Chapter 640: The major peak forces erupted

Chapter 640 The major peak forces erupted

"Su Xiaofan, blocked? Broken?"

Looking in the direction of the Murphy family, Amuli saw this scene and her eyes suddenly widened again.

 At this moment, she thought she was hallucinating!

Su Xiaofan’s fingers, are they so scary? Moreover, she was shocked to see that after Su Xiaofan smashed the long sword with that finger, Su Xiaofan's body was still rioting forward. There was not even a trace of violent retreat!

Su Xiaofan pointed his finger at the girl’s eyebrows!

 “Roar! How dare you!”

The girl screamed when she saw this, and a powerful coercion erupted from her body. However, the holy clothes on her body tightly restricted her cultivation.

When Su Xiaofan saw this, he immediately understood roughly what was going on.

The Sleeping God Ring that Su Xiaofan originally wanted to use was slightly relieved at this moment.

Su Xiaofan pointed directly and forcibly continued to point at the center of her eyebrows!

Su Xiaofan doesn’t care who is in front of him. Anyone who kills will always be killed!

Since this person is killing me, no matter what force she belongs to or who she is, kill her first!

 And I must leave here as quickly as possible! If he doesn't leave here, there will be too many unknown risks waiting for Su Xiaofan. Whether he can deal with them calmly is another matter.



The auras on these two people are almost many times stronger than the aura on the girl before!

 Champion Hou!

   Lotus Thirteen!

Su Xiaofan When their two attacks broke out at the same time, the spear in Su Xiaofan's hand also pointed directly forward, stabbing down with terror!


Is it the middle-aged man carrying a pale lantern?

Su Xiaofan still ignored the girl in black. After this instruction, the aura on Su Xiaofan's body exploded crazily again.

Immediately afterwards, there was a strange sound, and it was like glass, shattering directly!

"Huh? Shadow clone? He didn't dare to let his true self really step into this golden light?"

Su Xiaofan just suddenly hit the shield hard and clicked, shocking the girl back. The next moment, Su Xiaofan rushed directly towards the crack in the void.

But Su Xiaofan knew very well that if he couldn't even leave here, then the so-called snatching of the Human Emperor's Seal would simply not happen again.

But this time, Su Xiaofan's feet were still able to rush into the void passage a little bit, and a figure also appeared quietly in the void passage.

 At the same time, Su Xiaofan directly raised the Great Emperor attack among the three that had not been used just now to the critical point!

However, that shield was terrifying, and Su Xiaofan's fingers were not weak. Su Xiaofan knew very well that if he continued to tap this finger, he would use all his strength to tap this finger, and the woman in front of him would definitely not survive!

 “Get out of here too!”

Su Xiaofan also felt a powerful force of void at that moment, which directly surrounded his body crazily!

The face of the girl dressed in black changed drastically again. From Su Xiaofan's finger, she actually felt the pressure of real death!

Su Xiaofan, however, did not completely tap that finger.

Su Xiaofan stepped in. Before Su Xiaofan could take a breath, two terrifying figures suddenly burst out from the void passage.

 “Get out of here!”

The two figures, one holding a world-shattering long sword in his hand, and the other holding a special awl, one on the left and one on the right, rushed towards him crazily directly in the void passage.

 Your own life is the most precious.

"Before, when he was on the altar, he was full of endless fear of the forbidden ghosts. The forbidden ghosts would also kill and attack him, so he did not dare to come in, but he wanted to stop it?"

Su Xiaofan pushed the girl away. Su Xiaofan's body was almost like an afterimage, and he rushed to the void passage. The next moment, Su Xiaofan rushed towards the void passage with one kick.

She knew that now, she hadn't fully realized how Su Xiaofan had directly destroyed the powerful magic weapon in her hand with one finger!

Su Xiaofan stepped directly into the void passage in an instant!

That coffin wants him to use these three emperor-level attacks to **** the human emperor's seal.

 But this time, when Su Xiaofan faced this strange middle-aged man, Su Xiaofan did not retreat any further.

Su Xiaofan directly used the coffin to leave behind three emperor-level, shocking and terrifying attacks in his body.

 When you want to kill, you kill, when you want to go, you go!

Although Su Xiaofan had murderous intentions in his heart, in a place like this, Su Xiaofan was not willing to waste any more time.

That light directly formed a special shield in front of her, blocking Su Xiaofan's fingers and protecting the girl in black.



 "Roar! How dare you! You..."


 Su Xiaofan's mind flashed with these, and the aura on his hand also exploded crazily!

 Follow up!

Su Xiaofan felt as if his fingers were pointing in front of the shield, as if they were pointing on a high mountain.

 A thought quickly flashed through Su Xiaofan's mind.


Su Xiaofan looked at that figure, and Su Xiaofan's eyes shrank again!

This thing, why do you want to stop yourself?

Just when Su Xiaofan was ready to kill with all his strength, a strange cracking sound appeared in the body of the middle-aged man holding a pale lantern.

Just when Su Xiaofan's finger was about to penetrate a foot in front of the girl, the special set of magic weapon clothes on the girl suddenly burst out with a jet-black light.


