Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

Chapter 733: Preparations For Assessment

A few days later, Ninja Academy – Principal’s Office

Knock Knock

After knocking on the door, Shisui walked and informed Kuroto, “Kuroto-san, they have arrived.”

Kuroto nodded, “I see” Then he put the documents he was reading in the drawer of his desk and instructed Shisui, “Bring them in.”

Shisui nodded, “All right.” Then fully opened the door.

As the door was opened several people walked in, bowed to Kuroto then lined up before him. In total there were nine people, namely Umino Iruka, Mizuki, Suzume, Funeno Daikoku, Akame Iwana, Namiashi Raidō, Shiranui Genma, Iwashi Tatami, and Tsuzumi Sarugaku.

After looking at the nine people for a while, Kuroto broke the silence, “All the information I wanted to convey was already written in the scroll delivered to the nine of you… I am sure all of you have read it.”

All nine nodded, “Yes.”

Kuroto nodded and asked, “Does anyone has any question in regards to this mission?”

Hearing Kuroto’s question, Iruka showed a hesitant expression on his face.

Of course, Kuroto noted Iruka’s hesitation and asked him “Iruka-san… do you have anything to say?”

After a while of silence, Iruka sighed and asked, “Kuroto-sama… about this assessment… does it really have to be this extreme? How can those children fight against us?”

Kuroto raised his eyebrow and questioned, “Iruka-san… why do you think these children can’t fight against the nine of you?”

Iruka answered, “Kuroto-sama… the nine of us… we are Chunins… those children are only trainees… how can trainees hope to win against Chunin in fights.”

Kuroto smiled and asked, “Iruka-san, you have taught them for the past year, you have watched their growth for the past year, every time you would talk about them you would praise them… but now that the matter came to their assessment, you feel they aren’t up to it? Don’t you have even a little bit of confidence in those children?”

Iruka was speechless, “This…” he didn’t know how to respond.

At this time, Genma patted Iruka on the head and said, “Don’t worry Kuroto-sama… we perfectly understand your intentions behind this assessment. We won’t disappoint you.”

Kuroto nodded, “Very good.” And added, “I would like to remind the nine of you to not underestimate these children by thinking that they are mere trainees. I won’t be surprised if they by some chance might end up defeating any of you… so take this mission very seriously. Because if any of you were to be defeated by them, that would be very embarrassing.”

Raidō was dissatisfied, “Kuroto-sama… now you are just underestimating us.”

Kuroto shook his head, “Whatever… I am just warning you all in advance, just don’t let your guard down.”

Mizuki smiled, “We assure you, we will give these children a good lesson.”

Kuroto looked at Mizuki and nodded, “In that case, I look forward to all of your performance.”

Although some were a bit dissatisfied that their strength was underestimated by Kuroto, nonetheless, they all nodded, “Okay.” and left the Principal’s office.

After Iruka and the others left the office, Shisui asked, “Kuroto-san, I somewhat agree with Iruka-san… wouldn’t it be a little too much to make official Chunins join the assessment..”

To Shisui’s words, Kuroto asked a simple question, “Answer me Shisui… when you were of their age what kind of people you used to fight? What about Itachi? What about Kakashi? Each of you used to face much more dangerous people at their age...”

“Uh… this…” Shisui was stunned, and couldn’t help but nod. Indeed as Kuroto said, back when he was their age, encountering Chunin and Jonin on missions was a common occurrence.

Seeing Shisui silent, Kuroto turned to look at the window of his office and said, “Although the times are changing, the danger of Shinobi is still as prevalent as ever. The only difference is that instead of wars with other nations for resources, power, and wealth, now we are at a war against an organization whose methods as well as ideology are different from ours, and their objective is our doom.

Just think about it, Iwagakure, one of the five great shinobi villages was nearly destroyed overnight… there is hardly anyone in this world who is not vulnerable in the face of Akatsuki’s threat.

Although I am willing to wait, Akatsuki isn’t going to wait forever… that’s why… these children have to grow up quickly just like we did.”

Hearing Kuroto’s words, Shisui deeply understood Kuroto’s thoughts and apologized, “Please forgive me Kuroto-san, I didn’t think about it this carefully.”

Kuroto smiled, and said, “Don’t worry about it.” Then he took out a bunch of scrolls from the drawer of his desk and said, “Now deliver these scrolls to all the people on this list… this is for the final preparations of the assessment…”

Shisui was taken aback, “Wait, other than involving those Chunin, are there going to be more arrangements?”

Kuroto nodded in an obvious tone, “Yes… those Chunin aren’t part of the real test, they are just the appetizer.”

Shisui took the list from Kuroto’s hand and after reading the names on it, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Kuroto-san… you can’t be serious.”

Kuroto smiled, “Just wait and see.”

Hokage Office

Sandaime Hokage Hiruzen, Elder Koharu, Jiraiya, and Tsunade were present in the meeting room as Sandaime placed the scroll on the table and said, “This is the case… We have finally received contact from the Tsuchikage.”

Elder Koharu asked, “What’s his status?”

Hiruzen sighed, and said, “Although he seems to be doing fine now, the fact that he lost one of his legs in an attempt to save his life is unchangeable.”

Tsunade muttered thoughtfully, “Although losing a leg won’t have a such serious effect on his strengths since he is not a Taijutsu type Shinobi, still…”

Hiruzen nodded, “Yes… so he hopes that you and Chiyo can create a prosthetic leg for him, although it won’t be as good as his original leg, it will be better than nothing.”

Tsunade agreed, “All right, I will see what I can do.”

With that, the topic turned and Elder Koharu questioned, “Hiruzen about that Akatsuki member we captured recently… Did Yamanaka Patriarch and Ibuki manage to obtain any substantial information from him?”

Hiruzen sighed as he shook his head, “No… the person inside that white thing was already dead by the time, and as for that white armor thing… we have tried everything, but nothing is working on him… Sigh, it’s really difficult. Tsunade what about you… did you find anything about that white thing?”

Tsunade nodded, and answered, “Firstly, it doesn’t seem to be a living creature, maybe it was made by a Jutsu or maybe through bioengineering, I can’t say for certain.” Here she took a pause, and added with a difficult expression, “What I can say for sure is that it has my Grandfather’s cells…”

Both Hiruzen and Koharu had heavy expressions hearing this. One after another people are popping out with Shodaime Hokage-sama’s cells in their bodies, and without a doubt, all of them are turning out to be Konoha’s Enemies.

Hiruzen sighed, “This is really not good… if it is the result of bioengineering, then we can’t know how many such things exist in the hands of Akatsuki…”

Tsunade thought about it for a while, then said, “Sensei… about that dead person who was inside that white thing, I want to study him. I have a feeling we will discover something important if I study him.”

Hiruzen nodded, “Very well, you have my permission.”

Tsunade nodded, “Thanks.” Then said, “I there is nothing else, I will leave.” Then she got up and left.

Both Hiruzen and Koharu sighed and sat in silence.

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