1378 He Has Someone He Likes

However, even so, Ji Haoyu did not blame Yu Zhihuan because he knew Yu Zhihuan well.

She was a relatively rational, mature, and opinionated person. Being a model was her ideal. Ji Haoyu was not surprised that she would leave China for her ideal.

The real reason Ji Haoyu was angry and completely stopped contacting Yu Zhihuan was that Yu Zhihuan did not return on the day she agreed to return to China!

Ji Haoyu hated deception. This was his bottom line.

It was also the day he made a wasted trip to the airport that he met Jian Ai in the lobby of Yaochi.

After that, a series of unbelievable things happened between the two of them. Only when he realized he had fallen in love with Jian Ai did Ji Haoyu understand what love was.

After witnessing everything that had happened between Ji Haoyu and Yu Zhihuan, Qiu Jiahao naturally knew Young Master Ji’s temper. However, as their friend, Qiu Jiahao still hoped that the two of them could reconcile.

Since they could not be lovers, it was not a bad idea to return to being friends.

“Young Master Ji… Zhihuan…”

Qiu Jiahao tried to say something, but Ji Haoyu interrupted him. “I don’t want Xiao Ai to misunderstand.”

These words had already expressed Ji Haoyu’s position.

No matter the truth, Ji Haoyu could not deny his past with Yu Zhihuan. If Xiao Ai asked, he would tell the truth.

He didn’t want Xiao Ai to be angry at him because of other girls.

Qiu Jiahao was stunned. He didn’t expect that the reason Young Master Ji refused to see Yu Zhihuan was also because of Jian Ai.

However, on second thought, he felt relieved. In Young Master Ji’s heart, no one was more important than Jian Ai.

“Alright.” Qiu Jiahao gave up and nodded helplessly. “Since you’ve said so, I won’t persuade you anymore. I didn’t want to get involved in this matter in the first place. Both of you are my friends. I’m in a difficult position.”

Qiu Jiahao smiled bitterly. He looked at Ji Haoyu and said, “But you know Zhihuan’s personality. Since she’s back, she will look for you.”

Ji Haoyu nodded. “I know you’re in a difficult position. Don’t interfere in what’s between her and me. I’ll handle it.”

Hearing this, Qiu Jiahao nodded in relief. “Alright, I’ll leave first.”

After sending Qiu Jiahao off, Ji Haoyu returned to his desk to work, as if unaffected by what had happened.

Or to him, other than Jian Ai, nothing could affect his emotions.

Qiu Jiahao took the elevator to the first floor of the Ji Group. Then, he exquisitely walked to the sofa in the rest area and sat down. After hesitating for a moment, he took out his phone and dialed.

Soon, the call went through, and a pleasant girl’s voice came from the other end. “Jiahao.”

Qiu Jiahao paused for two seconds before answering, “Zhihuan, I just came out of the Ji Group.”

On the other end of the phone, Yu Zhihuan paused for a moment before chuckling.

As if she had already expected Ji Haoyu’s words, Yu Zhihuan said, “He doesn’t want to see me, right?”

Just as Ji Haoyu knew her, Yu Zhihuan also knew Ji Haoyu.

Qiu Jiahao sighed helplessly. “Zhihuan, don’t blame him. It’s true…”

Qiu Jiahao didn’t know what to say.

“I understand what you mean. It’s my fault in the first place. I didn’t abide by the agreement,” Yu Zhihuan said gently. “Thank you for this. Although I’ve long thought that the result would be like this, I can’t help but ask you to help me scout the way. I’ll find time to look for him personally and explain it to him.”


Qiu Jiahao could feel that Yu Zhihuan still had feelings for Ji Haoyu and seemed to understand her goal in coming back this time. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Zhihuan asked.

Qiu Jiahao struggled in his heart for a moment before he couldn’t help but say, “There’s something I think I should tell you.”

It was rare for Qiu Jiahao to be so serious. When Yu Zhihuan heard this, she knew that what Qiu Jiahao was talking about was not a good thing for her.

There was no response, as if waiting for Qiu Jiahao to tell her directly.

Qiu Jiahao sighed and whispered, “Young Master Ji… he has someone he likes.”

These words were like a thunderclap that struck Yu Zhihuan, who was holding the phone, and she forgot to react.

Qiu Jiahao quickly said, “I initially didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid of hurting you. However, this matter is real. You would know even if I didn’t say it.”

“It’s been so long since the incident between you and Young Master Ji. Since it didn’t work out at that time, I think you shouldn’t be so persistent.”

Usually, Qiu Jiahao would not say such words to dissuade Yu Zhihuan.

However, when he saw Young Master Ji’s intentions for Jian Ai, he knew that no matter how outstanding Yu Zhihuan’s conditions were, it would be a waste of effort to win Young Master Ji back.

The other end of the phone was silent for a long time. It was obvious this news shocked that Yu Zhihuan.

After a while, Yu Zhihuan’s voice came again. “I understand, Jiahao. Thank you for telling me this.”

Her tone was calm, as if she had quickly digested this news.

After hanging up, Qiu Jiahao scratched his hair in frustration and thought to himself, ‘What’s going on? Why am I getting involved?’

At noon, Wang Yunzhong booked a table of delicacies at a famous five-star restaurant in Baiyun City.

When Wang Yunmei and Wang Yunzhi arrived, Wang Yunzhong had already arrived. There were two other people sitting in the private room, Wang Yunfa and Li Xia.

“Xiao Mei and Zhi are here. Quickly sit.”

As soon as they met, Wang Yunzhong warmly greeted his two sisters.

Wang Yunfa looked up and said nothing. On the other hand, Li Xia stood up and called out, “Eldest Sister, Second Sister.”

Wang Yunmei and Wang Yunzhi also smiled and replied, but they similarly ignored Wang Yunfa.

Wang Yunfa couldn’t get over the demolition matter in his heart. It had been two years, but things hadn’t changed. Every time he met Wang Yunmei, he would have this expression. In the beginning, Wang Yunmei felt sad, but now that she was used to it, she couldn’t be bothered with him.

The four siblings of the Wang family ate together at a table full of exquisite dishes. This was a scene that had never happened in many years.

Wang Yunzhi couldn’t help but say, “Brother, what are you doing? Why did you suddenly gather us for a meal?”

Wang Yunmei also looked at Wang Yunzhong. Initially, she knew that Wang Yunfa was coming today, so she didn’t want to come. However, Wang Yunzhong said that he had something to discuss, so she came over.

Looking at the table of dishes Wang Yunzhong had arranged, there must be something.

Wang Yunzhong nodded and didn’t beat around the bush. He looked at his two sisters and brother and said with a worried expression, “It’s about Dad and Mom.”

Without waiting for them to ask, Wang Yunzhong continued, “I called all of you here this time to discuss buying a house for Dad and Mom.”

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