 At this moment, Su Xiaofan did not use it directly at all.

Su Xiaofan knew very well that at this time, he must not use it lightly. An attack of the level of an emperor might be able to directly kill these two peerless geniuses.

 But the void passage in front of us will definitely collapse with horror.


The spear in Su Xiaofan's hand collided with Lian Shisan's attack in a hurry. Su Xiaofan only felt severe pain in his hand, and a huge energy even drove directly into Su Xiaofan's heart along the spear.

Su Xiaofan’s body was shaken violently, and he spit out a mouthful of blood.

 Follow up!

The Human Emperor Sword in the champion's hand has also pierced the void and pierced the front of Su Xiaofan's face!

A dagger appeared in Su Xiaofan's hand. Su Xiaofan hurriedly used the dagger to stop it.


However, the dagger only made contact, and the dagger shattered directly. Then, the sword continued to move towards Su Xiaofan's throat, and the horror continued to strike.

 “The Ring of the Sleepy God!”

Su Xiaofan’s body did not retreat when the sword continued to fall.

At the moment when the dagger shattered, the terrifying offensive of the Human Emperor Sword also paused slightly.

And during this brief stagnation, Su Xiaofan directly activated the Sleeping God Ring!

 The Emperor's blow cannot be used easily, but the Entrapment God Ring can be used!


The Human Emperor's Sword stopped abruptly in mid-air. The body of the Champion, who had a shocking and killing aura, also stagnated strangely, and the void around his body also seemed to have stopped.


  When Su Xiaofan used the Sleeping God Ring, he had already prepared an attack method.

The champion paused. The spear in Su Xiaofan's hand was like a roaring dragon, carrying huge pressure and forcefully stabbing the champion between the eyebrows.

 “You can die too!”

Su Xiaofan stabbed the champion, his movements and speed were extremely fast.

On the other side, Lian Shisan has also moved.

The awl in his hand was like a poisonous snake, and he stabbed Su Xiaofan directly in the back of the heart. The awl vibrated and the air roared. Where the awl struck, the air around him roared with terror.

 “Two, two against one?”

“When did Champion Hou and Lian Shisan appear in the void passage?”

  A young girl from the Barre family, she looked at the scene in front of her, and her eyes couldn't help showing a touch of shock again.

She couldn't really understand many of the battles here, especially the battle between the ancient coffin and the green light, but when she looked at the scene in front of her, she could understand it.

 According to legend, the famous champion Hou and Lian Shisan actually had a siege battle in the void passage!

 Two top geniuses, they are killing a waste!


They went against the will of heaven to hide and kill, but they did not actually kill Su Xiaofan in the first moment!

“Both of them, the budget has arrived, and Su Xiaofan is very likely to rush directly into the void passage?”

"Furthermore, there is no golden light in the void passage, so at that moment, they all entered the entrance from other directions through the void?"

"This kind of void passage with a clear location that is visible to the naked eye is not difficult to find, so they identified these at the first time. Then, they chose another way to snipe Su Xiaofan?"

There was a middle-aged man in the Qins family. His eyes were looking wildly at his young lady, Su Xiaofan, and the many horrific incidents around her.

 He seemed extremely anxious.

The Qins family was the first to make a move, and they also used the most trump cards.

They are now, except for Heshui Qins, who is still frantically trying to figure out how to take away the coffin in the faint golden light. The other members of the Qins family have not moved.

 They didn’t even come forward to respond.

 “It’s difficult to succeed, don’t move, don’t participate in any battle!”

Among the Qins family, a middle-aged man looked at the scene in front of him and stopped the other younger generations who were about to move.

The middle-aged man understood from the beginning that their staffing was not strong this time.

 As a top family, they are only strong once, and they are only strong in planning. This time, they did not think about fighting to the death with outsiders.

 Hence, he has always been very clear that once he fails, the Jeans family will lose all opportunities to continue fighting.

 In this case, his first choice was to quit!

 Only by exiting can losses be minimized!

 As for Heshui Qins, she can only rely on herself at this time!

 The scene before them was not in their rehearsal, and according to their rehearsal, everything should end when they failed for the first time.

 They mix in too much, which will only bring more hatred to the Qins family!

“Lian, Lian Shisan and Champion Hou, are you joining forces to kill your brother-in-law?”

"He, the two of them, and the brother-in-law are not on the same level, so why should they join forces?" Amuli was dumbfounded when she saw this scene.

 Her eyes were firmly fixed on Su Xiaofan, Lian Shisan and Champion Hou.

In the narrow passage, the spear in Su Xiaofan's hand stabbed crazily at the immobilized Champion, while the pitch-black thorn in Lian Shisan's hand also crazily stabbed Su Xiaofan's back, terrifyingly.

Su Xiaofan faced the killing stab, but Su Xiaofan did not dodge at all.

Su Xiaofan instead thrust the spear in his hand forward faster!


 But just when Su Xiaofan's spear was about to pierce the champion's forehead, a golden light suddenly flashed across the champion's body. At the same time, something like a broken sound suddenly sounded in the champion's body.

 At that moment, the champion seemed to have used some terrifying trump card.

