Sending the Groom to Jail on My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding

Chapter 240: In the future, the light will be with you!

  Chapter 240 In the future, the light is with you!

  Although Zhou Qiang didn't know what was going on, the tension on Su Xuan's face couldn't be changed when he answered the phone.

  Plus the case is basically over, so he didn't keep anyone.

  Su Xuan grabbed his phone and drove all the way to the third floor of the Central Hospital.

  When I passed by, I happened to see Zhao Ruoxi sitting on a chair in front of the operating room with her mobile phone lowered.

  That appearance was something he had never seen before.

   After all, she who appeared in front of Su Xuan has always been a very tough person.

   Now this appearance made him a little surprised, it turns out that this little girl will still appear like this...

  From the time Su Xuan met Zhao Ruoxi, the other party was just a strong woman. It seemed that Su Xuan said that the other party could follow him.

  Seeing this appearance at this time, Su Xuan inevitably felt a wave of tenderness.

   After all, this girl was his blind date before, and she was the one he wanted to confess to, but now he saw the person he liked turned into this...

  How could Su Xuan not feel distressed?

   "Ruoxi, is uncle okay?"

   Not far away, the woman sitting on the chair looked up after hearing his voice, her eyes filled with panic.

   No matter how strong a woman is, she is just a helpless person whose father is in the operating room.

  She looked at Su Xuan and couldn't help but say, "Su Xuan..."

   Su Xuan's heart ached for a moment, and he stepped forward and hugged him in his arms.

  The voice is faint, but with a strong comfort.

   "Don't worry, I'm here..."


   Fortunately, although Father Zhao is not in good health, there was no accident during this operation.

   It means that the body will be a little weak and sick in the future, and it is a veritable medicine jar.

  Of course, this matter is no problem for Su Xuan.

   Opened his mouth and proposed to Zhao Ruoxi.

  Zhao Ruoxi was stunned!

  Su Xuan: "I think the relationship between us has almost reached this point."

   "Before I wanted to confess to you, we fell in love first."

   "But after what happened to my uncle, I thought about it..."

   "We are interested in each other, so we don't waste this time, can we do it in one step?"

  Zhao Ruoxi: …

   Even, even so, you can’t say it so bluntly!

   On the contrary, after this incident, Zhao's parents looked at Ye Xuan with admiration!

   After all, Father Zhao also knows his body, and he may live in a medicine jar in the future, and the medical expenses are a lot of money.

  Ordinary people, even if they are in love, they may break up.

  This kid is really good, but he is still facing difficulties...

  Although Zhao Ruoxi was a little embarrassed, she already had feelings for Su Xuan, and this time, Su Xuan gave her a great sense of security, so she didn't refuse.

   There was no rejection, and the two parents began to discuss marriage.

   Don't say anything else.

  The Su family's parents are so scared!

  They were really scared.

   I was worried that there would be another Qin Shuyi, their old arms and legs, they really couldn't hold back!

   Fortunately, Zhao Ruoxi already knew about Su Xuan's ex-girlfriend, and Zhao's parents and mother's family were not short of money, so of course they wouldn't open their mouths.

  Even Dad Zhao waved his hand and said boldly: We don’t want any of the dowries you give, and let them take the same dowry back to subsidize the family of the young couple!

   Now, even Su Xuan's parents are not worried.

   It was the same, the two parties began to prepare for the wedding.

  Seeing that Su Xuan is about to "marry out", the director, Lao Mai, is really uncomfortable.

  He has been too nice to Su Xuan recently, and he always feels that Su Xuan is being bullied by a pig when he gets married.

  The deputy director couldn't laugh or cry: "Su Xuan is a big bastard, he can find a girl as good as Ruoxi, he is a pig's cabbage, right?"

  However, his words were not adopted by Lao Mai at all.

  Anyway, in Lao Mai’s heart, Su Xuan is that watery Chinese cabbage.

  Can he be happy when he is pushed?


   "I'm going to find a second-class merit application for Su Xuan!"

vice director:?

  He thought for a while, Su Xuan seemed to have several second-class skills...

   "You might as well mention his position if you are doing this!"

  Old Mai: Makes sense! I'm going to apply now!


   Su Xuan didn't know anything about what Lao Mai did.

   But he himself is very happy.

   After all, it was the first time he got married in his previous life and this life!

  Can you be unhappy?

   Even the process of getting married is too slow for him!

   After a long wait, the wedding day finally arrived, and Su Xuan was ready to pick up the bride early in the morning.

  Before meeting the bride, the best men gave a wave of gifts first.

  At that time, Su Xuan hadn't come up yet.

   When he arrived at the hotel, Su Xuan was in a daze.


  My wife is so pretty!

Depend on.

  I knew that Zhao Ruoxi was a beauty, but I didn't expect her to look so good in a wedding dress...

   Even made Su Xuan feel uncertain whether he married Luoshen...

  When the master of ceremonies called him to pick up the bride, Su Xuan looked at Zhao Ruoxi who was wearing a wedding dress not far away, walked over, knelt down on one knee, "Ruoxi, thank you for marrying me."

  Zhao Ruoxi didn't even need the master of ceremonies to shout, but directly supported him with red eyes.

   Get married!

  They are really like this, they walked into the marriage...

  The two walked towards the stage together, and Su Xuan's colleagues in the audience called it crazy.


  The golden bachelors in them actually got married like this, but they are still single!

   Think about it and get angry!

   No, take more things from them back...

   Otherwise, he will be angry!


   On the day of the wedding, Lao Mai's gift also arrived: it was the guarantee for Su Xuan to be promoted to a higher level at the end of the year!

  He has already applied to the bureau!

   It’s okay to sneak a few words with Su Xuan, anyway, it’s almost Chinese New Year!

   Su Xuan was even more excited about this!

   Good guy.

   Good guy!

   Sure enough, after time travel, he has reached the pinnacle of his life...

  This second-class merit is also obtained, the wife is also obtained, and now I can still be promoted...

  Thinking about the year-end awards at the end of the year, everyone in Su Xuan is about to laugh silly!

  Zhao Ruoxi asked him why he was smiling so happily. He couldn't tell her about it. He just said that he was married today, so happy!

  The three-day wedding, together with a few holidays given by Su Xuan, the two even went to the surrounding cities to have fun.

  After returning, the two of them had to go to work.

  As soon as Su Xuan went to the unit, the police report reached the office.

   It was they who found the headless female corpse by the sea...

  Lao Mai happened to be in a meeting, so he ordered Su Xuan and Zhou Qiang to work.

   "Su Xuan, Zhou Qiang, you two go and have a look, this case is also very important, we must find the murderer!"

  Hearing this, Su Xuan and Zhou Qiang stood up instantly.

   "Yes, guaranteed to complete the task!"

   While talking, the two walked out of the hall, facing the light, Su Xuan took a deep breath.

  He is married and will have children in the future...

  He is completely rooted in this world!

  In the future, it will definitely be better...

【Ding! Discovery of the case: the case of the headless female corpse, please solve the case as soon as possible...]


  The familiar mechanical sound sounded, and Su Xuan raised his head and walked forward while answering in his mind.

   Have a system, a wife, a family...

  His future is extremely bright!


   Let's solve the case first...



  Su Xuan still has a long way to go, but the author's writing power is limited, so let's stop here.

  The next book will meet again with the brothers!

  (end of this chapter)

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