Sharing Tamed Beasts’ Talents for Eternal Life

Chapter 285 - Chapter 285: Choose One Out of The Three Rewards (2)

Chapter 285: Choose One Out of The Three Rewards (2)

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In addition, the person who used it was powerful, and He Qingge did not dare to touch it easily.

Just like a sect like the Grand Evolution Pill Sect, without a sect guarding treasure, He Qingge did not have the confidence to rely on the giant turtle to suppress a sect.

At the same time, he looked at the True Dragon egg that was being nurtured in his small world. It was about to hatch. After hatching, He Qingge would be able to obtain the True Dragon’s innate ability.

There was a difference between a true dragon egg and a holy spirit egg. He Qingge, who was a half-finished product of a holy spirit egg, could share his talent. However, before a true dragon egg hatched, He Qingge could not share his talent.

After all, they were of completely different races.

He Qingge was looking forward to it. No matter what, dragons were the top creatures in the universe.

Once again, he arrived at the familiar cliff of the Black Mountain. With a leap, he entered the Black Mountain Secret Realm.

He was familiar with the thick Godfiend Pillar. There were complicated divine patterns drawn on it, as if it was nurturing endless Dao and reason.

Every time He Qingge saw this pillar, she felt as if she was facing the gods and demons.

What kind of person left behind this Black Mountain Secret Realm?

” Welcome to the third test.”

“Fighting against the projection of a young emperor of the same realm.”

The content of the assessment was quite simple, but He Qingge’s pupils constricted slightly.

What was a Great Emperor?

They were called Extreme Great Experts. There were Great Emperors, Celestial Venerables, Ancient Emperors, Heavenly Lords, and so on.

It was a special name formed by different races at different times.

Those who could become supreme masters had almost reached the end of each realm.

He Qingge was the same, and he should be stronger.

After all, when he established his Dao foundation, the number of Dao patterns nurtured in his body was one yuan. This was unheard of.

At the very least, He Qingge believed that he would not be inferior to anyone in the same realm.

Even the legendary supreme masters.

[Reincarnation Emperor]

It’s said to be born and destroyed in the cycle of reincarnation. Life is a cycle of reincarnation, history is a cycle of reincarnation, the world is a cycle of reincarnation, the myriad worlds, the myriad worlds, everything is a cycle of reincarnation.”

[Self-born, self-severed, self-revived.]

This was an illusion formed by gathering the Dao pregnancy gathered from the traces of the world using powerful strength.

He had the strength of the Great Emperor when he was young, but he did not have his battle wisdom.

His figure was rather imposing, but his eyes were very indifferent, like a heartless machine.

[Eternity Hurriedly]

The world was reincarnation, the acceleration and deceleration of time.

Speeding up the duration of reincarnation could make people enter a state of aging, thus reducing their combat strength.

Behind He Qingge’s head, the Great Solar Golden Wheel, the Wisdom Divine Wheel, and the Immortal Divine Wheel were shining.

The combination of three powerful light wheels could resist all kinds of negative states.

Needless to say, the Great Wisdom Scripture could increase He Qingge’s intelligence, increase his mental strength, and resist mental attacks. The Great Solar Golden Wheel could increase his overall strength, and the Immortal Divine Wheel could resist negative effects.

The addition of these three functions was not as simple as one plus one equals two, but it provided a comprehensive resistance to negative effects.

Furthermore, the abilities of the three light wheels would improve after they fused with each other.

The Great Wisdom Scripture was not weaker than the Extreme Secret Skill, and it was even stronger. The Immortal Divine Wheel was an Extreme Secret Skill, and the Great Sun Golden Wheel was an incomplete Extreme Secret Skill that he had learned from Xing Huo Zi.

The Reincarnation Emperor’s Ancient One Hurriedly struck He Qingge, but it didn’t have any effect.

He Qingge immediately launched a counterattack. His strength was also greatly improved under the support of the three kinds of glory. The third eye between his eyebrows opened.

[Eye of Destruction]

A gray ray of Death, mixed with the power of Life and Death Tai Chi, was directed at the Reincarnation Emperor.

A Six Paths of Reincarnation Formation appeared in front of the Reincarnation Emperor. The destructive rays seemed to be swallowed by it.

However, at the next moment.

The Destruction Ray instantly shot out from behind He Qingge, not giving He Qingge any time to react.

He Qingge’s mentality had changed after he had taken down the Reincarnation Emperor, the Ancient One. However, who knew that he would be slapped in the face the next moment?

He Qingge understood his own attack.

