Secret Wife Is A Crazy Beast

Secret Wife Is A Crazy Beast

171 Chapters Ongoing Status


Secret Wife Is A Crazy Beast,

Lina wakes up in a stranger' bed, who just happens to be Moshi Corporation' CEO. She cannot remember how she got there but they have matching wedding bands on their fingers. In fact she can' even remember who she is!

After waking up from a 3 month coma after a double assassination attempt on her life, she juggles discovering her insane killer instincts and pacifying the henpecked tyrant who calls himself her most loving husband, Lina' new life is a never-ending whirlpool of craziness.

All she wants to do is discover her true identity, and how she got herself into this mess! But can she protect their relationship from her turbulent and unraveling past and at the same time deal with the handsome new husband' honey-like sweetness?


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