The champion's body was free again. At this moment, Su Xiaofan's spear pierced his forehead. There was even a drop of blood dripping from his eyebrow!

His body dodged crazily towards the right rear. At the same time, his hand directly crushed an ancient rune. The rune shattered. While he dodged, his body suddenly retreated towards the back. Five steps!


 Champion Hou retreated and dodged Su Xiaofan's attack, but Su Xiaofan's body did not have time to dodge.

The thorn in Lian Shisan's hand has pierced into the back of Su Xiaofan's heart!

 “So strong and react so quickly! Su Xiaofan, are you going to die?”

“Su Xiaofan must have used someone’s strongest trump card just now, right? He actually briefly imprisoned the champion? Did he even almost hurt the champion?”

"So strong. From today on, even if Su Xiaofan dies, I'm afraid I can't call him a waste in the future, right? He was killed by Lian Shisan and Champion Hou at the same time!"

 Many people from various major forces were looking at the scene in the passage crazily at this moment!

At the same time, there were at least four or five forces. The moment Su Xiaofan entered the passage, they were ready to use the pressure of half-step imperial soldiers to force Su Xiaofan out of the passage, or even kill him!

The coffin is gone. In their opinion, killing Su Xiaofan is almost no longer difficult!

What’s more!

 What they want to use are real imperial soldiers!


“Record everything about this young man here today, and he will become a textbook counterattack waste. In the future, the family can use him to teach the descendants with poor talents.”

 Among the Raymond family, a middle-aged man saw this scene and nodded slightly.

“No, it’s fake! That body is fake. It’s the most familiar substitute technique used by Su Xiaofan! Su Xiaofan has almost mastered this technique!”

 Suddenly, many people felt that at the moment of Su Xiaofan's death, someone seemed to suddenly discover something.

Someone looked at Su Xiaofan's figure and shouted loudly!


In the void passage, after Lian Shisan’s stab fell, he seemed to feel something was wrong immediately, and his body instantly slid sideways in terror.

 He moved, and Su Xiaofan's spear fell instantly.

Su Xiaofan's figure suddenly appeared five steps behind him.

At the same time, a green light burst out from Su Xiaofan's body like crazy!

Lian Shisan retreated violently and dodged the spear in Su Xiaofan's hand, but he happened to bump into the green light released by Su Xiaofan.

 Fighting, in an instant.


In an instant, Lian Shisan seemed to feel an extremely terrifying danger. A special jade pendant in his hand was crushed to pieces.

The green light swept away, and a yellow light on the jade pendant suddenly appeared.

 The two collided, and in the void, an extremely terrifying impact force spread directly in all directions, spreading crazily around!


The impact force collided unscrupulously, and the originally narrow void passage instantly spread towards the surrounding horrors under the impact of these terrifying people!

The collision and bombardment of these two things actually forcibly expanded the area of ​​the cave entrance!


The moment the two things collided, Su Xiaofan had already chosen to retreat quickly. At the same time, Su Xiaofan's aura exploded, and he also took out a shield that he had previously taken from the Styx Red Corpse Clan from the Tianyuan Pearl. Standing in front of me!

 Collision at the second level of the divine realm!

When Su Xiaofan took out the jade pendant in Lian Shisan, Su Xiaofan recognized it. It was the jade pendant of a god!

Su Xiaofan also knew very well that the terrifying collision of these two things would cause a terrifying and devastating impact!

 The shock wave dissipates!

The shield in Su Xiaofan's hand was horribly cracked.

Su Xiaofan's hand holding the shield had bright red blood stains on it.

Su Xiaofan didn't pay attention to the shield in his hand or the injuries on his body at this time. Su Xiaofan quickly put away both of them immediately.

At the same time, Su Xiaofan also quickly discovered that the special layer of protection originally given to him by the coffin had disappeared.

 The time should have arrived.

 Now, I don’t have anything to protect myself.

In other words, I have no choice now to rush back to the original golden light, otherwise, I will suffer death attacks like others!


"You are really interesting. If you take out your things, I can protect you from death! Even the champion can't kill you!"

At the entrance of the void passage, the void space was impacted even more, and a trace of blood appeared on Lian Shisan's body. He obviously did not care about the blood stain on his body.

 His eyes immediately turned to Su Xiaofan.

"Is it?"

 In the void passage, deeper, there are no scars on the body of the champion at all!

  “It’s very troublesome.”

Su Xiaofan looked at these two people and frowned.

These two people are obviously not the weak. If they do not confront them carefully, they may even die, especially the champion Hou. Play twice. Su Xiaofan feels that he has not used real strength at all!

 Even the ordinary trump cards he possesses cannot really kill him.

 The Great Emperor's killing blow on his body is obviously not easily used in the void passage, and the battle cannot continue here.

 Find a way to get out of here.

Su Xiaofan narrowed his eyes, and then Su Xiaofan's hands formed a faint mark.

“It seems like you don’t want to hand it over? You’re just a waste, but you’re really troublesome. If that’s the case, then you just die!”

 “The art of trapping and killing!”

At this moment, Lian Shisan’s hands suddenly condensed with marks!

