Chapter 248: Disguise

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Able to maintain control over the Sheng family’s large company, Sheng Quan certainly had some tricks up his sleeve.

His phone was heavily protected, and even Mei Shu couldn’t hack into it, so she had to find another way.

From what she could see, while Sheng Quan might be cautious when it came to Sheng Nian, his love for her was beyond doubt. Therefore, Sheng Quan might not necessarily know the truth.

The key to everything was in the hands of Lu Ming’s mother.

She was also Li Zhen’s grandmother.

Although she was referred to as a grandmother, people in those days often had children at a young age, and she was only in her fifties now. Combined with proper maintenance, she still had a youthful appearance.

Mei Shu spotted her in the crowd and approached her proactively. “Madam, your style is very suitable for our new products in the store. Would you like to come in and take a look? We have a promotion today, and you’ll get a discount for purchases over 10,000 yuan.”

Lin Wei smiled as she appraised Mei Shu from head to toe, her eyes filled with pride. “Young lady, you don’t look very old, and you’re already working? What kind of style do you think I have?”

“Madam, you exude an elegant and exceptional charm, which is perfect for our store’s new mature limited-edition collection. Besides, 1 see that the color of the bag you’re carrying matches our featured brown color for this season. You must come inside and take a look; I’m sure it will catch your eye.”

“You’re quite persuasive,” Lin Wei said, flattered by the praise. She arrogantly adjusted the hairpin holding her hair in place and said, “Alright, let’s go inside and see. If I’m not satisfied, I won’t come to your store again!”

“Don’t worry, we will definitely meet your expectations!” Mei Shu smiled and invited her into the store.

Meanwhile, in a cafe across the street.

Jiang He sipped on his caramel macchiato while observing the direction in which Mei Shu and Lin Wei had disappeared. “Miss Mei really plays her role well, Master Si. If she can’t inherit the family business, she could consider a career in sales. I bet she’d be a sales champion!”

Lu Si lazily raised an eyebrow and glanced at Jiang He. “Can’t you stop talking while you eat?”

Jiang He quickly took a few more bites of cake and used his eyes to signal that he had sealed his mouth with cake and wouldn’t speak again.

It seemed like he was showing that he had effectively silenced himself with cake and wouldn’t speak out of turn.

Lu Si couldn’t be bothered to argue with him further. “How are the negotiations going for the cooperation project in Country M?”

Talking about business, Jiang He swallowed the bitter taste of the cake in his mouth and replied, “Mr. Lu, I’ve urged them, but the other party wants more time to consider. I suspect the Sheng family is playing tricks behind the scenes. After all, Sheng Quan has been eyeing this lucrative deal too.”

“Oh, then he’ll lose interest soon enough. Don’t bother with him,” Lu Si said nonchalantly, continuing to work on his laptop.

Jiang He nodded and then stared at Lu Si without blinking. His mouth moved and he seemed to want to say something.

“Just say what you want to say.” Lu Si was annoyed by his stare. He frowned and glared at him, indicating for him to finish speaking quickly.

Only then did Jiang He muster the courage to say what he was thinking. “Master Si, are we still helping Miss Mei this time because we want to deal with the Sheng family with her?”

Lu Si lost his patience and said, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Jiang He shook his head. “It’s different. Master Si, you’re still helping Miss Mei this time. Are you doing this for the Sheng family or just for Miss Mei?”

Lu Si was stunned by his question and looked a little unnatural.

Jiang He continued, “You specially greeted the manager of the Lu family’s mall, arranged for Miss Mei to fish in a luxury brand shop, and even personally watched over her. Is it really just because the Sheng family is a powerful competitor of the Lu family?”

“What does it matter?” Lu Si lowered his eyes casually and continued to work.

It did matter, okay?!

Jiang He kept shouting in his heart.

Look at how busy you are with work right now. But you came here in person, and you’re even willing to bring your work out to oversee things, all because you’re worried that something might go wrong on Mei’s side!

Don’t you think you’re overly concerned about Miss Mei?

In order to help his boss realize the truth of the situation, Jiang He hesitated for a long time before daring to speak, “Master Si, if you’re just concerned that Miss Mei can’t handle Sheng Quan on her own, you can easily send capable assistance. You don’t need to be here in person. However, if it’s solely for Miss Mei’s sake, I think it might be a good idea to let her know how much you’ve done for her.”

Right now, they were sneaking around, and Miss Mei had no idea how much effort you were putting in behind the scenes!

Jiang He felt that he had put a lot of thought into the matter of the boss’s lifelong happiness.

However, some people clearly didn’t appreciate it.

“You seem to have too much free time,” Lu Si clicked his tongue and pointed at the bar on the other side. “The service quality of this cafe is too low. You have ten minutes to improve it, or I’ll deduct your bonus..”

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