Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Chapter 3165: Sect Master, she is missing

2023-09-18 Author: Qing Charming

Chapter 3165: The sect leader is missing

"Those kids are really cruel, every move is fatal!"

Fortunately, the two of them were not a threat to those children, otherwise, they would have been two corpses when they were teleported by the formation.

"What should we do now? Where is this place?"

The senior sister sat on the desert, turned around and looked at the endless desert, her face full of frustration.

What kind of place is this? They don't understand the sect master's formation, and they don't know where they were teleported to. How are they going to get out next?

"Of course we should walk out of the desert first." The junior sister looked at the silly senior sister and laughed secretly in her heart.

They were lucky to be able to escape, but they were afraid that none of the sisters and sisters who stayed in the small forest would be left alive.

As for them, if it weren't for her superb poison skills, and the senior sister in front of her was very strong and had a lot of supplies on her back, there would have been no way that the sect master would have taken a fancy to him and take them to escape together.

Now, they have escaped, but the sect leader is dead.

"Then which way are we going, junior sister, you carry these supplies, I will carry the sect leader." Senior sister said.

Junior sister: “…”

If it weren't for the Saintess Sect, they would probably be the only ones left. With someone to take care of him together, she really wanted to slap this fool to death.

The two of them have almost lost all their original soul power. They don't think about how to escape. Instead, they think about carrying the sect leader's body back. Is this sick?

"Your brain was caught in the door. The sect leader is dead. Why are you carrying her back? Don't you think you are tired enough?" She raised her hand and poked the senior sister's head hard with her index finger.

"Then what should we do? Leave the sect master here?" Senior Sister asked with her eyes wide.

"if not?"

Junior sister asked her in a cold voice.

There was no way she could go back with the sect leader's body anyway. If she had the strength, she might as well walk a few more steps and leave this desert as soon as possible.

"Just leave the sect master here. The wandering wind in the desert will come at any time, and the sect master's body will be buried in the next moment. It can be regarded as being buried in peace."

she said.

Although it is all sand, it only needs to be buried.

"Let's go, we have to get out as soon as possible and avoid those people." After saying that, she no longer cared about the sect leader's body, but stood up and said to her senior sister.

On the other side, in the small forest.

The seriously injured elders dragged their dying bodies back and were about to meet their sect leader as soon as they entered the forest.

This time the people from the family came in force, and it seemed that they wanted to catch them all in one fell swoop. If they came up with another solution, it was very likely that the Saintess Sect would be wiped out.

"Quickly, take this elder to see the sect master."


The female disciple looked embarrassed as she supported the injured elder.

They also wanted to see the sect master. The small forest was already in chaos. Everyone found that their original soul power was losing quickly, and they were about to become useless.

"Ninth Elder, the sect master is missing."

Although they really didn't want to admit that the sect master had escaped behind their backs, the fact was that they had already gone to the place where the sect master had set up the formation, and there was no one there at all.

Moreover, several of the sect master's direct disciples were missing, and several Poison Master disciples were also missing.

This doesn't mean that the sect master ran away with his disciples.

"What? It's gone. How could it be missing?"

Several elders looked at the disciples with expressions of disbelief on their faces. Could it be that the sect master had received the news and knew that people from the world clan were chasing him.

(End of chapter)

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