Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 70: A sword rampant in the last days (70)

  Chapter 70 A sword rampant in the last days (70)

   "But I won't let you hurt innocent people."

   This is the reason why Baitang is willing to entangle with Shi Minzhi.

   "The zombie dryad was also left to me on purpose. You showed it on purpose." Shi Minzhi said again.

  Baitang leaned against the cage, and replied: "I just did this job that went along with the flow. Don't you want to know? I'll let you know."

   "Look, how good I am to you. I will give you a chance to do whatever you want."

  Inexplicably, there is a hint of pampering in it.

Shi Minzhi's mocking laughter overflowed his lips: "Then I have to thank the captain for playing with me? It turned out that he locked me up and thought that the captain was going to send me to the research platform and let them do experiments." !"

Baitang waved his hand: "Don't think of people so badly, okay? I don't have a habit of abusing others. Basically, I kill them with one blow. For so many years, you are the only one who is special. If you can't be killed, it's my source of abuse. name."

   Those old things are afraid that they will have to jump out and talk about her again.

"You will be trapped here for the rest of your life, unless you really figure out when to come out. Others can't get in, and you can't get out either. This beautiful cage is inlaid with crystal nuclei, and I pay you back. "


   Sorry, none exists.

  Who would tolerate a perpetrator for no reason? She asked him to do what he was able to do and integrate into the team. A set of more reasonable rules has been established, and the people around are more kind and friendly people. Such an environment couldn't make him change or waver, so Bai Tang didn't think he had any ability to make him abandon the dark and turn to the bright by relying on his so-called kindness and so-called trust in him.

  She doesn't have such charm, nor does she have such face.

Shi Minzhi couldn't get too close to the iron cage, his dark eyes were stubborn, and he said quietly: "How long is a life? The captain doesn't know, right? I won't die even if you die, and there will be a day when I won't be able to get out ? The captain is naive."

  Baitang smiled and didn't say much.

Shi Minzhi is indeed a very special person she met. She has met people who came back from the dead, but she has never seen someone like Shi Minzhi who has turned into ashes and can re-condense his body, resurrected, and the memory is still there. people.

  After Baitang left, there was nothing left but a gorgeous cage, in which a disabled person with both legs was imprisoned.

  Shi Minzhi couldn't feel the fluctuation of the aura around him, so he couldn't improve his ability anymore.

   Clenched his fists in frustration.

  Shi Minzhi was not reconciled, and looked at the crystal nucleus embedded in the cage.

  Aura cannot be absorbed, so the crystal nucleus can always be absorbed, right?

   When Minzhi reached out his hand to get close to this beautiful crystal nucleus, he didn't care about the harm or anything. As long as he can be made less passive, Shi Minzhi can't care so much.

  I thought I could let go and lead humans to hell, but he was imprisoned.

  Like a barrier, Shi Minzhi couldn't get close to the crystal nucleus.

   Is there really no other way?

  His trump card was easily dismissed by Baitang.

   Is it really going to be stuck here for a long, long time?

The secret of Shi Minzhi's resurrection from the dead is known to no one except Tang Manli and her. Baitang has dealt with everything that happened in the laboratory just now. Those who saw it erased this memory. A section was also completely removed.

  Baitang also has his own considerations for not revealing the secret of Shi Minzhi. There are always a lot of greedy people, and now that there is such a special case to let them know, there will definitely be many moths.

   "Ms. Bai, if possible, I hope our people can study him." The doctor in the white coat said while pushing his glasses.

  A power that can devour other powers is really surprising.

  (end of this chapter)

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