He ran towards the carriage with speed and entered it with that same speed. The man in the carriage was still very shocked by what happened that he didn't even notice when Ethan entered the carriage. He hadn't even noticed that it was Ethan that caused the little havoc that just took place.

Entering the carriage, Ethan took Aiden from the young man's hands, and slashed the man's legs at the same time. He did all these with speed. He entered the carriage from the left-hand entrance, and came out of the right-hand entrance with Aiden in his left hand.

He was holding his sword with his right hand, and there was blood stain on it...the blood of the assassins. He glanced at Aiden and said,

"Are you okay my son? I didn't let them take you away from me".

Aiden was glancing directly into his father's eyes, and these were the thoughts running through his mind,

'My father is such a hero, he saved me, I'm not afraid anymore now that I'm in his hands...he possesses such great powers'.

Ethan began strolling toward the one he threw a wind slash at with his baby in one hand. That one was still lying on the ground feeling severe pain around his neck, he couldn't stand up. Ethan reached where he was lying, and the first thing he did was take off his mask. Then he uttered,

"This is what your face looks like...it looks fierce anyway".

The young man didn't say anything as he was still lying on the ground feeling pain. Ethan uttered once again,

"I killed two of your fellow assassins along the way, and I'm sure I won't be punished for it 'cause you guys tried capturing my son. Now, what I want to know is, who sent you guys? Tell me".

The young man only shook his head, a single word didn't flow out of his mouth.

"I said, TELL ME!". Ethan voiced out once again, this time, in an audible tone of voice.

"I can't tell you...I would never tell you". The young man voiced out.

Ethan raised his sword, glanced at it, then uttered,

"Is that so? OK then".

The moment he made that utterance, he stabbed the sword into the man's right leg, and the man couldn't help but scream in pain,


He began strolling toward the other man he slashed in the legs. That one had already fallen out of the carriage 'cause of the pain he was feeling in both of his legs, they were bleeding. And though he possesses an ability, he possesses no healing ability.

He was just rolling on the ground due to the pain he was feeling. Ethan reached where he was lying, and the first thing he did was take off his mask also.

"Another fierce face". He uttered.

He threw the mask away, then uttered once again,

"I'm gonna ask you the same question I asked your comrade over there, your fellow assassin. Who sent you guys? Just tell me".

"An..And I'm gonna give you the same answer h..he gave to you...I would never tell you". He retorted with a bit of stuttering voice.

At that moment, Ethan just felt like killing him, but he wouldn't. But he was sure of one thing, he wanted to relieve his anger. Still carrying Aiden in one hand, he raised his sword, and stabbed it into the man's right hand.

"Arghhhhhhh". The young man screamed at the top of his voice due to the pain. He wasn't done feeling pain from the slashing he received in his legs, now, he's being stabbed in his hand?

Ethan dragged out the sword from his hand, then voiced out,

"This news would have to reach the king, the king must know about this. Maybe you guys would be willing to tell him who sent you".

The horse that was attached to the carriage just stood there and neighing. And Aiden was just glancing at his father with these thoughts running through his mind,

'He's such an authoritative man, strong, powerful, ready to defend his family at any given time. I'll love to be like him when I grow up'.


A long red carpet lay from the entrance of a nice well-groomed compartment down to where the king was seated on his throne. The compartment was of royalty, anyone can tell from glancing around. This was the king's palace.

The king of the Tuvalon Kingdom sat on his throne with a bit of stern look on his face. He was dressed in an expensive purple robe with his crown on his head, his wrists were also adorned with expensive bracelets...he was in his 'forties.

But he wasn't the only one in the large palace, two knights were standing close to him with spears in their hands and their swords in their scabbards. Three knights were standing outside the palace also, they were there to protect the king.

..Just as the high-ranked and average-ranked chiefs and nobles had knights that were protecting them...so as the king.

Apart from the knights in the palace, all of the chiefs and nobles were seated in the palace...the king summoned them all. They were all dressed in three colors of robes. Red, Purple, and Blue, this was the custom of the Tuvalon Kingdom.

Whenever the king summons all the chiefs and nobles for a meeting, they must all dress in their meeting robes. The low-ranked chiefs and nobles would dress in purple robes. The average-ranked chiefs and nobles would dress in blue robes. While the high-ranked chiefs and nobles would dress in red robes.

And they were dressed in that order currently. And guess who was also present in the palace? Ethan and the remaining two assassins that tried capturing his son, Aiden. Ethan wasn't the type that likes dressing in robes when he wasn't in his house, but once it comes to attending meetings in the palace, he does dress in the purple robe.

..He must have to follow the custom of the Tuvalon Kingdom.

It was mid-afternoon currently heading straight to complete evening. After the failed attempt to capture Aiden that night, Ethan made sure to injure the assassins to the extent that they wouldn't be able to walk until they were treated.

After stabbing one in the hand and one in the leg, he still hit some vital parts of their body...but he didn't kill them. The next day, he went straight to the king to tell him of what happened, that some assassins tried capturing his son. But the reverse was the case now, he killed two, injured two, and held them hostages.

He said he was suspecting the chiefs and nobles of what happened...it could be one of them that sent the assassins to capture his son. Maybe they were jealous that he has a son now, and his rank as a chief could even increase, that's why they wanted to capture his son.

..And his thinking was right, it was one of the chiefs that wanted to capture his son.

And 'cause of what Ethan told him, the king summoned all the chiefs and nobles to come to his palace today. He also told Ethan to be present which Ethan was already aware of. Then he sent two of his knights to go get the assassins from Ethan's house.

He wasn't happy that something like this almost happened to Ethan's son, a baby that had just been born into this world? That's why all the chiefs and nobles were present in the king's palace with the two injured assassins sitting in the middle of the palace...they were sitting on the ground.

Asher was also present at the palace sitting among the other chiefs in his red robe. He just sat there like he's done nothing, like an innocent person. The king cleared his throat, then began speaking,

"You all know that Ethan has a son now, right?".

Some answered with, 'Yes, your majesty', While some answered with, 'No, we had no idea'. The king continued speaking,

"Yesterday night, some people tried capturing his son. He killed two, and injured two...these are the two he injured".

He made that last utterance while pointing to the two young men sitting on the ground.

"I heard of the news and was really aggrieved. Now, was any of you here behind what happened?".

Many of them voiced out in unison, "No, your majesty".

Then some uttered, "No, we can't do something like that?".

Asher was among the people that said, 'No, we can't do something like that?'.

The king spoke again, "Apart from Ethan being a chief in this kingdom, he is also a warrior. Though he didn't have a male child for a long time, he's helped this kingdom greatly both as a chief and a warrior, and he's still of great treasure to this kingdom,

Now, I'm gonna ask again, was any of you here behind what happened to Ethan's son?".

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