Chapter 93: The red rose incident (1)

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In the dark of the night, Lu Xin climbed roofs and walls, his body like a giant spider.


He crawled through the rows of buildings and apartments at an extremely fast speed, appearing in the chaotic city at night.

Perhaps it was because he was more at ease to borrow his sister’s power this time, so he was much faster than before.

In the city that was shrouded in darkness, his figure was getting faster and faster under the uneven lights that were scattered everywhere and at different angles. It was a strange feeling that he would sometimes merge into the darkness, and when he reappeared, he was already running under the street lights hundreds of meters away …

“What’s the situation here?”

While he was rushing nervously, he maintained the calmness of his voice and asked han Bing in the channel in a low voice.

first, there was a murder case in mass mall because of feelings, and then it caused a group emotional disorder!

In the channel, han Bing’s voice was fast and clear. a man saw his wife greeting a male friend and was suddenly agitated. He went crazy and pushed his wife down from the third floor of a shopping mall. He regretted it too much and jumped down after her. After the onlookers witnessed the whole process, many people suddenly had strong emotional impulses and had abnormal mental symptoms.

judging from the signs of chaos at the scene, it can be confirmed that there has been a sudden mental pollution incident.

“Because his wife was talking to a male friend, he pushed his wife down and then jumped down?”

Lu Xin was a little confused as he listened to the conversation. He rushed to the opposite building while swinging the power line. He reached out his hands and landed on the floor steadily. He then climbed up and asked in a low voice, “”Do you know what’s going on?”

after comparing the characteristics, we can confirm that this incident is the same type as the marriage proposal of the girl from Jiujiang road reported by team leader Chen!

Lu Xin’s mind flashed back to the crazy scene he had seen on Jiujiang road. He could only remember the crowd running around in a frenzy, but he did not see the existence of the mental monster. This was the most difficult problem for him to solve.

“Then how should we solve this?” he asked subconsciously.

At this moment, han Bing’s voice also showed a moment of hesitation in the channel, as if she was listening to the voice from another direction. After a few seconds, her voice was fast and clear, ” team leader Chen Jing has just submitted her preliminary investigation results on the sudden special pollution source incident at the intersection of Jiujiang road in satellite city No.

It is suspected to be similar to the special pollution incident at wanzhong mall.

“Now, reporting team leader Chen Jing’s preliminary investigation report:

temporary name: special pollution matter-096

Threat level: high pollution level: high core key point: red rose ‘

origin of pollution: suspected to be man-made intervention, promoting transmission.

“Red roses?”

A lot of information flashed through Lu Xin’s mind in an instant. From the scene of the girl proposing to him and the young man being killed in the end, he was like a rose that had fallen into a pool of blood. Strangely, he was reminded of the drowsy little boy who was selling a bouquet of red wine at the entrance of the red Moon orphanage some time ago.

give the roses to the person you like. She will fall in love with you.

He didn’t even know why he would suddenly think of that matter, and he wasn’t even sure if there was any connection between them. That boy, was he an ability user or a source of contamination?

Was he in cahoots with Qin ran?

Then, when he had his eyes on her back then, was it an accidental encounter, or was he heading towards her?

After the routine report, han Bing had already said anxiously, ” this is the report that team leader Chen Jing obtained from the source of the pollution at Jiujiang’s intersection after using her own power to interrogate it. She added her own speculations to the report. She believes that the special contamination source 096 has something to do with a strange rose. The source of the pollution at Jiujiang’s intersection received a rose in the early stages of the contamination.

after that, her emotions became abnormal, and she developed an abnormal adoration for the person who gave her the Rose. In the process of contact with the person who gave her the Rose, she was unable to completely satisfy her abnormal perfect possessiveness, so her emotions fluctuated and increased greatly. Finally, at the intersection of Jiujiang, these emotions accumulated to the extreme, and instantly formed a mental pollution incident.

the logical chain of team leader Chen Jing’s suggestion can be understood as this rose has already been planted when it passed through the hands of the donor and into the hands of the recipient. After that, the relationship between the donor and the contamination source produced various abnormal or normal emotions that nurtured this seed. And when these emotions reach an extreme, the recipient will have an outburst.

the recipient is given a rose and has an abnormal love for the recipient. This is the first stage of contamination.

the second stage of contamination is the emotional outburst of the recipient, which will cause a strong emotional impact on the surrounding people.

there’s not enough evidence to prove whether it will form a third stage of contamination …

the third stage of contamination …

Lu Xin couldn’t help but feel a little shocked.

He had witnessed the explosion of the special pollution at the junction of Jiujiang road. It was the chaos that gave ‘Qin ran’ the sniper team the chance to take the painting and escape.

The pollution that time was almost completed in an instant, and even the process in the middle seemed to be omitted.

If the outbreak of the girl suddenly affected so many people, and these people could cause a third outbreak of the contamination …

How terrifying would that be?

Would such an explosive mental pollution spread to all the people in the satellite city in a very short time?

He subconsciously asked in a low voice, “”Then, how can we stop it?”

Han Bing’s answer was quick. the more sudden the pollution is, the faster and stronger the influence on the people around it is, the more unstable the logic chain is, and the influence will not last long. This is because the core key point is not supported by such a strong spiritual level.

from the current data, we can infer that the reason for the second outbreak of contamination is that the Rose has received enough spiritual energy from the girl. It borrowed the girl’s own spiritual energy to cause such a rapid spread.

the method of contamination is: radiation affects transmission!

as long as you’re within a certain range of the red rose parasite that is erupting with the secondary pollution, you will be contaminated and develop fanatical love emotions. You will desperately search for a person you love.

however, due to the limitation of the parasite’s mental energy level, the degree of contamination formed in an instant by such a high explosive contamination method would most likely not be too deep.

so, the people who have been contaminated for the second time have a strong reaction, but there should still be hope .

suggested objectives: one, eliminate the red rose parasite and cut off its contamination of the surroundings!

second, find the secondary polluters and stop them from spreading.

By the time Lu Xin finished listening to han Bing’s report, he had already arrived at mass mall, which was a dozen streets away.

He climbed up the wall of the building opposite and looked down.

Wanzhong mall was a shopping center in the North of the city center. It had been transformed from an abandoned building before the disaster. It occupied a large area, and the building was tall with a wave-shaped dome. It was just that in the past 30 years, it had not been cleaned well, so it looked a little shabby. Mottled and moldy marks had appeared on the originally grayish-white surface of the building.

Inside the mall, it was brightly lit. The glass door at the entrance had been smashed, and countless people were pouring out of the entrance like a flood of sewage.

I’m afraid it’s no longer so easy to stop them from spreading …

Lu Xin let out a low sigh. With a kick of his legs, he bounced off the building and pounced toward the entrance of mass shopping mall.

It might not be easy, but he still had to complete it.

After all, this was work!

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