Chapter 4146【235】Gold Medal Teaching

 Conventional techniques cannot be used and surgery is hindered. This kind of thing is like an unexpected setback in surgery.

When Dr. Ma found out, he said: "Then use other methods quickly."

 Other methods?

 It’s easier said than done—

Dr. Liu is going to be very angry with Dr. Ma: Do you think you, a surgeon who performs surgeries every day, don't understand?

 Can other solutions be immediately found for unexpected surgical difficulties?

 No matter how big a doctor you are, you have to think about it.

 What’s more, the patient is still bleeding.

“Is there any other way?” Dr. Xia Dongxian asked everyone present.

 Because Chief Surgeon Jiang must be thinking **** his own, and other people in the operating room must help, which is called brainstorming.


 These two words first made Dr. Liu want to curse Dr. Ma.

Dr. Ma waved his hand hurriedly and told the others: Those two words were not said by me. How dare I say them on behalf of someone from the Department of Gastroenterology?

 After everyone calmed down a little, they turned to look at the doctor who said this: Dr. Xie Wanying. Liu Jingyun wanted to cry: Junior sister, do you think so? Don’t you know that everyone is counting on you?

 It’s over, Xie Tian said no. Xia Dongxian raised his hand to cover the wrinkles on his forehead.

“I said no because I think it’s possible to use the original method.” Dr. Xie Wanying looked at everyone’s expressions and completed her sentence.

 Everyone’s mind couldn’t get around it:?

 At this time, the neurosurgeons in the operating room opposite can best understand what Dr. Xie meant.

 Dr. Song could recall that Dr. Xie once said to him: All you can do is be a little nervous. As for Dr. Cao Yong, he guessed what his wife wanted to do.

 As he expected—

“Senior sister.” Xie Wanying walked over and pressed her hand on Senior Sister Jiang’s shoulder, imitating the gesture that Senior Brother Cao used to relax her nerves.

Jiang Mingzhu felt that her arms were stiff.

"You can send air, as long as the time is short enough, so that you can seize the opportunity at once. The problem now is that you don't know when you can seize this opportunity, so you don't dare to try easily. It doesn't matter, you continue to try to inhale, We know that it is the most standard for the mirror body to be parallel to the liquid surface when suctioning, so that half of the stomach contents and half of the liquid are in the field of view. When your hand dexterity can continue to reach this gold standard, I tell you, you can start trying to inflate. "

 The operating room was quiet, with only Dr. Xie Wanying's voice lingering.

Dr. Ma’s eyes were as big as cowbells: Is Xie Qinchai providing technical guidance to a big boss in gastroenterology? No, is it like the examiner pointed out that the surgical operation of the expert in gastroenterology was not up to standard?

I can only say that he is worthy of Sir Xie Qincha.

Dr. Xia Dongxian couldn't help but shrink his pupils: The surgical sister's guidance has been transferred to the internal medicine senior sister, which suddenly puts a lot of pressure on him, who is also an internal medicine senior.

 Dr. Xie Wanying: Technical guidance? no. It's just Senior Brother Cao who is trying to relax Senior Sister.

 When the surgeon is too nervous, his brain is at a loss, so his hands become stiff due to the confusion.

 To relieve an overly tense state, in addition to letting the other person's muscles relax, you also need to make the other person's brain stop being confused. This is—

Dr. Xie Wanying, you are wrong. What you just did is really a gold medal teaching job.

Only a gold medal teacher can point out the most critical mistakes of students and immediately point out a correct path.

Dr. Xia Dongxian thought of Mr. Tao, the famous gold medal instructor in the hospital, and wondered what Mr. Tao would think.

 Looking back, Tao indeed smelled something.

   Thank you for your support, good night, dear friends~



 (End of this chapter)

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