Chapter 637 637 Xenomorph vs Demon

"No… why is he here?!" Salamander couldn't believe it.

The survivors, both human and xenomorph, stared in disbelief at the enigmatic figure who had emerged from the tear in reality. The air crackled with anticipation as the stranger raised the cosmic scepter, its power evident in the way it hummed with energy, creating ripples in the fabric of space around it. 

Aldred, still locked in combat with the Bio-Titan, briefly halted his relentless assault, his eyes narrowing at the newcomer. 

The figure remained silent for a moment, his glowing eyes scanning the battlefield and the ongoing struggle. Finally, a deep, resonating voice echoed from beneath the helm of their ethereal armor. "This world is mine."

As the enigmatic figure declared his ownership of the world, a sinister energy radiated from the tear in reality. Space and time quivered, sending shockwaves that rippled across the entire planet. The very fabric of reality seemed to tremble as the barrier between dimensions weakened, allowing glimpses of the chaotic realm beyond 

Far and wide, unnatural phenomena unfolded. Skies darkened as swirling vortexes of otherworldly colors materialized, casting an eerie glow over the land. Ominous whispers carried on the winds, foretelling doom and despair. The ground shook beneath the weight of the impending invasion, as if the planet itself recoiled in fear. 

Amidst the chaos, the tear in reality widened, stretching impossibly wide. From the rift poured forth a legion of demons, creatures born from the darkest corners of the universe. Their forms were grotesque and nightmarish, with leathery wings, twisted horns, and eyes that glowed with malevolent intent. They marched with a menacing purpose, their footsteps echoing a grim cadence that sent shivers down the spines of any unfortunate soul who heard it. 

"Emperor give mercy," Cleome watched in horror as the demons poured in from the rift like a never ending stream of monsters.

"Who is that?" Aldred asked through the intercom.

"That's Lord Malgorth. He's the one who opened the rift from various hellworld of his demon army. Now these army are entering this world."

Aldred gritted his teeth. The bio-titan was still alive, and it still headed to the stronghold.

As Lord Malgorth and his demonic horde poured forth from the rift, chaos engulfed the battlefield. The demons, grotesque and menacing, clashed with the xenomorphs and the Bio-Titan in a battle that shook the very foundations of the earth. The air was thick with the acrid scent of battle, and the ground trembled under the force of the conflict.

The xenomorphs, usually relentless in their attacks, found themselves facing adversaries of a different kind. Demon warriors, armed with serrated blades and dark magic, clashed with the acidic claws and deadly precision of the xenomorphs. The battlefield became a gruesome tableau of violence, as claws met horns, and acidic blood mixed with demonic ichor.

The Bio-Titan, though injured from its previous battle, roared defiantly as it faced the demonic onslaught. Its massive limbs clashed with demon lords, each blow sending shockwaves that rippled through the surrounding area. The ground quaked under the force of their clashes, leaving deep scars in the earth. 

Amidst the chaos, Salamander, Cleome, Shinari, Cellaeth, and Astra fought fiercely to protect the stronghold. Their weapons and powers blazed with otherworldly energy as they engaged the demons in combat, pushing back against the relentless onslaught. 

However, the demons' arrival on this world actually distracted the xenos from attacking the humans, this reduced the pressure on Aldred and his comrades.

Salamander's flames roared to life, incinerating demon soldiers with searing heat. Cleome's electricity crackled and danced, electrifying the air and stunning her demonic foes. Shinari's shadowy tendrils entwined around demons, ensnaring them and dragging them into the depths of darkness. Cellaeth conjured gusts of wind, creating a barrier that deflected demonic projectiles and protected her allies. 

Lord Malgorth watched over the world he was about to conquer. He noticed Aldred's presence, but gave him nothing but a short glance. 

"This much should be enough." Lord Malgorth vanished with bright purple light devouring him.

Aldred and Salamander sighed in relief after they saw Lord Malgorth leaving. They both knew that they weren't strong enough to face something like that.

"It seems like Lord Malgorth is visiting the human worlds and opening portals for his demon army."

"Then that means this world isn't the only at risk," Aldred replied.

The thought terrified him. Invading one world was scary enough, but invading multiple at once… that was a power that he could not yet imagine.

In his peak, Aldred could fight against multiple kingdoms at most with his golem army, undead army, and personal soldiers, but conquering an entire planet?

That was simply out of the question.

"Aldred!" Salamander called. "The demons and the xenomorph are fighting against each other. We should focus on protecting the civilians and let these two reduce their numbers."

"Good idea."

The rest of the team also agreed, and the communicated this plan with the local security team.

