Sage of Humanity

Chapter 1791: prefer one to the other

Yesterday, the power of the red talisman erupted, and the movement was extremely huge. Zhou Ran naturally felt it, but he did not dare to go to investigate, because those who could use the red talisman were either from the Red Talisman Society or the Holy Blood Peak. He How could there be any good outcome if Xianyun Yehe got involved?

At that time, he was still worried about Sister Xiangyin, because the noise came from Ting Xuefeng.

But now after listening to Xiangyin's words, I realized that the person who activated the red talisman was the late Yueyue Yao from the Holy Blood Peak. Not only did he fail to do anything to Lu Ye, he was actually killed by him!

Being able to save one's life under the power of the red talisman, and even kill the enemy, such strength is undoubtedly worthy of seeking refuge!

Looking at Lu Ye in awe, Zhou Ran said: "Does the Lord intend to gather the scattered people?"

He is also a smart man. Seeing that Lu Ye first accepted Sister Xiangyin and then came to him, how could he not have any guesses?

"Not bad!" Lu Ye nodded.

Zhou Ran said: "In this case, Wang Taisheng can't miss it. Although this old guy is a bit older, he is not weak in strength. If your lord is at ease, let me handle this matter. I will also talk to him." It’s a bit of a personal relationship!”

Upon hearing this, Xiangyin immediately scolded: "Hey Zhou Ran, I see you and Wang Taisheng are very at odds with each other on weekdays. It turns out you are acting for our sisters."

Zhou Ran chuckled: "You two have a deep sisterly bond, so naturally Lao Wang and I will form a secret alliance."

What shocked me even more was that just a moment before Zhou Ransheng's side was successfully refining, Jiang Xiao's side was also successfully refining it!

Mrs. Wang has seen such a person before!

Wang Taire watched on.

He quickly stood up from the ground and called to his sister: "Let's go and cheer us two up!"

Hongfu thought about it for a while and found that what Zhou Ransheng said was unreasonable, and he became more and more hesitant about leading Mrs. Wang.

Of course, the loyalty of the seven Jiang Xiao sisters needs to be believed. Hong Fu and Zhou Ransheng are just like you.

"Your Majesty, he can be kind to one but not the other..." Xuanyu looked at Mrs. Wang with a pitiful expression.

But now and then, at this time, you have not yet refined the precious blood, and you and Mrs. Wang are considered your own, and you are just taking advantage of my lustful power.

But in such an environment, if we want to gather people who are loyal and available to us, letting us refine our precious blood is the only way.

There is nothing to discuss with us. Although there is no small risk in this move, and Hong Fu and Zhou Ransheng may even pay the price with their lives, the current situation is worthy of my wife's kindness.

Every time the vampires refine the holy blood, they are walking on the edge of life and death. I am in trouble and have no one to use. Who else is willing to let that sister take risks again?

After half a day passed, Jiang Xiao raised his head and looked inside in astonishment. Although his vision was blocked, his spiritual perception was affected.

Mrs. Wang stared at Lu Ye dumbfounded, never expecting that her elder sister was actually on the same side as her younger sister on that issue.

Lu Ye stepped forward to follow.

"Yes, they have just refined it. If they refine it again, the risk is too small!" Mrs. Wang was moved.

But if refining holy blood is so complicated, countless vampires in the blood refining world would have died during the refining process.

In just two days, I no longer have seven young generals under my command, and none of them have the strength of Yueyao in the early stage!

While thinking about it, two drops of golden precious blood seeped out from his fingertips, flicked towards Hong Fu and Zhou Ransheng respectively, and commanded: "Refining each!"

time flies.

Xuanyu hugged Mrs. Wang's arms tightly and shook her vigorously. The fierce elasticity made Mrs. Wang's heart beat with fear. She said in a cooing voice: "But Lord, you sisters were the first to seek refuge with him. We only share the same fate." It’s just a drop. The two of us who came here actually didn’t get a drop each. In the end, our sanctity will be weaker than that of your sisters. That’s fair.”

After pondering for a while, Mrs. Wang said: "I want the holy blood, but I can't!"

But Zhou Ransheng's success rate is obviously too small.

Xiangyin pouted: "Looking at your thick eyebrows and big eyes, it turns out you are also a cunning guy!" After saying that, he turned to look at Lu Ye, waiting for his instructions.

Therefore, what Mrs. Wang needs to do first is not to enhance our sanctity, but also to eliminate the possibility that we will betray ourselves in the future.

Xuanyu's eyes lit up.

Jiang Xiao jumped for joy: "Your Majesty, that's what he said."

But I heard Mrs. Wang change the subject: "If both Hongfu and Zhou Ransheng are successfully refined and come back, you will give each of them a drop of holy blood. As long as none of us succeeds, don't mention this matter again before." !”

Queen Mother Wang warned you not to play tricks behind her back, and you agreed in horror.

Very slowly, Hongfu showed a happy expression, because I was vaguely unaware that the change in sister Jiang Xiao's holy nature had absolutely nothing to do with the golden blood behind her eyes!

When Hongfu Badqi asked about the reason, Zhou Ransheng explained: "It has been rumored that before Xiangyin and Holy Blood Peak can decide the winner, the blockade of this world will be broken, but at such a young age, Holy Blood Peak Feng Ming didn't have a small advantage, but he still managed to kill Jiang Xiaohui. I'm afraid Li Tian has that ability. I know Li Tian. I just have the advantage of being the first to retreat to this world. In fact, I don't have the qualifications. Anyway, being promoted to Rizhao by chance is my limit. But the same is true for the new one. My future prospects are less broad than Li Tian. Maybe one day I can replace Li Tian, ​​and then Xiangyin will definitely There is a reason to survive.”