As the mark of his sword condensed, a solid cage appeared around Su Xiaofan's body, and Su Xiaofan's body was directly trapped in the cage.

next moment!

The marks on his hands changed again, and the cage that originally trapped Su Xiaofan tightened crazily and almost without warning.

Furthermore, on the cage, the densely packed symbols flashed horribly at a speed visible to the naked eye. Those symbols were like symbols of death.


 But at this moment, Su Xiaofan only said one word.

With the word appearing in Su Xiaofan's mouth, an upward green light appeared again on Su Xiaofan's body, and this light was also covered with dense special runes.


This ray of light rises into the sky!

The cage that tightened suddenly above Su Xiaofan's head cracked, and then the void above Su Xiaofan's head suddenly cracked at a speed visible to the naked eye.


 The next moment, Su Xiaofan's body rushed up towards the cracked void like a bolt of lightning!

 “Su Xiaofan, he actually still has a trump card?”

"However, Lian Shisan played his trump card with a casual blow. He should be about to die, right? The difference in strength is too big. He can stand opposite Lian Shisan and the champion. This is already an honor for him. !”

There was a middle-aged man in the Qins family. Seeing this scene, he shook his head slightly.

 Then he looked down again.

He saw that the coffin, pressed against the green light, was already about ten meters above the ground!

Around the white light, at some point, a strange bronze carriage appeared out of thin air.

At this time, seven strange things have appeared in eight directions around the white light!

 It seems that around the white light, there is only one last thing missing.

 He glanced around, and he didn't know why, but a strong uneasiness suddenly arose in his mind.

 “Everyone, retreat first! Don’t use any of your breath easily!”

"No! We, the Jeans family, evacuate directly! Send a withdrawal signal to the eldest lady immediately. This time, we will not participate!"

The middle-aged man from the Jeans family took a deep breath. He looked at the scene around him and made a quick decision in his heart.


At the same time, in the sky above the void passage, Su Xiaofan's figure immediately rushed out of the passage.

The murderous intent in Su Xiaofan's eyes also erupted in coldness at this moment!

 “Have you finally come out?”

"With that golden light and the extremely unstable space in the void passage, I would be afraid to make any move. I was originally thinking about how to force you out, haha, I didn't expect that you are just a waste. , you actually came out on your own!

 That’s okay, you can die faster! "

Su Xiaofan used a bronze block to break Lian Shisan's imprisonment. At the same time, Su Xiaofan also forcibly penetrated a passage leading to the outside of the void. Su Xiaofan's figure also rushed out of the void passage.

Lian Shisan almost followed and rushed out.

The aura on his body suddenly erupted again, and the fluctuations in his aura were twice as powerful as those in the passage!

The marks of his hands condensed, and an extremely terrifying aura from his body condensed in front of him in an instant. The surrounding air, energy, and laws also gathered in front of him at that moment.

"Now that you're out, don't waste any more time. You can die!"

 People come out!

Lian Shisan didn't waste any time at all. His body rioted. In the air, his entire body was almost like an afterimage, and he rushed towards Su Xiaofan.

On top of his fist, a giant snake formed entirely by law, energy and air roared and rushed directly in the direction of Su Xiaofan.

 “The void freezes!”

The moment he rushed over, he actually crushed a special talisman in his hand!

Just as the talisman in his hand was crushed, the void in front of Su Xiaofan suddenly and strangely froze, and Su Xiaofan's body seemed unable to move at all in mid-air.

Su Xiaofan’s body moved, as if he was struggling.

Lian Shisan’s attack arrived in an instant at this moment.

The giant dragon devours Su Xiaofan!

The void in front of Su Xiaofan was horribly distorted at this moment. The giant dragon, before Su Xiaofan seemed to have reacted, started to devour Su Xiaofan's body crazily.


 At the moment when Lian Shisan struck and killed Su Xiaofan with one punch, the figure of the champion also appeared in everyone's sight.

 After the champion showed up, he didn’t seem to even look at Lian Shisan.

The moment he came out, the aura on his body exploded to an extreme. The long sword in his hand also directly released a forbidden technique, and stabbed down crazily towards the position behind him.

 The sword moves and the air roars.

The long sword struck down, and traces of shocking cracks appeared in the surrounding air!

The long sword pierced the hole, and Su Xiaofan's figure suddenly appeared at this moment!

 “Is it another substitution technique?”

"That useless Substitute Technique has really been used to an almost perfect level. Even if you are not careful enough, even Lian Shisan may be deceived! Lian Shisan attacked three times and used the Substitute Technique twice. Alright?"

 In the Reko family, behind Mando Reko, there was a young man watching this scene from a distance, with a hint of admiration in his eyes.

 That young man didn’t seem to have any awe when facing Manduo Reko.

 Occasionally, there was an ancient aura about him. He did not look like a person from this era.

Hearing the sound, Mantuo Reko frowned.

"You can be considered a person who has suffered a lot in this substitute technique. Don't you think you should learn it hard? I call him a waste because I feel that I can kill him in an instant, but you can't call him He is trash.

