Sailing: The Taboo Chapter, Interpreted by Robin

Sailing: The Taboo Chapter, Interpreted by Robin


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Traveling through the world of pirates, Bai Ye created a huge kingdom, and Im is just one of his many wives and concubines.

The essays he left were regarded as indestructible, untraceable, and unknowable taboo chapters by the world government, but they were unexpectedly interpreted by Nicole Robin 800 years later.

“Em is very moist!”

“The ability of the fruit of the operation is awakened, and it can be used for immortality surgery, making people live forever!”

“Pluto is a standard warship, Neptune is my pet, and Uranus is a failure!”

“There are real demons hidden in the devil fruit, and the succubus tastes very good!”

“I found the passage to Ninja World, Dark Continent, Soul Soul World and Gourmet World!”

“When are you going to run away, Nicole Robin?”

As the taboo chapters were deciphered, Robin was shocked to discover that this mysterious existence named Bai Ye even knew her condition 800 years later…

The era of great pirates has begun, and all parties invite Robin to join.

Robin: You know nothing about power!


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