Reincarnated With The Undefeated System

57 River Meant For Only Females.

The arrow flew heading straight to where the grass cutter was, but it wasn't actually heading toward the grass cutter, she didn't aim well. The arrow flew past the grass cutter, and the grass cutter quickly took to its heels.

"Damn it! It was a miss". Ava voiced out. You know, it was always painful whenever you miss your target.

"That's your first time, there's a possibility of catching one on your next try just like Aiden". Oliver said to Ava.

They began sauntering forward once again, they were going deeper and deeper into the forest. Strolling for some minutes, they sighted another grass cutter, and it was Ava that sighted it again.

She drew out an arrow from the quiver, placed it in the bow, aimed, then fired. But it was another miss, the arrow flew past the grass cutter as it took to its heels. And at that moment, Ava sighed loudly before voicing out,

"Seems like it's gonna be hard for me, it wouldn't be easy as it was for Aiden".

Aiden placed his palm on her back then uttered, "I think you'll have to keep trying".

Oliver nodded his head in agreement then smiled at Ava. That means, 'You'll have to do as he said'. She did as he said, she kept on trying, but everything was a miss. They strolled deeper and deeper into the forest, sighted different grass cutters, Ava kept aiming and firing...and she kept on missing.

Throughout their stay in the wilderness, they sighted nothing dangerous. It was just as Oliver said, there weren't many dangerous things in this forest. And if you were to see any one, you'll see them at nighttime...he was the king of forests.

Currently, Ava had given up already, she was done. She didn't hunt down any grass cutter though she kept on trying, and now, she was done trying. She handed the bow over to Aiden, untied the rope, and handed the quiver of arrows over to him as well, then she said,

"I guess I'm not good enough, I'm not as good as, Aiden. Learning how to hunt grass cutters would take days for me, I give up...and I think it's time for me to head home, it's getting late. My mum would definitely question me once I get home".

She handed the sack over to Oliver, so currently, she was only carrying her school bag. Then Oliver uttered to her,

"Yeah, I think it would take days of learning for you to learn how to hunt down grass cutters. You should go home now, but at least, it was a nice experience, right? It was fun, right?".

A smile appeared on Ava's face as she voiced out, "Yeah, it was fun, I would have regretted it if I hadn't joined you guys in doing this".

A smile appeared on Aiden and Oliver's faces at that moment, then Ava's voice resounded again,

"So, what of the meats? I wouldn't be able to carry any grass cutter home 'cause once my mum sees it, there would be problem. She'll know that I went hunting, that's why I'm coming back by this time. So I went into the forest? She'd be very furious, and my dad would also hear about it,

When I get home, I'll have to lie to her. So taking a grass cutter home would be a really bad idea, but I want to eat the meat. And there'll be lots of them since there are three grass cutters".

"Don't worry, Ava, I'll bring your portion of meats to school tomorrow. I'll go home, prepare them, eat my share, and bring you and Aiden's share to school tomorrow. My parents wouldn't get mad at all if they see me preparing the meats, they might even eat out of them". Oliver stated.

"Oh! thank you so much, so I'll be expecting my meats tomorrow".

"No problem".

"I'll be going now then, you guys should do fast and get out of this place before the sky gets dark. And remember, we were told to be cautious, nothing happened throughout my time with you guys in this forest, but something can happen at any time". Ava voiced out once again.

"Sure, we'll do that". Aiden uttered.

"Wait, Ava, do you know your way back home? Can you get out of this forest yourself? Remember, we've gone deep into it". Oliver uttered to Ava.

"Definitely, I can find my way out. I know we've gone deep into it, but that isn't a problem, don't worry about me". Said Ava.

"What of finding your way home?". Oliver inquired once again.

"I can also find my way home, don't worry".

"Make sure not to get lost".


She was already sauntering when she made that utterance, then she waved at Aiden and Oliver, and they waved back at her. Then she glanced forward completely and hastened her pace passing through leaves and branches.

"She's gone, it's remaining the both of us". Aiden said to Oliver.

"Yeah". Oliver voiced out.

"Do we continue with the hunting? Or should we head home? It's getting late". Aiden inquired.

"I guess we head home, we've caught three grass cutters, I think that's enough, that's enough meats...even one grass cutter has a lot of meat".

Aiden just nodded his head to Oliver's statement. Then Oliver voiced out again,

"Hand both the quiver of arrows and bow to me so I'll put them in my bag".

And Aiden did just that, he handed both of them to Oliver, and he put them into his school bag, both the ones he was holding and the ones Aiden handed to him. Wearing his school bag, the only thing in his hand now was the sack with three grass cutters in it.

"We'll have to head out of this forest now, we've gone deep into it, who knows, we might even catch up with, Ava". Aiden voiced out.

"Yeah". Oliver stated.

"Then let's get going".

"Wait, before we go, there's a question I'll like to ask you, Aiden".

"What question is that?". Aiden inquired with an inquisitive facial expression.

"Have you heard of the Mudville River?". Oliver asked.

"The Mudville River? I've never heard of that, what place is that?".

"The Mudville River is close to this forest, I can head over to the river from where we are standing currently. You don't have to follow this forest to get to the river, but passing this forest is just like shortcut. The river is only meant for women, women can go there to swim and have fun,

If a male is found there, you'll be in big trouble...even the king can't go to the river. If you get to the river, you'll see lots of naked women and ladies. They are so free there, they can stay naked for hours 'cause they feel no male would be there to see their nakedness since no male is allowed to come to the river". Oliver explained.

"How did you know this?". Aiden inquired.

"I know a lot of things". Oliver retorted.

"But have you been to the river before? How do you know they can get naked easily? Have you seen their nakedness before?". Aiden threw another question at Oliver.

There was silence for a while after Aiden asked that question, then Oliver responded,

"Yes, I have been to the river before, but I didn't let anyone see me, I didn't get caught. And not like I came out in the open and got close to the river, no, I had to hide in the leaves and glance at them. What my eyes, that was the last time I did such a's a very risky thing to do,

And I got to the river using this forest. If I had followed the normal place the females follow to get to the river, then they would have caught me. And I would have gotten into serious trouble 'cause I'm still a small boy. They'll conclude that I'll become a full-time pervert once I grow up,

Even if you hide in the leaves while glancing at them, you could still get caught if you're not careful".

"Wow! I'll love to go to the river". Aiden voiced out with wide-open eyes.

"No, Aiden, I don't think that is a good idea". Oliver voiced out.

"If it's not a good idea, then why did you tell me?". Aiden inquired.

"I decided to tell you since we are in the forest that leads to the river...I want you to be aware of things, Aiden". Oliver responded.

"Then let's head over to the river, we don't have to reach the river completely, you can just show me the path that leads to the river". Aiden said.

"So you can come check it out yourself someday?". Oliver inquired with a kind of expression on his face.

Aiden's lips curved in a smirk as he voiced out, "Exactly".

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