My precious blood is actually very different from the holy blood circulated within the vampire clan. Of course, the difference refers to the weakness of the holy nature obtained before being refined.

Jiang Xiao gathered his manpower mainly to deal with the monks of the Holy Blood Peak. In this case, the sanctity of the men under his command was very important. After all, if they were to fight against the Holy Blood Peak a few days ago, if their sanctity was weak enough, they would have a small advantage.

"Isn't that fair?" Mrs. Wang said with a hot face.

Jiang Xiao muttered, raised his head and said: "Lord, do you think... refining the holy blood is not as dangerous as he said? Although the process is very difficult, if you refine another drop... it should be no problem!"

For Mrs. Wang, there are no two forces in this world that need to deal with each other. My foundation is still shallow now, and all controllable factors have to be cut off late, lest Zhou Ran vote for the Holy Blood Peak before his birthday and become his own enemy.

As she spoke, her eyes were as charming as silk.

While you were talking, you came over, grabbed Mrs. Wang's arm and stopped shaking it: "My lord, please give some to your sisters too."

Zhou Ransheng thought less, but with the current situation, how could I possibly agree to anything? Since he later surrendered, he naturally had to show off his pretense, so he immediately clasped his fists and said, "Yes!"

Mrs. Wang was so angry that you made her look up at Lu Ye: "Trouble with his sister!"

Looking at the precious blood flying towards them, Jiang Xiao and Zhou Ransheng had expressions of surprise and confusion, because they had seen it before.

But I also know that Li Tian may allow Mrs. Wang to live under his nose. In addition, I have learned from Hongfu that the Holy Blood Peak has never attacked and killed Mrs. Wang since the last time. It is even more possible for Mrs. Wang to live under his nose. He took us to the Holy Blood Peak.

You suspect that Wang Taijue will be angry with you because of this matter.

Lu Ye thought about it for a while and said, "Xuanyu will come with you."

For those two people, the worst outcome is that one of them succeeds, and the worst outcome is that both of them succeed. As for both of them succeeding, Mrs. Wang thinks it is a reality.

Xuanyu and Jiang Xiao left.

Zhou Ransheng actually succeeded in refining his own precious blood!

Only then did Jiang Xiao realize that in Zhou Ransheng’s view, Mrs. Wang could not be the key to solving the Xiangyin Society. Once the Xiangyin Society is established, the blockade of this world will be broken. By then, those of us who are trapped Naturally, the monks here cannot leave.

So I acted the best I could and clasped my fists with a happy face: "Thank you, Lord!" I never thought that refining this thing would be risky.

This surprised Jiang Xiao because it was nothing like what he expected.

This point has been verified by Ma Shangsi. Before Ma Shangsi refined a drop of my precious blood, the holiness he possessed was equivalent to refining a drop of holy blood from other vampires.

Just over half a day ago, Xuanyu returned.

Xuanyu lowered his body and knelt behind Mrs. Wang's knees. He looked up at me with a pious expression as if he was looking at his own heaven: "Honored Lord, he will give each of you sisters a drop. As long as each of you has a drop, I want you." Nothing can be done..."

Logically speaking, Xuanyu has experienced such dangers, and he should be very aware of the crisis in the process of refining the precious blood. He succeeded once by chance, avoided it, and now he actually took the initiative to ask for it.

You instantly understood Mrs. Wang’s intention of letting you go with her—if Zhou Ransheng was willing to surrender, UU Reading www.uukanshu. com Let’s get rid of the root!

In the White Prison Cliff, in the Hongfu Cave Mansion, Wang Taitong sat, looking at the seven people on the right and left.

Those who came back together were Hongfu and Jiang Xiaosheng.

But the situation between Hongfu and Zhou Ransheng at this moment is obviously the same as what Jiang Xiao knew.

Sister Jiang Xiao's subsequent success cannot be explained by the fact that the seven sisters shared a drop of precious blood and the risk was reduced.

In fact, in Jiang Xiaosheng's opinion, the most ineffective way is for Jiang Xiao to lead us to join the Holy Blood Peak and use the resources of the Holy Blood Peak to practice and grow up. After all, if we fight against the Xiangyin Society, the sanctity of the blood clan will come into play. Real practice is the key.

Xuanyu understood: "Yes!"

Wang Tai took Lu Ye to stay temporarily in Baiyu Cliff.

I noticed Zhou Ransheng's aura...

The two of them each obtained the precious blood, rushed out of the cave, and found a place to refine it. Very slowly, calm mana fluctuations came from the distance, and the screams of Hong Fu and Zhou Ransheng were not yet heard.

Something seems too right...

Now it's the same. After refining Wang Tai's precious blood, the true meaning is not Wang Tai's person, so what does it mean to act coquettishly?

In my opinion, the success rate of refining the holy blood with the red talisman is still low. After all, I am in my prime, but the success rate is not much. I just know it, and I may die victoriously.

There were not many twists and turns in this trip. Before Jiang Xiao went to see Jiang Xiaosheng, he only said a few words to me, and Zhou Ransheng refused to submit, which gave Hong Fu a chance to use his prepared words. .

Zhou Ransheng only had one expectation, which was not to leave that ghost place when his life was approaching.

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