Save the Bachelor of Heaven

Chapter 3201: 3203【Kiss to kiss】

 Chapter 3201 3203【Kiss to kiss】

After enjoying all the martial arts in Langhuan Jade Cave, Xiang Nan said goodbye to Mrs. Wang.

At this time, Mrs. Wang made a request to Xiang Nan that surprised him.

“What, you want to betroth Yuyan to me?” Xiang Nan said in surprise.

 “Not bad.” Mrs. Wang nodded.

 “That’s not good, I’m already married, and she’s also your niece.” Xiang Nan explained.

"That's why I want to get closer." Mrs. Wang said, and then gave her own reasons.

 It turns out that Jiumozhi came to Mantuo Villa to steal martial arts the year before last. Thanks to Qiao Feng, he was beaten away and a major disaster was averted.

However, after Mrs. Wang experienced this calamity, she also knew that her Langhuan Jade Cave was very tempting and dangerous. With her martial arts skills, she has a library full of martial arts from all sects in the world, just like a child holding gold in a busy city, how can she not be coveted.

 She had been in contact with the Murong family before, and they could still take care of each other. But now that she had turned against him, Murong Fu was being kind by not taking the opportunity to annex him. How could he help her again?

As for her own martial arts, it was only second-rate in the martial arts world. She was probably not as good as Qingjing Sanren Sun Buer, and would not be able to defend such a huge family fortune.

Even if she can barely hold on, where will she go after a hundred years? After all, although Wang Yuyan is familiar with martial arts, she does not know any martial arts and cannot defend herself at all.

 So the best way is to help her choose a good husband. In this way, even if she dies, her daughter will still have someone to take care of her.

Looking at today's martial arts world, young heroes who are both civil and military, chivalrous and courageous, I dare not say that they are unique, but they are rare.

She didn't dare to sit on the mountain and recruit a husband at will. Otherwise, if a wolf is lured into the house, the fate of their mother and daughter will be even worse. Therefore, after much consideration, Mrs. Wang felt that it was appropriate to betroth her daughter to Xiang Nan.

Firstly, he is his junior brother. Needless to say, he is unparalleled in martial arts and has enough strength to protect his daughter. Secondly, he is the consort of the Xixia Kingdom, the master of the Lingjiu Palace, and the grandson-in-law appointed by his mother. All products are guaranteed.

 For such a person, being his own son-in-law would even make him a little high-spirited. So she doesn't care about her status or anything else, they are all one family anyway.

When Xiang Nan saw what she said, he did not agree immediately. Instead, he discussed it with Li Qinglu.

 After Li Qinglu learned about this, she had no objection.

At that time, it was common for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Moreover, she and Wang Yuyan were close, so she agreed.

Since neither party objected, Xiang Nan naturally had no reason to object, so the wedding was held at Mantuo Villa.


 After the wedding, Xiang Nan wrote a letter asking Su Xinghe to bring the eight friends of Hangu to garrison at Mantuo Villa.

Although Su Xinghe's martial arts is not as good as Ding Chunqiu's, he is still a top-notch master in the arena, better than the masters of the Xuan generation in Shaolin Temple.

As for the Eight Friends of Hangu, Kang Guangling, who has the highest martial arts, is also at a higher level than Xuan Nan and Xuan Tong in martial arts. As for Fan Bailing, Gou Du, Wu Lingjun, Xue Shenyi, etc., they are all characters who can be compared with Bao BuTong and Feng BoE.

So if they are in charge, even if Murong Fu brings four families to the villa to stir up trouble, they will not be able to match the nine of them.

 Su Xinghe learned that Mrs. Wang was Master Wu Yazi’s biological daughter, so he was naturally willing to help take care of her.

Mrs. Wang couldn't help but become more and more satisfied with her son-in-law when she saw that Xiang Nan had written a letter casually and recruited so many martial arts masters.