 He may be much more powerful than you think! "

The young man shook his head slightly, and then his eyes looked into the air again.


"You trash, you are really looking for death!" Lian Shisan burst out in terror, but at the same time, he was also scanning and observing the surroundings. As a peak powerhouse of the younger generation, observing the surrounding environment during a battle is basically a basic skill. .

Lian Shisan felt something strange when Su Xiaofan's figure appeared behind the champion.

His cold eyes also burst out with anger at that moment!

This is just a loser, but he actually dares to play such a trick in front of him!

His attack came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the attack.

 The next moment, his body turned suddenly, and the marks on his hands condensed. He seemed to want to forcibly kill Su Xiaofan from a distance!


 But just as he turned around, he felt a sudden pain in the back of his heart!

Many people were surprised to see that behind Lian Shisan, Su Xiaofan had a dagger in his hand.

Lian Shisan turned around, and he stabbed the dagger in his hand directly into the back of Lian Shisan's heart.


Su Xiaofan’s speed, at this moment, was almost too fast to be seen clearly!


Lian Shisan's body was shaken violently, and there was a hint of disbelief in his eyes. At this moment, he burst into madness, and his body suddenly evaded forward.


When the dagger broke open Lian Shisan's heart, Su Xiaofan's other hand had already stabbed the back of Lian Shisan's head horribly.

At this moment, Lian Shisan felt an extremely terrifying murderous intention.

 He dodges!


Immediately afterwards, he felt that the crisis was more terrifying and intense. It actually crushed a god's rune, and his body appeared nine meters in front of him in an instant.

 “Tick tock!”

Lian Shisan stood still, but there was a line of bright red blood at the back of his heart, a terrifying drop of dew.

Lian Shisan's whole face showed a look of distortion and anger!

 He suddenly turned his head and looked at the Su Xiaofan behind him again!

At the position behind the Champion Hou, as the Champion Hou made a terrifying move, Su Xiaofan's figure was shattered into pieces!

"Fake? The one behind the champion is the fake one?"

“The man behind Lian Shisan is actually real? He actually released his true body at that moment, but instead hid his false body in the void?”

There was an old man in the Bahuo family. When he saw this scene, his eyes trembled with fear.

 He looked at Su Xiaofan, and then in the direction of a middle-aged man next to him.

Beside him was the head of the Bahuo family, Xiting Bahuo.

 “You don’t have to take action.”

"With the appearance of the green light, and the dragon, fisherman, two strange figures, the bronze carriage, and other terrifying aura fluctuations surrounding the white light pillar, this area was almost filled with Taboo ghosts.

 At this time, any strong person from the older generation who takes action will definitely die!

 Even if it means suppressing his own realm below the peak of the Wizard Saint.

 Here, too many taboo ghosts have been attracted.

Didn’t you see that even the champion didn’t let the older generation around him take action? Didn’t he take action himself? "

Xiting Bahuo’s face was not very good.


The Bahuo family used a half-step force of imperial soldiers to coerce them, but the Bahuo family directly killed two old men in the realm of witch gods!

Here, the strong ones in the realm of the witch **** can only unleash the combat power below the peak of the witch saint most of the time. However, in the outside world, any giant at the level of the witch **** can dominate an area!

 For any force, a powerful man at the level of a witch **** is definitely a truly strategic presence!


In the direction of the Reko family, when Lian Shisan retreated violently and blood dripped from his hands, the old-looking young man from the Reko family also stiffened slightly.

I read it wrong!

At that moment, he actually saw it wrong due to the inertia of his thinking?

"Su far have you grown?"

"Trash? Are you pretending to be everything?"

The beautiful girl in the ice blue dress was standing in the crowd. She had never made a move. When she saw the scene in front of her, the shock in her eyes also surged with terror at this moment.

From watching Su Xiaofan fight in the city to now, she always feels that Su Xiaofan is almost always making progress.

In the first battle, Su Xiaofan seemed not to be able to use many of his methods with ease, but now, Su Xiaofan's various fighting skills and fighting thinking seem to have truly matured.

 Now, facing Lian Shisan and Champion Hou, he actually dares to use this method!

 “You really made me angry!”

"How do you want to die? Have you thought about it now? If you want to die like this now, then you can die!"

Lian Shisan touched the wound on the back of his heart. At this moment, his face was as cold as ice.

He twirled the blood in his hand, and the murderous intent in his body completely exploded.


 The next moment, his body moved directly.

He didn't even react with anger or ridicule anymore. He just punched Su Xiaofan. There wasn't even any powerful aura fluctuations on top of his punch.

He looked at Su Xiaofan, and the veins on his forehead twitched. He punched Su Xiaofan in front of everyone's eyes, and pushed him in front of him.

 “Lian Shisan, what are you doing?”

“Why didn’t his punch produce any powerful aura fluctuations? It’s already reached this level. Shouldn’t he have exploded completely? Shouldn’t he have completely obliterated Su Xiaofan?”

“Why, I feel that his punch is soft, as if there is no lethality at all? Could it be that... is there something wrong with this punch?”

In the direction of the Hongshan family, a young man looked at the scene in front of him and murmured to himself.

