Reincarnated With The Undefeated System

38 Grabbing Her Buttocks. (Completing The Quest)

Aiden's eyes were still scanning around in search of, Alora, and by now, his mum had noticed it. She asked him a question, and he didn't even give her the kind of answer she was expecting...she was expecting him to say more.

"Aiden, is there any problem?". Emma inquired of him.

" mum". Aiden responded.

Yes, there was a problem, he was in search of, Alora.

"So, tell me more, how was your first day at school?". Emma inquired once again.

"Umm..mum, let's talk about this later, I'll tell you in detail everything that took place at school. As for now, I want to go change up". Aiden voiced out.

"Okay then". Emma uttered.

Emma and Lydia strolled back to chairs in the living room and sat on them, they didn't make use of one chair anymore. Hazel strolled back into her room, and Aiden began heading toward his room.

..The question that kept ringing in his head was, 'Where was Alora?'.

He entered his room, dropped his bag, but didn't change up, he has to find, Alora. He stood at the door of his room and peeped out of it to see if his mum was anywhere close. Yeah, he knew she was in the living room discussing with, Lydia. But who knows? Maybe she's left there to come check out on him.

He was being extra careful. The place where his room was situated wasn't where he could be seeing the living room from...his room wasn't that close to the living room, but Hazel's room was.

He wanted to go find Alora if at all she was in this house, but he wanted to make sure his mum was still in the living room. What he wanted to do was tap her ass, his mum can't catch him doing that.

He began tiptoeing toward where the living room was situated, and getting close to it, he stood close to the wall and peeped. His mum was still discussing with, Lydia, and he wondered what they were talking about.

He had confirmed that she was still in the living room and was immersed in her discussion with, Lydia. And at that moment, he began perceiving an aroma, like someone was cooking something.

That means someone was in the kitchen cooking. His mum and Lydia were in the living room, Hazel was in her room, his dad wasn't at home at all...the person cooking in the kitchen must be Alora, she must be preparing dinner.

..He has to head over to the kitchen right now, that was his current destination.

He began heading over to the kitchen slowly, and on reaching it...there was Alora cooking just as he suspected. He was standing at her back currently, and she didn't notice him 'cause she was focused on what she was doing, she was putting ingredients into a pot.

Gosh! Look at her ass, so massive, she was sexy. Look at her sexy legs, holy f**k. He wasn't a baby anymore, he was now a boy of 7 years old, so his dick wasn't like that of a baby anymore...he could now have erections.

As he stood there glancing at her ass, his dick was rising, he wished he could just put it into her pussy or butthole. But this wasn't the time to be having an erection, he has to complete the quest of tapping her ass...anyone could walk into the kitchen at any time.

But he can't just tap her ass like that? She'll get angry. She wasn't a slut that would just enjoy anyone tapping her ass, especially a small boy? At least, according to what he knows. So he'll have to do this in a way that would make it seem like a mistake.

Yeah, that's the best thing to do, he'll have to make it seem like a mistake.

He stood there glancing at her ass, what he was about to do wasn't easy. Then he made it seem like he was falling as both of his palms were heading toward her ass. His palms got closer to her ass, then they touched it holding both sides of her ass...the two butt cheeks.

Yeah, the moment his hands touched her ass, he grabbed them squeezing them a little. Gosh! Her ass was so soft...holy f**k, he wanted to bang her. Alora glanced at him at that moment with a bewildered expression on her face, her eyes were wide open.

Aiden quickly took his hands off her ass, and she was just like,

"What did you just do?".

..Her voice was audible.

"I didn't do that on purpose, I'm so sorry. While I was in my room, I perceived a nice aroma coming from the kitchen, so I decided to come check. And the moment I reached here, I tripped, that's why my hands gripped your buttocks. I didn't do it on purpose".

Yeah, he did it on purpose to accomplish a quest. Alora stood there glancing at him, did she believe what he was saying? Yes. Emma and Lydia heard Alora's voice from the living room 'cause she made that utterance so audibly...they thought something had happened, so they began heading to the kitchen immediately.

They reached the kitchen and Emma was surprised to see Aiden there.

"Did anything happen?". Emma inquired.

At that moment, Aiden became a little afraid, would Alora say he grabbed her ass but didn't do it on purpose? He didn't want her to say that, and luckily for him, this was what she said,

"No, nothing happened".

Emma then focused her gaze on Aiden and uttered,

"Aiden, what are you doing here? You told me you wanted to go change up in your room, but you're still wearing the clothe you wore to school?".

"Yes, mum. I was already in my room and was about to change when I began perceiving a nice aroma, I knew it was coming from the kitchen. So I headed straight to this place, that's why I'm here". Aiden retorted.

Emma nodded her head a little and voiced out once again, "Well, you've confirmed that food is being prepared in the kitchen, and you've confirmed that it's Alora preparing it. So go change up now".

"Yes, mum". Aiden said as he began strolling away.

As he sauntered, a smirk appeared on his face, he's accomplished the quest of tapping Alora's buttocks, he even grabbed it, and he didn't get into trouble for it...this was nice.

He sauntered until he arrived in front of his room and entered it, and at that moment, the system's interface appeared in front of him,


<Ding! Ding!>

<Daily quest completed>

<You tapped Alora's buttocks>


<+10 Exp>

<+10 Skill points>

<Current Exp: 1,665/3,300>

<Current Skill points: 25,870>


He's accumulated a lot of skill points, glancing at the number of skill points he had currently, he muttered to himself,

"It keeps increasing everyday".

His status interface wouldn't appear in front of him, but he wanted to see it, he wanted to see his stats he called out on the system,


<Yes, host>

"I want to see my status interface".

<Your status interface would be displayed in front of you right now>

At that moment, another interface appeared in front of him displaying his stats,



<Name: Aiden Dankworth>

<Age: 7 years>

<Level: 13>

<HP: 10/10>

<Rank: Unranked>

<Strength: 5>

<Agility: 4>

<Physical DMG: 3>

<Endurance: 3>

<Speed: 2>

<Charm: 9>

<Skill points: 25,870>

<Exp: 1,665/3,300>

<Mana: 0.8>



Done glancing at everything in the interface, it disappeared. His status wasn't like before, things were getting better, his stats points had increased. It wasn't like back then when most of his stats were reading one and zero.

As he was growing and completing quests, his stats points were increasing. But he was still weak, he still had a long way to go when it comes to acquiring strength.

At that moment, he began thinking about Alora's buttocks, it was so soft. Apart from being so soft, it was also huge to a certain extent, so nice for penetration. At that moment, Aiden began imagining how it would feel like if his dick was penetrating her pussy or would be so great...

..F**king her would be so great.

He has to change up, so he began taking off his robe, the robe he wore to school. Done taking it off, he put on another robe...robe he does wear to stay at home, robe that wasn't as attractive as the one he just took off.

Done changing, he departed from his room.

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