Seeds of Discordia: New Arrival Mayhem

Seeds of Discordia: New Arrival Mayhem

127 Chapters Ongoing Status


He looked at the mask that was still on the table and stared at it. He grabbed it and said with a mix of sorrow and regret, “Looks like this is the end for us buddy. We can finally put all this chaos to rest.”

Or so he thought.

As Liam was getting ready for the inevitable doom that the world promised, he was suddenly transported without warning. Not to a castle, not to an academy, not even to a King's audience room where a princess was waiting. Instead he is transported to a Tutorial Area hidden away in a cavern.

Here he learns that magic is real, monsters exist, classes are a thing, and potions need a new recipe. This is all great and everything until his starting class is suddenly changed due to some foreign interference in his body giving him a Non-Combat Class...Crafter.

As if things couldn't get any worse he has to find a team who would accept him, try to figure out how to survive in the Portal he was assigned to, and kill monsters while trying not to die. However, the first two things on his mind is to fix the nasty taste left behind from drinking potions and trying not to lose to Upchuck Roulette.


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