Moreover, this was not only returning his attack, but it was also mixed with the power of reincarnation.

He instantly circulated his Innumerable Calamity Immortal True Body and began to repair his injuries.

At this moment, the Reincarnation Emperor’s phantom had already attacked.

In the sky, a huge array was formed. It was still the Six Reincarnation from before.

[Rebirth Cycle]

He Qingge fell into an illusion. With the protection of these three divine theories, He Qingge knew his current situation, but he couldn’t get out.

It was as if the illusion had automatically formed a space, and Jiang He Qingge had sealed it.

“Is this the strength of a young emperor?” He Qingge murmured.

Instantly activating the Firmament Tyrant Blood in his body, the Firmament

Tyrant Body could be immune to all seals, and naturally, it could also be immune to the illusory space.

In essence, it was also a kind of spiritual seal.

Then, He Qingge pounced forward.

[Dominating Emperor Fist]

The top-notch secret technique of the Imperial Tyrant Sect was like the descent of an ancient emperor, crushing all those who disobeyed.

He Qingge’s physical strength was unparalleled. She cultivated the Indestructible True Body, the Sixteen-Foot Golden Body, the Nine Mystical Dao Body, and other body-tempering secret techniques.

In addition to absorbing the origin blood of the Firmament Overlord Body, a portion of the Overlord Body’s power also shared the eternal divinity of the Holy Spirit Egg.

The Divine Spirit, whose Godly metal was connected to the spirit, had a physical body that was definitely at the forefront of existences in the same realm.

He was confident that he would be able to fight against the Great Emperor He Qingge at the same realm. After all, his physical strength had been recognized by the two dragons at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Those two dragons were genuine supreme masters when they were still alive.

Moreover, the physical body of a dragon was at the top of the food chain. To be able to obtain the recognition of such an existence was enough to show that He Qingge was powerful now.

What followed was an extremely intense battle.

The collision of the two people’s spells, physical attacks, and fists completely exceeded the power of this realm and the power that humans could achieve.

He Qingge didn’t back down at all, and even vaguely occupied the upper peak.

As the battle progressed, He Qingge became more and more proficient in fighting. The Great Wisdom Technique calculated the opponent’s attack trajectory in a few millimeters and predicted the opponent’s combat style.

Gradually, He Qingge suppressed the Reincarnation Emperor’s phantom image. He was still a little excited, but he gradually calmed down.

Behind He Qingge, the golden figure of the Overlord Body appeared. With an ordinary punch, it instantly shattered the phantom.

At this moment, He Qingge still felt that it was not enough.

However, soon, another Great Emperor’s phantom appeared.

As usual, He Qingge’s fighting style was much tougher now.

The battle ended faster than before.

Following that, one Great Emperor phantom after another appeared. Ten Great Emperor phantoms appeared in a row. He Qingge charged through the levels and was invincible.

He Qingge’s blood seemed to be ignited, and his emotions were getting higher and higher. Since he was born, he had never had such a satisfying battle.

It was not that he was too weak and did not have the qualifications to fight others, but that he could not find a suitable opponent.

Otherwise, he would use his own strength to suppress his opponent.

It was like he was using the giant turtle to suppress the Grand Evolution Pill Sect.

He Qingge had also suffered heavy injuries from the battle with these ten phantoms. How could the Great Emperor phantoms deal with it so easily?

Moreover, these Great Emperor phantoms were not the Great Emperor himself. The powerful ones were always humans.

It was just like the same hero in a game, the same skills, the same equipment, and the control of different people. The effects would always be different.

Although he had defeated ten Great Emperor phantoms, He Qingge understood this point. He was not arrogant or complacent.

He Qingge had always believed that his greatest strength was his self-awareness.

He would not belittle himself, nor would he be arrogant.

[Congratulations, the challenger has passed the third round of the assessment.]

[Choose one of the following three items as the assessment reward.]

[Eye Technique: Spell-Breaking Eye]

[Able to see through the opponent’s attack, see through the classic circulation path of the opponent’s secret technique, see through all illusions, and see through reality.]

‘ Secret Skill: Furnace of Fighting Intent

‘ Condense your fighting spirit into a furnace and increase your strength in all aspects. The stronger your fighting spirit is, the stronger your strength will be. The strength you increase is the upper limit of your fighting spirit.’ [Formation: Indestructible Celestial Demon True Body]

[One of the strongest killing arrays during the fall of the gods. It is also known as one of the ten strongest arrays in the world.]

He Qingge looked at the three rewards in front of him and hesitated..

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