None of them had any problem with the plan.

With a new plan in place, Aldred, Salamander, and the rest of the team shifted their focus to protecting the civilians and ensuring their safety. The local security forces joined forces with the survivors, creating a perimeter around the stronghold and leading the evacuation efforts. Families were guided to safety, their fearful faces reassured by the presence of the protectors watching over them. 

The local forces focused on a search and rescue operation, evacuating as much people as they could and brought them to safety.

Amidst the chaos of battle between demons and xenomorphs, the Salamander coordinated with the security forces to fortify their defenses. Barricades were reinforced, makeshift shelters were erected, and medical stations were set up to tend to the wounded. The atmosphere inside the stronghold buzzed with a mix of fear, determination, and hope. The survivors knew they were in for a long and challenging fight, but they refused to succumb to despair. 

Salamander even coordinated a bunch of groups to create emergency shelters because the main stronghold were too far from the outskirts of the city.

Still, even with all of this, he was pissed that he could only try to save one city.

Outside, the clash between the demonic horde and the xenomorphs intensified. The battlefield became a nightmarish tableau of violence, as demons and xenomorphs tore into each other with savage fury. Roars and shrieks filled the air, accompanied by the sickening sounds of flesh being rent and bones breaking. The ground was slick with blood and otherworldly fluids as the two forces battled for supremacy. 

Aldred his allies stood on the front lines, repelling any demons or xenomorphs that dared to breach their defenses. With every strike, every blast of fire or lightning, they defended the stronghold and the lives it sheltered. Their determination was unwavering, fueled by the knowledge that they were the last line of defense for these innocent people. 

Hours passed, and the battle raged on. The demons, despite their otherworldly strength, found themselves at a disadvantage against the relentless xenomorphs. The xenomorphs, with their acidic blood and swift attacks, proved to be formidable adversaries. The demons' numbers dwindled, and the survivors could sense a shift in the tide of battle. 

The bio-titan was very much distracted by the swarm of demons climbing all over it. 

Despite its injuries, the Bio-Titan proved to be a formidable force on the battlefield. As the demonic horde swarmed over its massive form, it unleashed a barrage of devastating bio-weapons in all directions. Its Scything Claws sliced through demons with brutal efficiency, severing limbs and tearing apart their forms. The demons, powerful as they were, found it difficult to withstand the Bio-Titan's onslaught. 

The Bio-Titan's Acidic Blood Spray rained down upon the demons, dissolving their flesh on contact. The corrosive substance ate through demonic armor and skin alike, leaving behind a trail of smoldering corpses. Tentaclids lashed out, ensnaring demons and crushing them with incredible strength. With each movement, the Bio-Titan repelled the demonic onslaught, creating a small radius around itself where demons simply couldn't approach without being annihilated. 

Amidst the chaos, Aldred, Salamander, Cleome, Shinari, and Cellaeth observed the Bio-Titan's ferocious defense with a mix of awe and trepidation. They realized that, despite the Bio-Titan's terrifying appearance, it was fighting on their side against the demonic invaders. 

"Well, at least for now," Aldred said.

The bio-titan would attack anything that approach it, even a xenos that get too close would be killed.

Amidst the chaos and destruction, inside the reinforced walls of the stronghold, a small family huddled together for safety. The parents, a mother named Elara and a father named Tavian, shielded their young daughter, Amelia, from the horrors unfolding beyond. Despite the fear etched on their faces, they found strength in each other's presence.

Amelia, a wide-eyed child with a heart full of curiosity, pressed her face against a crack in the barricades. Her innocent eyes, shining with a mixture of wonder and fear, observed the battle unfolding before her. The clash between the demonic horde, the xenomorphs, and the valiant defenders had captured her attention.

As she watched, her gaze fixed on one figure in particular: Aldred, the brave warrior leading the charge against the invading forces. His every move was a display of sheer determination and valor. The way he swung his Phantom Doomblade, the confidence in his eyes, and the unwavering resolve in his stance left a profound impression on the young girl. 

The man reminded her of stories about a hero, fighting against evil to protect the people.

"He's amazing, isn't he?" Amelia whispered, her voice barely audible amidst the cacophony of battle. 

Amelia continued to watch, her eyes glued to Aldred's every move. In the midst of chaos, she found inspiration. To her, Aldred wasn't just a warrior; he was a beacon of hope, a symbol of courage in the face of overwhelming darkness. 

Not only her, a lot of people in the stronghold felt the same.

"We can do this. We can win," Amelia said with conviction as she stared at Aldred's valiant figure.

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