Chapter 282: Accountability

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Wen Nian looked at how the media had practically shoved their cameras in Wei Lai’s face and found it amusing.

Wei Lai’s acting skills had indeed improved. Her eyes were filled with remorse, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Wen Nian responded with indifference, “Isn’t turning yourself in something you do inside the police station? Are you surrendering to the media?”

She glanced at the surrounding reporters and continued, “And it seems the reporters are quite well-informed, huh? Making such a fuss outside the police station’s entrance. Police officers, are you just going to let this slide? Or is it the same as the officer who interrogated me, assuming I attempted murder and not caring whether 1 want to report to the police station?”

The reporters hadn’t anticipated Wen Nian’s sharpness. She not only tangled them up but also ensnared the police officers in her remarks.

The police officers had heard of this sharp-tongued girl’s abilities and quickly came over to maintain order.

At this moment, Zhao Wu’s car also arrived at the police station’s entrance. However, upon seeing the reporters, he frowned. The Wei family had actually called the reporters here. It seemed just like what his sister had said. The Jiang family had made a move, and the Wei family was playing the role of the scapegoat.

Zhao Wu didn’t get out of the car; his status was special. He simply made a phone call to the police station, explaining the situation and requesting that things be handled according to regulations. Afterward, he left the police station.

When Shen Jun received his WeChat message, he felt relieved.

In the end, the reporters were kept outside the police station. The lawyer Xu Chang had arranged had also arrived at the police station, ready to help Wen Nian deal with the situation.

The situation was actually quite clear. The initial release of the photo showing Wen Nian pushing Jiang Chun into the water had been orchestrated by Wei Lai, and the subsequent online trolls had also been arranged by her. All of this was to solidify the charge of attempted murder against Wen Nian.

However, it was impossible for Wei Lai to have prepared the photo of the ancient town. If she had such a photo, she would have released it long ago; why would she keep it until now?

Besides Wen Nian and Shen Jun, the only other person who knew about that day’s incident was Jiang Chun. Plus, the fact that videos clarifying the situation for her were blocked on various websites couldn’t have been done solely by Wei Lai.

So, the only plausible answer was that the Jiang family had intervened. And it wasn’t the Jiang family in Hai City, but the Jiang family behind Jiang Chun. That’s why Wei Lai was willingly taking the blame.

Wei Lai’s unprecedented cooperation led her to accept all the blame, and her motives for targeting Wen Nian were quite clear. She liked Shen Jun and felt that Wen Nian wasn’t worthy of him, so she wanted to break them apart to have a chance with Shen Jun herself.

Although the reasons seemed far-fetched, they strangely made sense coming from a teenage girl’s perspective.

“Wei Lai has already confessed; this is her confession letter.” The female police officer who had previously questioned Wen Nian now faced her again, with a different male officer accompanying her.

The female officer’s demeanor remained measured, but there was evident fear in her eyes when facing Wen Nian. She still remembered how her colleague had been harshly criticized by the chief and was now suspended for investigation. If Wen Nian continued to press the issue, her colleague might even lose his job as a police officer.

“So I can sue her, right?” Wen Nian asked the lawyer beside her.

The lawyer nodded, “Although the other party is a minor, she can still be sued. Despite her confession, she has indeed caused significant harm to you.”

“That’s great, then let’s proceed with the lawsuit. I believe the law is fair.” Wen Nian turned to the female police officer and asked, “This time, 1 came to report a crime. I won’t be forced to stay, right?”

“Of course not.” The female police officer still had lingering fears.

Wen Xing and Zhou Mei, who were standing nearby, hadn’t expected things to go so smoothly. They had anticipated further delays.

The female police officer pondered for a long moment before speaking again, “Wen Nian, the Wei family hopes for a reconciliation with you, especially considering that Wei Lai is still a minor. Could you consider reconciling?”

“Are you acting as a mediator?” Wen Nian had a favorable impression of the female police officer, but she was wary of her using this approach.

“I’m not a mediator. I just think that if we can deescalate the situation… Well, forget it. I’ve conveyed the Wei family’s intention to reconcile to you. As for what to do, it’s up to you. The police can only mediate. After all, you’re the victim. I have no right to make a decision for you,” the female police officer said in a somewhat disheartened tone.

Wen Nian replied, “Thank you, but 1 will definitely pursue this matter to the end. And you should know as well, this isn’t the first time she has targeted me like this. Since the first instance of forgiveness didn’t yield positive results, 1 will certainly hold her accountable for her actions..”

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