Reincarnated With The Undefeated System

26 Registering In The Academy.

Ethan and Aiden sauntered on the compound heading straight to the head office. Now, these schools were established by the kings, but the king wouldn't be there to supervise and monitor what was going on in them.

He wouldn't be the one to make sure things are running smoothly at the academies, he wouldn't be the one to teach the students. So as there were teachers that would teach the kids, so there were head teachers that would monitor what was going on in the schools and make sure things keep running smoothly.

The head teachers were the ones that would register every kid that wants to start attending an academy. So that's where they were heading to, the head teacher's office.

..Now, Aiden was a handsome boy, he was cute. So as he strolled, he noticed that some females were staring at him, both the ones that were pretty and the ones that weren't that pretty. Apart from the females, some males were also staring at him.

..Both the ones that were younger than him, the same age as him, and the ones older than him. They were still sauntering when a bell rang, and Aiden quickly sighted the person that rang the bell. It was a boy in green robe, and the moment that bell rang, everyone began evacuating the compound and heading to the buildings.

Now, Aiden was a little surprised, so they do ring bells here to signify things? Like, when to come to class, when to eat, and all that? It was just like this in modern schools, bells were always rung to signify things. Like, time for different subject teachers to enter the class, time to eat, and all that.

'Hmmm, interesting'. Aiden thought to himself as he was still strolling.

Ethan had already sighted where the head teacher's office was situated as he sighted the inscription on the door, 'Head Office'. They sauntered until they arrived in front of the office. The door was shut, so they'll have to knock.

And that's what happened, Ethan began knocking on the door. But the door wasn't opened immediately, after knocking for close to a minute, that's when the door was opened. And it was opened by a woman in milk-colored robe, so the head teacher of this academy was a woman?

Well, Ethan and Aiden weren't that surprised, this wasn't the first time they were seeing something like this. Ethan had seen lots of academies where the head teachers in them were women. And the modern world Aiden came from, he's seen lots of female principals.

The moment she set eyes on Ethan, a kind of expression appeared on her face, like an elated one. And she voiced out at that moment,

"You're one of the chiefs of this kingdom, right?".

"Yes". Ethan retorted with a little smile on his face.

She glanced at Aiden and uttered once again, "And this is your son, right?".

"Yes, he goes by the name, Aiden".

"There are also some kids here whose parents are chiefs and nobles of this kingdom".

Ethan only nodded his head, he wasn't surprised at all, it was normal thing. At Hazel's academy, he had seen some kids there whose fathers were chiefs and nobles as well.

As for Aiden, he didn't give a f**k, it was like useless information to him.

"So you've come to register your kid in this academy?". The head teacher inquired.

Ethan didn't say anything, he just nodded his head with that little smile still plastered to his face.

"Please, come in". The head teacher uttered paving way for them to enter.

Ethan and Aiden strolled into the office, then she shut the door. There was a wooden table in the middle of the office, and there were some wooden chairs around the table. Entering the office, Aiden glanced around, and it was looking nice.

"Please, take your seats". The head teacher uttered to both of them as she strolled to her chair in front of the table and sat on it.

The both of them made themselves comfortable on chairs at the other side of the table where the head teacher was sitting. Then the head teacher voiced out once again,

"Just as I said before, you've come to register your kid in this academy".

"Yes". Ethan responded nodding his head a little.

"You said his name is what again?". The head teacher inquired with a kind of expression on her face.

"Aiden...Aiden Dankworth". Ethan retorted once again.

"So, how old is he?". The head teacher inquired once again.

"He is seven years old".

"Seven years old?".


"Wow! Why is he starting at this age? The normal age for a kid to start attending an academy to get the basic knowledge is five years old, why is he starting now?".

"I don't know. But at the age of five, we started telling him it was about time for him to start attending an academy so he could start getting the basic knowledge and start learning, but he's been refusing up till now. Even at this age, he kept refusing, I had to force him". Ethan explained.

The head teacher glanced at Aiden and inquired, "Young boy, why have you been refusing to start attending an academy?".

The only thing that flowed out of Aiden's mouth was, "Ummm", And that's where it ended, nothing else came out of his mouth.

He can't tell anyone the main reason why he's been refusing to start attending an academy, they'll be really confused.

Discerning that nothing else was gonna flow out of Aiden's mouth, the head teacher voiced out,

"Well, some kids are like him, they refuse to start attending an academy at the normal age. Some kids started attending this academy at the age of 6, but none started at the age of 7, your son is starting really late".

"Well, there was nothing we could do about it. I'm just glad that he is here now". Ethan stated.

"So, does that mean he can't read, write, or spell at all?".

"No, he can do all of those, very little, he's trying his best. And this is due to the teaching we've been giving him since when he was a baby".

The head teacher nodded her head, then voiced out,

"Well, he's gonna be joining one of the classes where he'll meet boys and girls of his age mate, and the ones younger than him. As time passes and he's learning things and improving in knowledge, he'll be moving to different classes where the styles of teaching there are tougher".

Ethan only nodded his head, then she asked something Ethan wasn't expecting to hear at all,

"Do you have another child?".

A kind of expression appeared on Ethan's face the moment she asked that question. The expression reads, 'Where did that question come from?'. But he knew he'll have to respond, so he voiced out,

"Yes, I have a daughter of about 15 years old, she is attending another academy".

"Oh! That's nice". The head teacher voiced out with a bit of smile on her face.

After that, the registration took place, details about Aiden were written down. The head teacher asked if he was with books and the reed pen, and Ethan replied saying yes.

Then the head teacher told Ethan about the feeding, that they'll all be gathering at a certain compartment where each of them can eat before going back to class. That he'll have to be giving him money everyday for that, that arrangement was made for people that were ready to pay.

And Ethan said he was aware of that since he has a daughter in another academy. He's been giving her copper coins for feeding for years now whenever she was heading to the academy. And at that moment, Aiden began thinking of the cafeterias in modern schools.

That's where every student and teacher gathers to eat. That should be exactly what the head teacher was speaking of, he couldn't wait to see what the compartment would look like. And at that moment, Ethan paid all the necessary fees, he dropped all the needed coins.

Then he handed some copper coins to Aiden which he'll use in feeding and doing other things. And right now, Ethan was done, it was about time to leave this place and head straight to the king's palace. He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and said to, Aiden,

"I'll come pick you up after you're done, be expecting me".

Aiden only nodded his head, and as Ethan was about to begin strolling, the head teacher said something to him. Once again, something he wasn't expecting to hear.

"Apart from being a chief, you're also a warrior. You're helping out this kingdom in many ways".

Ethan glanced at her with a kind of expression on his face, then the expression quickly disappeared as he voiced out,

"Yes, that's true".

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