Chapter 219: Dealing With The Supermarket

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A large number of zombies were burned by the black flames, and some zombies still wanted to struggle.

Unfortunately, the power of the flames was too huge.

Soon, these struggling zombies were eliminated.

There were no more zombies on the field. They had been completely eliminated by the black flames.

There was no trace left. In this situation, the others were very shocked when they saw this. Some of them knew the reason.

They looked happy, and even were clearly in a good mood.

At this moment, they clearly knew what this situation meant.

And because they knew this reason, they all understood.

This was a benefit, and for some people who had just arrived, this situation was beyond their imagination.

They did not know how this special effect came about.

In their opinion, they had gone into hiding, while these zombies were burned to death by the flames. This was simply a very good opportunity for them.

It even made them very happy. In their opinion, when they had come here to hide,

it had been the right choice to come because only in such a place could they survive safely.

Therefore, at this moment, they looked very happy.

Moreover, not only were their faces filled with happiness, they also felt that this place was definitely a very good place.

At this moment, the others could be said to be old-timers.

They all looked out of the window at this moment.

They were all a little surprised, and did not know much about the oldest survivors in the supermarket.

They had been looking at something here. After they looked over, they were immediately shocked to find a human standing in the sky.

The human stood motionless in the air.

This sudden scene immediately shocked them.

Because to them, they had indeed never seen a human who could stand in the air.

This situation was simply too magical.

They could not believe the scene in front of them.

At this moment, the situation completely exceeded their imagination, causing them to be completely nonplussed.

At this moment, Liu Zhengsheng looked happy.

At this moment, when the others saw this, they were immediately confused.

Initially, they thought that this flame was a natural phenomenon.

However, some smart people saw the expressions of the others, and they seemed to understand something.

Immediately, they were a little surprised.

In their hearts, they could not even believe this black flame was very likely released by a human.

And the person who used this flame was the person standing in the sky.

It was obvious that this special situation definitely puzzled everyone.

This was because they felt that this situation was simply beyond their expectations.

In their opinion, such a situation should be next to impossible.

However, after this scene appeared, even if they were very puzzled, they had no choice but to believe the current situation.

After all, even if they did not believe it, they could not refute it at this moment.

This was because this situation had completely exceeded their understanding.

They were already starting to have some unbelievable thoughts.

That was why, after seeing this situation, although the others did not believe it, they also slowly looked at the sky, wanting to see what would happen next.

At this moment, the man in the sky looked at the humans below.

He heaved a sigh of relief. When he arrived just now, he was a little worried that he would be late.

Fortunately, he had already used the black flames halfway.

He eliminated all the zombies he saw along the way.

Relying on its power, this flame could instantly wrap around the surroundings in a short period of time.

Otherwise, if he waited until he reached the place to release it, he might be a step slower.

This might cause some danger at that time, so in this situation,

Chu Xiu heaved a sigh of relief, seeing the place ahead of him. To him, this was also a place he needed.

After all, this situation was safe now. He wanted to find the person he cared about before.

Soon, he felt something and instantly jumped from the sky to the ground.

At this moment, Su Mengmeng, who was on the ground, was also looking at Chu Xiu happily.

When she saw this black flame, she was already very happy.

This was because she knew that this was definitely something done by Chu Xiu.

As expected, Chu Xiu quickly arrived and immediately saved her.

Su Mengmeng heaved a sigh of relief when the other party appeared. At the same time, she was very happy.

To her, Chu Xiu was the most important existence.

Therefore, when she saw him, she pounced over and hugged the other party fiercely.

She didn’t even dare to imagine what would happen without Chu Xiu.

Upon seeing the current situation, Chu Xiu did not say anything.

However, as he continued to hug Su Mengmeng, Chu Xiu looked around.

The situation was a little different now, but the environment here was not suitable to stay any longer..

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