He even looked at this scene, and some didn't understand at all, what was going on!

 “This is the field?”

“He is pulling Su Xiaofan into his own domain. He wants to use his domain to directly kill Su Xiaofan? That’s right, Mando Reko has already understood his own domain. How could Lian Shisan not have his own domain?

 But, what is Lian Shisan’s domain? "

In front of the Hongshan family, among the Tamu family, there was an old man looking at the scene in front of him, with a dignified look in his eyes.

He knows very well how terrifyingly the young geniuses of this era have grown!

At least!

 After entering, he never underestimated any true genius of the younger generation.


He came in with several other top forces and some personal friends. Two of them had underestimated the genius of the younger generation and were directly killed by the younger generation.

 Here, only the peak of the Wizard Saint can be erupted.

 This directly minimizes the gap between the old generation of strong men and the new generation of strong men.

 “Stay in the air!”

“As expected of Lian Shisan, his domain is actually the legendary Sunkong. He has understood part of the domain of space!”

In the direction of the Murphy family, there was a middle-aged man. When he saw that Lian Shisan's movements not only did not speed up, but became slower and slower, his eyes immediately showed a hint of wonder.


 He knew very well how terrifying this ability was in battle.

 In battle, once the opponent is dragged into one's own territory, the opponent's speed seems to be slowed down many times in front of oneself.

 In this case, the battle will develop in an almost one-sided situation.

 “What is Su Xiaofan doing?”

"Su Xiaofan stood still? Is Su Xiaofan's real body or a fake body? Is Su Xiaofan going to do his old trick again?"

  An old man from the Reina family narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene in front of him.

Looking at Su Xiaofan, he actually felt that he didn't even see through what this young man was going to do at the first time!

This young man seems to be able to bring surprises every time he makes a move.


Lian Shisan’s punch was pushed flatly.

 His domain also seems to have covered the endless void around him with this punch.

 The next moment, his body moved directly. His body was like an afterimage, rushing towards Su Xiaofan's body.

 He punched Su Xiaofan in the head.

Su Xiaofan stood still. In this kind of field, Su Xiaofan seemed to be unable to make any effective resistance at all. Su Xiaofan's body froze in mid-air.


  Immediately afterwards, Lian Shisan’s punch hit Su Xiaofan directly on the head.

It's just that his punch didn't land completely and he just pulled it back. Su Xiaofan's body is fake!

 In the eyes of everyone, Su Xiaofan suddenly used the clone technique again.

Kelian Shisan didn't care this time. After the punch landed, not only was he not angry, but a cruel smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his mouth.

 After he smashed Su Xiaofan's head with one punch, he did not leave immediately!

Instead, he suddenly took out a palm-sized scarecrow from his storage space. He stuffed the scarecrow directly into the shattered shadow of Su Xiaofan.

 The next moment, Su Xiaofan's disintegrating shadow actually stopped disintegrating.

Lian Shisan bit his finger and quickly dripped a drop of blood on the scarecrow. As the drop of blood fell, the scarecrow shook slightly.

Immediately afterwards, red threads suddenly appeared on the scarecrow!

These threads were so densely packed that in an instant, Su Xiaofan's shadow was completely sewn together.

In the mid-air, Su Xiaofan's original shadow seemed to have turned into a papery person at first glance. Then, Lian Shisan casually pulled out a dark thorn from his waist.

There are strange inscriptions and formations on the thorn.

 Pitch black!

The moment the thorn was taken out, a terrifying roar trembled on the dark thorn body.


Lian Shisan directly forced the thorn in his hand towards Su Xiaofan's body and dropped the thorn!

 “Lian Shisan, what are you doing?”

"Why did he stop attacking? What's the use of taking out that little paper man?"

“Hasn’t he already used his extremely powerful domain? According to common sense, as long as he finds Su Xiaofan, he can end this battle directly? Why would he still..."

There were several figures in the direction of the Qins family. Looking at the scene in front of them, their eyes were full of endless confusion.

Not just them, many of the top forces present shot towards Lian Shisan from a distance. At this moment, many of the top forces also showed a trace of doubt in their eyes.

 The top young generations of the top powers have already dispersed in different directions around them!

In this battle, Lian Shisan and Champion Hou were the first to find a position where they could really take action, and forced Su Xiaofan out of the void passage.

 However, the people from the top families obviously have no intention of giving up, Seven Sons Golden Lotus!

However, as the battle broke out here, all kinds of weird things broke out, and countless weird and forbidden things were attracted here. The older generation of strong men no longer dared to take action easily.

In this case, even if you take action with your life, it is very likely that you will not have time to explode, and will be killed directly by the forbidden ghost!

 At this time, no one among the top experts of the older generation is willing to take action.

“This is ghost magic?”

Many people were shocked when they saw this scene. However, there were also a few strong men of the older generation who watched Lian Shisan's action from a distance. In an instant, they saw what it was.

 The shock in their eyes also surged at this moment!



In mid-air, just as Lian Shisan's thorn struck down, a breath suddenly fluctuated from about fifteen meters behind Lian Shisan.

