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Chapter 3649: 3651【Immigration to Nanyang】(New Year greetings to all book friends

Chapter 3649 Chapter 3651 [Immigration to Nanyang] (New Year’s greetings to all book friends!)

 Time passed day by day, and everyone in Lian Yunzhai paid close attention to the trends of the Song Dynasty, Liao Kingdom and Jin Dynasty.

 Finally a month later, Liao and Jin took the lead in going to war.

The Jin Kingdom achieved great success in its first battle, capturing Linhuang Mansion in Shangjing of the Liao Kingdom in one fell swoop, and captured half of the Liao Kingdom's territory.

Subsequently, the Song Dynasty also sent 300,000 troops, led by Taiwei Tong Guan, to attack the sixteen states of Yanyun in the Liao Kingdom.

Seeing that Xiang Nan's prediction was accurate, Song and Jin indeed jointly sent troops to attack the Liao Kingdom, and the Liao Kingdom was very likely to be destroyed. Even the whole Yunzhai couldn't help but be surprised.

“Master, you are really right, Song and Jin really attacked Liao together.” Lao Xuguang said in shock.

“The Jin Kingdom is really capable of fighting, and now it has conquered half of the Liao Kingdom. Coupled with the Song Dynasty’s 300,000 troops, it may be possible to destroy the Liao Kingdom.” Shopkeeper Ma nodded.

“I didn’t expect that only three years after the Song-Liao marriage, the Song Dynasty broke the contract. Doesn’t the emperor care about his daughter?” Ruan Mingzheng couldn’t help complaining.

“Since ancient times, there have been no fathers and sons in the royal family. What’s more, our emperor is very fertile. He has forty or fifty children, so what does it mean to sacrifice one?” Xiang Nan curled his lips and said, “Everyone, the situation is very clear now.

Song and Jin jointly destroyed Liao. Once Liao was destroyed, it was Song's turn soon. How could the Song Dynasty, which had always been weak, be able to defeat the tiger and wolf soldiers of the Jin Kingdom? At that time, we will also encounter war in Yunzhai again, so I suggest that everyone immigrate to Nanyang. Do you agree with my raise of hands? "

 After Xiang Nan’s statistics, there were about 20,000 people who were ultimately willing to immigrate to Nanyang with Xiang Nan and others. In Xiang Nan's view, this population is enough.

“Me too, if the golden dog really comes, I will go to the battlefield with you.” You Tianlong also said quickly.

"Okay, if that's the case, then it's settled." Xiang Nan nodded and said, "Lianyun Village will be moved to Nanyang. As for who is willing to stay to fight against the Jin, we will discuss it when the time comes."

 “Me too~” Meng Youwei and Gou Qingfeng also said quickly.

“Master Dazhai, since you won’t leave, then I won’t leave either.” Mu Jiuping said immediately after hearing this.

When everyone heard this, they all raised their hands.

"Let's not talk about who will stay. Let's express our opinions first. Do we agree or disagree with the village being moved to Nanyang?" Xiang Nan quickly corrected him when he saw this.

 At this moment, Qi Shaoshang raised his hand first.

"I want to stay and defend my family and the country, but I don't want my brothers in Lianyun Village to die with me." Qi Shaoshang explained that he wanted to stay and fight against the Kingdom of Jin, but he also knew that with the strength of Lianyun Village, , it is difficult to resist the Jin army.

 They can sacrifice themselves, but they don’t want their copycat brothers to die with them.

 “Master of Dazhai~” Everyone was a little surprised. They didn’t expect that he would be the first to raise his hand.


 After making the decision, Xiang Nan began to contact ships and prepare to cross south.

In early winter, 20,000 people from Lianyun Village rushed to Jinmen. Young people walked, old people rode in cars, followed by thousands of horse-drawn carriages and ox-carts, pulling grain, food, etc.

It was so majestic that the county and state capitals along the way were startled. They thought Xiang Nan was rebelling and wanted to attack their cities. So everyone was so frightened that they closed the city gates, fearing that they would be attacked.

