师尊 Relat

17 Chapters Ongoing Status


Otherwise known as:
Master’s Favorite Hobby Is Standing on the Precipice of Exhilarating Danger and Hopping Up and Down
The Repentance of an Evil Disciple: My Master Was too Delicious

Ten thousand years ago, there was once a sword cultivator named Lord Yunzhen. He caught hold of a little sword spirit with outstanding talent.

Filled with joy, he became a master for the first time, assiduously raising his disciple. He could be called the very model of the profession, so dedicated that it was a little weird.

His disciple found his master so sweet and delicious that his heart turned black, and he became the lord of all demons.


The process: all sorts of exhilarating thrills that can’t be described in Jinjiang Literature City.

The result: My account got deleted, and I had to start over.


Ten thousand years later, Lu Yunzhen was a broke college student studying computer science. He met a terrifying high-level demon with outstanding talent, who wanted to take him as a master, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Mo Changkong acted honest. “I have pure intentions.”
Mo Changkong swore, “I’ll listen to everything you say.”
Mo Changkong was a practiced salesman. “I can slay monsters and demons.”
Mo Changkong guaranteed, “I’d never lust after Master’s beauty.”

Lu Yunzhen believed him!

Then one day, he recovered his memories, and realized his disciple wasn’t a loyal hound, but a possessive freak.

Lu Yunzhen: “???”

Mo Changkong: “Sorry, no returns allowed.”


This is the story of a loving master and loyal disciple, who stay that way so long as they’re not in bed. They fight monsters shoulder to shoulder, protect the public, and become heroes of the nation. In bed, well, that’s a different story—pillows and sheets go flying, and they quarrel as lovers do.

Lu Yunzhen: I love the world, it’s happy endings no matter where you go.

Mo Changkong: Master and I are the world.


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