Immediately afterwards, Su Xiaofan's figure stumbled out of the void.

 Su Xiaofan's chest was filled with a stream of bright red blood that was suddenly erupting.

“What, what happened? Is there an extra hole in Su Xiaofan’s chest?”

“I understand clearly. Lian Shisan used an awl to stab a hole in the scarecrow’s chest. Su Xiaofan’s real body had a hole in his chest.

Is this a kind of harm transfer?

However, how could such a heaven-defying magic exist in the human world? Could killing the scarecrow also kill Su Xiaofan? Is this, this technique too outrageous? "

 In the crowd, looking in the direction of the Recco family, there was shock in the eyes of the younger generation, which even directly erupted to an unparalleled level of terror.

Even in the direction of the Mengshan family, there was an older generation giant. When he saw the scene in front of him, there was a hint of shock in his eyes.

 “Is it really that ghost magic?”

“Thirty-two thousand years ago, there was a being who claimed to be Mr. Guigu. The ghost skills in his hands once caused even half-step emperors to fall and bleed!

During the time he was there, the entire cultivation world was almost shaken with terror!

 Nearly all the top powerhouses and giants immediately wanted to see what that kind of ghost technique was and how to break it.

It's just that the existence named Mr. Guigu only stayed in the world for two months. Then, he seemed to have disappeared from the world and never appeared in people's sight again.

 After that, people from various top forces conducted a careful study of his spells based on the pictures on some recording crystals.

 There are also some people from top forces who have developed and studied this technique.

 However, none of the top forces have really developed the same technique as that person.

That person's technique is like a Tao, a Tao that belongs to him alone, and others cannot really imitate it.

 Even if you try to imitate it forcibly, in the end, you may not be able to obtain satisfactory attack effects in most cases.

 The world of spiritual practice, after continuing to be popular for a period of time, slowly disappeared.

I didn’t expect that here today, I can see this kind of pure ghost art again? However, did the ghost technique performed by Lian Shisan come from that person, or was it developed by other forces back then? "

 In the crowd, in the direction of the Bart family, there was an old man with a stooped stature and a special crutch in his hand. When he saw the scene in front of him, he spoke.

 He seemed to really recognize Lian Shisan’s technique.



 In mid-air, while there was a commotion below, the attack from above was still terrifying!

The awl in Lian Shisan's hand had stabbed down again in an instant.

This stab landed on Su Xiaofan’s Dantian.

Su Xiaofan’s direction, Su Xiaofan’s Dantian, burst directly.

Su Xiaofan coughed up blood. Su Xiaofan's whole body shook violently. It looked like Su Xiaofan would fall directly to the ground at any time.

"you are interesting."

“I respect my opponent very much. Although you make me very angry, I am not prepared to really torture you. Now it’s over!”

Lian Shisan looked at Su Xiaofan coldly. He looked at Su Xiaofan condescendingly. He looked more like he was judging a prisoner!

 He looked at Su Xiaofan and raised the awl in his hand again.

This time, the awl in his hand was pointed at Su Xiaofan's eyebrows!


 “Forbidden Death Technique: Gun of Death!”

 But at this moment, Su Xiaofan, who was about to fall, suddenly roared. As he roared, the aura on his body also exploded crazily at this moment.

next moment!

He picked up the bronze spear in his hand, and Su Xiaofan fired at Lian Shisan and rushed towards him crazily.

Su Xiaofan’s aura seemed to explode to an unparalleled level at this moment.

Su Xiaofan stabbed forward with a spear, and the void in front of him split open!

Before the gun arrived, the cracks in the void caused by the gun suddenly spread in front of Lian Shisan!


When Lian Shisan saw this scene, he didn't even take a look at it. He just raised his hand, and then used the awl in his hand to **** the straw man's leg at will. For a moment.

 In midair, Su Xiaofan, who originally had a terrifying aura, felt his body startle again at this moment.

Su Xiaofan's right leg went weak and broke. The spear that Su Xiaofan stabbed wildly in his hand also tilted suddenly. The terrifying pressure on the spear rubbed Lian Shisan's forehead and rushed out.


That piercing spear, with its powerful energy and laws, hit the ground. The ground in front of it was shaken with horror, and a deep pit appeared on the ground.

"I originally wanted to give you a decent way to die, but I didn't expect that when death was about to happen, you still wanted to commit suicide yourself? Oh, now, you don't have to waste any more time, can you still move?"

 “Yes, you can still do it, you are very strong after all!”



Lian Shisan looked at Su Xiaofan coldly. The awl in his hand stabbed Su Xiaofan's neck directly while speaking.

The awl struck down, and Su Xiaofan's neck was broken directly!

Su Xiaofan’s body and head instantly lost contact.

The aura on Su Xiaofan's body still wanted to explode wildly. Su Xiaofan seemed to want to use all his strength to attack. However, at this point, Su Xiaofan could only move his head.

Even if Su Xiaofan wanted to break out again, it seemed like there was no way out!

 “Now, it’s over.”

"You can't just rush out and bite me with your own head." Lian Shisan spoke coldly every word, and the murderous intent in his eyes became cold again.