Xiang Nan then returned to Juxian Manor with Wang Yuyan, Li Qinglu, Azi, Xiaolei, Meilan Zhuju and stayed at home temporarily for a week.

 You Ji, You Ju, and Mrs. You couldn't help but be very happy when they saw that their son had become famous and surrounded by so many beauties. Naturally, I am very satisfied with my two daughters-in-law, Wang Yuyan and Li Qinglu.

 These two girls have status, status, and good looks. One is proficient in martial arts from all sects in the world, and the other is a disciple of the Xiaoyao sect... It is really good for my children to marry these two. Xiang Nan then proposed to let the You family live in Tianshan, but both You family members refused, saying that a golden nest or a silver nest was not as good as their own doghouse.

 They are used to living in Juxianzhuang and really don’t want to move elsewhere. I just hope that Xiang Nan will come back to see them more often in the future.

 After Xiang Nan thought about it, he agreed.

 The reason why he asked the You clan heroes to move to Tianshan was mainly to protect them nearby. After all, there are many turmoils in the world, and the two heroes of the You family are not very good at martial arts, so things can easily go wrong.

Just like Ke Baisui from the Funiu sect, he was shot in the head at some point.

But thinking about it again, he felt that he had thought too much.

Although the two heroes of the You clan are not very skilled in martial arts, Juxian Village is at the foot of the Shaolin Temple, and it only takes half a day to go back and forth.

He previously saved Xuan Nan and Xuan Tong, and also helped the Shaolin Temple resolve the two major problems of Jiumozhi and Polo Star. It can be said that he has great kindness to Shaolin.

In this case, if the You clan heroes are in trouble, the Shaolin Temple will definitely not stand idly by. And with Shaolin Temple taking care of them, they don’t have to move to Tianshan.

 After all, it is a bitter cold land, and it is very different from the customs and customs of the Central Plains. It may not be a good thing for them to leave their hometown and live there.


 Stayed at home for a week, and then Xiang Nan and others continued their journey.

After walking for about another month, they finally returned from the Central Plains to the Lingjiu Palace at Piaomiao Peak in Tianshan Mountain.

“Qinglu and Wang Yuyan, this will be our home from now on.” Xiang Nan introduced to Li Qinglu and Wang Yuyan.

Wang Yuyan nodded. She has no desires or desires, and it doesn't matter where she lives.

Li Qinglu took a good look at the Lingjiu Palace, and then she had to sigh with emotion, "What a spectacular castle. It's really hard to imagine how people built it back then."

“It must have taken a lot of effort.” Xiang Nan nodded.

After he took charge of the Lingjiu Palace, he carefully inspected the ancient castle and found out that the Lingjiu Palace was not built by the Xiaoyao Sect, but by the Uighur nobles hundreds of years ago.

During the Tang Dynasty, the Uighur tribe was once very powerful and established a large khanate across Central Asia. The Uighurs believe in Manichaeism, Buddhism, Shamanism, etc.

This Piaomiao Peak Lingjiu Palace is a Buddhist temple built by the Uighur nobles. However, the Huihe Khanate gradually declined, so the Lingjiu Palace was taken over by the Xiaoyao Sect.

"Plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, please serve the good lady." Xiang Nan ordered again.

“Yes, Palace Master.” Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum said in unison.


Not long after returning to Lingjiu Palace, Thirty-six Cave and Seventy-two Islands came to offer gifts.

After Li Qiushui married into Xixia and became the imperial concubine, he assisted the emperor in establishing Xixia Yipintang and recruited the world's masters for his own use.

Tong Lao knew that she wanted to bully others and plot against herself, so she conquered some heretics and became her wings.

 In normal times, help yourself collect some rare treasures. Once the two sides start a war, send them as cannon fodder.

 Because these people have been hit by the talisman of life and death, and life and death are controlled by her, they have to be obedient. Every year, they obey the instructions of Child Elder and help her collect rare treasures, and every March 3rd is the day when they go to the mountain to offer treasures.

 (End of this chapter)

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