 At that time, I don’t know how many people will die. So he hoped that Xiang Nan would take everyone out and leave him and Xi Honglei here. With Ruinuo City's natural danger, he can still accomplish something.

Hearing what he said, everyone looked at each other and hesitated.

 The gang members and people in the village learned that Lianyun Village was to be moved, and some were very supportive, feeling that if they stayed here, they would inevitably die on the battlefield. But there are also those who oppose it. They feel that they were born and raised here and cannot bear to leave this homeland.

Seeing how frightened they were, Xiang Nan became more and more determined to immigrate.

Those local officials should have the responsibility to defend the territory. Even if they see rebels, they should dispatch troops to conduct sentinels, attacks, and active defense.

But they were all so frightened that they just closed the city gate tightly. They are so timid and fearful. If the Jin soldiers really attack in the future, can they rely on them? !

But this is good, without the interference of the government, Xiang Nan and others can concentrate on their journey. Finally, five days later, they finally arrived at Tianjin. After arriving at Jinmen, Xiang Nan found a merchant ship hired in advance on the coast. There are a total of seventy ships, and the commission alone is as high as one million yuan.

 Subsequently, everyone began to board the ship, and food, food, etc. were also loaded onto the ship. It took another two days to load the ship.

During the past two days, Xiang Nan, Qi Shaoshang, Lao Xueguang and other brothers sat together and drank continuously, talking about their days in the village and unwilling to separate for a long time.

 Because they all know that after this separation, they will never see each other again in this life. After all, we have been brothers for several years, how can we not be sentimental.


 Finally, after two days and two nights of drinking, Xiang Nan knew he had to leave.

 If you don’t leave, you will miss the ocean current and it will be difficult to leave.

"Okay, Brother Gu, Brother Lao, Brother Gou, Brother You, Brother Ma, Brother Meng, Brother Mu, Lord Xicheng... I have sent you a thousand miles away, and we have to say goodbye. We are on our way now. I hope we have a chance to meet you. See you again." He said with arms raised.

This time of immigration, among the eight village owners of Lianyun Village, only Ruan Mingzheng was willing to follow him to immigrate to Nanyang.

“Good brother, have a nice trip!” Qi Shaoshang said with his hands in hand.

“Master, Third Sister, I wish you a safe arrival~” Lao Xuguang and others also said with hands in hand.

“Third sister, have a safe journey~” Mu Jiuping also choked with sobs.

"Little sister, you have to be careful~" Xi Honglei also said to her sister Xi Hongyu.

Actually, Xi Hongyu didn’t want to leave, but Xi Honglei thought that both sisters couldn’t stay. When the time comes, once they die, they will all die.

So she persuaded Xi Hongyu to go to Nanyang, so that at least one person could survive. In the future, if you get married and have children, you will be at least half of the Xi family.

“Everyone, take care~” Xiang Nanggong held up his hands, then jumped onto the largest sea ship, “Goodbye, brothers.”

The merchant ship then raised its sails, and the harsh north wind blew up, blowing the sails bulging, pushing the ship southward.


 “Take care~”

 “Goodbye, brothers~”

 Everyone on the boat and off the boat shouted and cried. The scene was quite touching.


 Subsequently, under the leadership of Xiang Nan, the merchant ship sailed all the way to Nanyang.

 Xiang Nan inherited Yuan Hua’s fishing boat driving skills, and also inherited the secret agent skills of James Bond and Jason Bourne, and is very proficient in sailing.

Moreover, he also prepared sextants, Simon fish and other navigation tools in advance to ensure that they would not lose their way in the vast sea. Therefore, under his leadership, the fleet finally arrived after a month of sailing. Luzon.

 Before the fourteenth century, the Philippine Islands had not yet formed a country, only some primitive tribes. However, Song Dynasty merchants would still come to Luzon to trade with these tribes. Exchange goods from the Middle Earth for gold, gems, spices, etc. held by the natives.

 Therefore, when Xiang Nan led his people to Luzon Island, he basically encountered no resistance.

 (End of this chapter)

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