 The awl in his hand was also raised again.

This time, he was aiming at Su Xiaofan's real eyebrows.

 In mid-air, Champion Hou looked at Su Xiaofan, his eyes narrowed, and the aura on his body also surged silently at this moment.

At the same time, on the ground, from different directions, some top young people from various top forces were also quickly approaching Su Xiaofan at this moment.

 Seven-son lotus!

If Su Xiaofan dies, the Seven-Son Lotus Flower will surely appear!

At the same time, in the direction of the altar, the coffin, pressed by the green light, was about to fall completely on the Kowloon Altar!

To be precise, there are still eight dragon bones left on the altar. At this time, there is a silent roar!

The altar seems to have sensed something!

 There were many old men looking in the direction of Su Xiaofan, and there were also many old men looking in the direction of the coffin, the green light, and the altar!

 Among the crowd, Che Hezi, Mo Yue and other older generation giants all moved when they saw the moment Su Xiaofan was about to die.

  After all, they signed a master-servant contract with Su Xiaofan.

If Su Xiaofan dies, they will all die!

However, when they were preparing to take action desperately, their ears almost moved at the same time, and their movements stopped silently.

 “Is he already so powerful?”

“In the cemetery of gods and demons, when I first met him, he might not be my opponent in a head-on confrontation.” Aloy had already arrived here at this time.

She stood behind the scholar holding an ancient scroll. She looked at Su Xiaofan from a distance and whispered to herself.

 Her eyes were full of complexity.

 The first time she was captured was by this man.

 She originally thought that she was just careless, but now it seems that maybe she is really no match for him.

 In mid-air, the awl in Lian Shisan’s hand fell little by little.

 The awl in his hand had landed on Su Xiaofan’s eyebrows in an instant.

At this moment, the ancient coffin, covered with green light, landed on the altar.


At this moment, the coffin landed on the ground, the green light disappeared, and the ground in this endless restricted area suddenly shook with horror!

Immediately, the originally dark sky in the entire restricted area became even darker!

This darkness is even suppressing crazily, that tall white pillar of light!

 “Woo woo woo…”

 In the depths of the endless restricted area, at this moment, a strange crying sound suddenly sounded!

From the depths of the restricted area, there was a terrifying pressure that everyone could feel, and it surged toward the entire restricted area like a tide!

 “What, what happened?”

“The Forbidden Lord has awakened? Is the Forbidden Lord in the forbidden area of ​​Shenxu about to appear? Look, the bronze carriage directly east of the white light pillar seems to have moved on its own!

 There seems to be a figure appearing on the carriage! "

"It's raining? No, why is the rain a **** red? This, this is the legendary blood rain? How, how can it rain like this in this restricted area? Is something going to happen?"

  As soon as the coffin fell, the entire restricted area seemed to be undergoing some kind of change.


At the same moment, the awl in Lian Shisan’s hand suddenly fell down!

 At this moment, his body rushed directly towards Su Xiaofan's body!

In an instant, he rushed in front of Su Xiaofan. He grabbed Su Xiaofan's body, turned around and rushed in the direction behind him.

 At the position behind him, a super void teleportation array also appeared directly at this moment!

 “Lian Shisan! How dare you!”

 Below Lian Shisan, there is a peak genius of a top force. At this moment, he can see this scene!

 The anger and murderous intent in his eyes exploded instantly!

He crushed a special rune crazily, and his body rushed forward violently. His body completely turned into a crazy afterimage!

 “Void Seal!”

On the right side of Lian Shisan, there was a young man with an extremely hidden aura. The moment he saw this scene, the anger and murderous intent in his eyes also exploded crazily!

An ancient mysterious mark in his hand suddenly lit up. He used the mark in his hand to move towards Lian Shisan crazily and dropped it!

 “Is this a conspiracy?”

“Did Lian Shisan deliberately cast that ghost technique? Did he deliberately delay the time? He could have killed Su Xiaofan with one strike, but he just wanted to use this method to delay the time to kill Su Xiaofan until now?”

On the ground, there were several giants of the older generation. When they saw this scene in front of them, their eyes also showed a hint of shock and anger!


 Lian Shisan has been frantically looking for opportunities!

Lian Shisan even opened the super portal in mid-air when he took action!

 “Do you think you can leave?”

Lian Shisan’s figure has already rushed to the super portal!

At this moment, between the hands of the champion, an ancient and mysterious mark had solidified!

His body was rioting, and a ring exuding extremely ancient mysterious runes in his hand turned into a stream of light and shot towards Lian Shisan.

With the appearance of the ring, the portal behind Lian Shisan became blurred!



 At the moment when the champion rioted, Su Xiaofan, who originally seemed to have been killed by Lian Shisan, suddenly appeared at this moment!

 “Su, Su Xiaofan?”

The girl in the ice blue dress, when Lian Shisan retreated violently, she also moved!

But just when she rushed up and was about to do the same to Lian Shisan, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw Su Xiaofan who had just appeared!

 When she looked at it, her beautiful eyes suddenly fluctuated violently!

 The shock in her heart also broke out crazily at this moment!

 (End of this chapter)

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