We resumed our advancement once again after having a lavish BBQ.

The carriage was running at breakneck speed, enough to warrant several fines had it been in the previous world. Well,that's ‹Mechanical Carriage› for you. An ordinary horse wouldn't have been capable of such a feat.

Mechanical horse continued to move its legs as if it had thrown caution to the winds. Carriage drove by Celestine was also closely following behind us. Just what you could expect from him, Celetine seems to have already mastered his way. Befitting for the title of 'all-rounder' butler.

“We’ve finally arrived. This is the last floor.”

“That’s quite a big gate. But if it’s the last floor, isn’t there a safety area and a boss room?”

Ester acutely noticed something in front of the gate that leads to the boss room.

"Indeed, you have guessed right, Ester. Even if it’s an extra dungeon, it’s still a dungeon. There is a boss at the innermost part and if you defeat it, you can return using the teleportation circle. So we can have fun without worrying about speeding things up.”

After all, ‹Foodstuff and Livestock Dungeon› is an incredibly vast place, evident from the clock that was ticking 3:00 p.m despite us rushing at a considerable speed and taking the shortest route possible to the last floor.

Of course the efficient way to return back is to use the teleportation circle albeit the problem was there's only teleportation circle in this dungeon, and that too only at the last floor.

What's more, an additional fee of 10,000 QP is charged for each night stay here, so It wasn't something anyone could use without opting for an unconventional method like the ‹Mechanical Carriage›.

Besides, the shortest time it takes on foot is 6 days apparently. In other words, a total of 60,000 QP, which is an amount that would make even the best of the guild think twice.

In short, almost all the students only harvest their spoils from upper or even more surface level floors.

One would say what's the benefit for them to even come to this Extra-Dungeon then, and well the answer is that harvesting the ingredients with all the guild members is more wallet-friendly to them than purchasing the same ingredients from the market directly.

The source for above is the guild master of guild ‹In the search for the perfect beauty between taste and buff›.

I really can't wait to see their reaction to the large amount of ingredients on the last floor's ingredients if we manage to secure them.

"Are you interested in defeating the boss of this dungeon, Zephyr-dono?"

“Yes. I want five people to do boss runs and the rest of the members to collect ingredients on this floor.”

The recommended LV for Extra-Dungeon bosses is 45.

The bosses in these dungeons are cakewalk. Not only are all drop food ingredients, most of these ingredients are even high quality so there's no way I would want to miss this beautiful chance to farm them.

"Aren’t there any merchants etc? At Least, farmers seem to be hunting without rest."

"Normally it takes at least 6 days to get here. And usually, once you defeat a boss, it doesn’t revive again until you use the teleportation circle. Using the teleportation circle is the must once they have defeated the boss. For them, it's a losing deal since that means they can only collect bosses' drops one time despite wasting so many days just to come here. Instead they can earn far more profit by using those 6 days to harvest loads worth of ingredients and bring them back to the surface than engaging with the boss for just one round. Boss here is only being hunted when there's a request apparently."

Well these were the setting during the game “Dungeon Activity”, and I never encountered a single soul then. Even though it was supposed to be a dungeon with more people coming in and out than usual, the boss room on the lowest level was always ready for me to challenge.

Though this is the reality of course, my intel shows there are very few people who farm the boss for their interests due to time constraint and correspondingly low profit. There are practically no farmers who fancy coming here, especially during the dungeon week. Above all, getting in the way of students here is nothing more than a disadvantage for them.

This main campus of Labyrinth Academy is located in the heart of the duke's family and they really have not cut any corners in the management of dungeons like this.

"Well, so who is up for the boss hunt?"

" " " " "Me!" " " " "

"But how to decide on the member is the problem here."

Majority of members immediately raised their hands when I asked them after getting off the carriage, that color me surprie. I mean, everyone are raring to battle the boss. Hold on, it's impossible for you RIna, you know? your level is too low.

A look of surprise tinged the eyes of Lana when I muttered out how I hadn't thought about deciding from here on and comments.

"Oh well, how about we form a team then? Either way, we have already planned to stay in the dungeon until late today anyway and simple harvesting would surely bore most."

Her idea was to divide into teams since we narrow down the members.

"I also agree. Let's split up into three teams."

"I think not, since we're going to fight multiple boss battles either way, let's not stick up with our regular setting. I want everyone to try teaming with different members instead of having a fixed team."

“That sounds fun! Count me in!”

Since more than half of the votes were in favour, we quickly made a lottery with paper and decided that the 5 people who drew the red lottery would go first.

"Behold! This is the lottery this princess has chosen, so it's obviously------ not the red lottery!?"

"Ah, I don't have one either."

"Lulu drew a red one!"

"I also got the red one-desu!"

Lana, Hannah, Lulu, and Pamela shared their result in turn.

Lana checked her lottery several lottery times as if she couldn't believe it, but unfortunately for her, that's the reality.

Those who drew the red one felt that one round was not enough, so they decided to do three boss rounds.

By the way, those who drew an unmarked one are in charge of harvesting until the first group finishes their battles.

As the result of the lottery, it was decided that I, Lulu, Celiia, Pamela and Rika would challenge the boss.

The roles we have decided on was;
Attacker - Lulu, Celia.
Tank - Pamela and Rika.
Healer -Zephyr.

Heh. So I will be a healer huh. Well that's the makeshift measure we can take since we don't have enough healers. I have yet to hear back from Misato. Ah, the end of month looks so far away.

As I looked at the lineup, I suddenly realised it has been quite a while since I am going to fight a boss with Lulu, Celiia, and Pamela. We haven't partied up since like last month.

I heard that all three of them have exceeded LV40 and released their 3rd order skill tree.

I’m really looking forward to seeing their transformation in the boss battle.

By the way, it seems that Lana was able to make it into the second group in the subsequent lottery. Good for her. Though Hannah drew the third group. Cheer up.

Rina, on the other hand, was left out since her level was insufficient. I made up my mind to show her by using the ‹Guest bracelet› later.

Thus, the first group challenged the boss while the second and subsequent groups were in charge of harvesting.

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