yohei saw Sakuragi’s movements and couldn’t help but pat their heads.

“Is Sakuragi nervous, can he play basketball?”

“I thought how powerful it was, a rookie also wanted to challenge Akagi, this is simply looking for death!”

However, Sakuragi didn’t hear it, and he kept trying to get through Akagi’s defense, but he couldn’t break through after a few transformations.

“Hey! Boy, let the horses come. ”

Akagi saw Sakuragi’s action and immediately sneered.

“No, it seems that it can only be like that.”

For a while, Sakuragi threw the ball towards the basket, and while Akagi didn’t know what he wanted to do, Sakuragi came to the basket in an instant.

“Is he going to shoot?”

The audience at the scene saw Sakuragi’s action and immediately said.

“Hmph! Think that’s all right? ”

And Akagi reacted, turned around and jumped high to the basket, trying to grab the rebound.

At this moment, a figure jumped high. As Akagi was about to catch the ball, a hand appeared in front of Akagi.


Haruko Akagi, who had just arrived at the arena, saw such a scene, and she covered her mouth in shock.


The moment he caught the ball, he quickly smashed it into the basket.


The loud noise shook the entire arena.

After the surrounding audience saw this goal, they all froze. Even those who laughed at Sakuragi were shocked.

A moment later, the audience broke into warm applause and cheers.

“Sakuragi, it’s amazing!”

Several of his dead friends also suddenly shouted.

“Sakuragi, he’s so powerful.”

For a while, Yohei suddenly looked at each other, is this really Sakuragi Hanamichi? How did we not know he could play basketball.

“This guy, played pretty well!”

Liuchuan Feng didn’t know which corner he was in, and said coldly.

And Akagi also reacted, and suddenly became serious.

“This guy is not very good with the ball, but his explosiveness is really powerful. Boy, you’re good, but I’m going to do my best to defend you. ”

Akagi said solemnly.

“Well, this is the first ball.”

After that, Sakuragi got the ball again and came to the three-point line.

Sakuragi faced Akagi’s defense and immediately broke through with the ball, but with rough ball skills, it is still difficult to break through Akagi’s defense, and the shot will not, you can only use the move just now.

Immediately, he threw the ball towards the basket and instantly wanted to run into the box.

“Hmph, I still want to use this trick.”

Akagi saw Sakuragi’s movement and immediately understood, and he quickly came to the basket, and quickly jumped up after the ball hit the basket.

However, Sakuragi jumped higher than him, picked up the ball with one hand, and smashed it at the basket.


A loud bang once again cut through the entire stadium.

And then, the third, the fourth, all like that.

When it came time for the last ball, Sakuragi took the ball and came to the three-point line.

“Akagi, the last ball, you show me.”

Sakuragi said coldly.


Akagi was beaten by him 4 times in a row, and he couldn’t help him at all, and he was very angry in his heart, this kid is full of explosiveness, but the other actions are simply laymen.

At this time, the audience at the scene was shocked, they saw that Sakuragi actually ate Akagi 4 times in a row, and Akagi had no way to defend at all.

At the moment, they all have nothing to say, this guy is too strong.


Haruko was also shocked in his heart, he was surprised that Sakuragi was so powerful, which made her heart beat inexplicably.

But then she became worried. Because opposite Sakuragi is his brother, Akagi. If you lose, later…

She couldn’t even imagine it.

Sakuragi then continued to dribble the ball and slowly walked near the free throw line.

Suddenly, he made an accelerated breakthrough, took a step inside the free throw line, faced Akagi, and jumped directly.

“Boy, you’re crazy.”

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