Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 69: A sword rampant in the last days (69)

  Chapter 69 A sword rampant in the last days (69)

   This is the sixth time, Shi Minzhi died at the hands of Bai Tang for the sixth time.

  Two blades fell from Shi Minzhi's heart to the ground, Baitang pushed Shi Minzhi's wheelchair and continued to move forward, and someone behind him came to clean up.

   Resurrected again, Shi Minzhi's heart still hurts. Every time I revived, the pain was still very strong.

   After a while, he slowed down, his eyes darkened. Knowing that there is no room left, he underestimated Baitang, this is the price.

   "The captain is really ruthless."

"To each other, we are the same, and there is no time when you are not ruthless, whether it is summoning zombies to eat me, or drugging even your own, when you shoot, it is not like hitting the person you hate the most. Shi Mo Xuan that way, just now, you wanted to kill people and seize treasures, and you didn't forget to disgust me. But what you did was very wrong. I, Baitang, have always had a clear grievance. Even if they hurt me, I will not Blame them, they can no longer be called human beings."

  Baitang counted Shi Minzhi's everything in detail.

   "Everything, which one wronged you, Shi Minzhi?"

  Shi Minzhi just said: "Do I still have a chance to kill the captain?"

  It's a pity, what I'm repairing is something so restricted as abilities. The ability that Baitang has easily disabled now.

  Baitang patted Shi Minzhi on the shoulder, and encouraged him: "Hey, it's not like there is no chance. If you practice for ten thousand years, you can fight me for many rounds."

  The problem is that Baitang is not standing still.

  Although it is a retired life, it is not abolished. Instead, I spend a lot of time every day to improve myself.

  Shi Min Zhi lowered his head, this time he really felt very powerless.

  His two years of planning and two years of patience are just her playing on the spot.

  Is it pathetic? not sad.

  He had always thought of dragging everyone to death, but it was due to the change of Baitang. She would destroy all his plans, so Shi Minzhi chose to kill Baitang.

   Finally arrived. Baitang lifted the layer of cloth covering it, revealing a delicate and beautiful cage.

   It's just a cage.

"We made a deal, I gave Shi Moxuan to you to deal with, and you will deal with me when you are. When you are planning to kill people and seize treasures, I have nothing to do. Beasts always use cages If I can't kill you, you can go in for me."

  Baitang pushed Shi Minzhi in with one palm, closed the door, clasped her hands together, a gorgeous golden light overflowed, and with the change of her fingers, a restriction landed on the cage.

   If you can’t kill him, then lock him up.

  [Baitang! You release him quickly! You can't treat Shi Minzhi like this! ]

  [Baitang, did you hear that! ]

   Isn't it enough to kill the blackened boss? Don't want to influence, just want to kill!

   Now the blackened big boss is locked up, which means that he has been locked up all the time.

  System 168 was speechless to complain about this host.

   "Little System, don't worry, it will be you after he passes."

  Baitang only left this sentence, and didn't plan to pay any attention to him.

   This small system has double standards. He is allowed to blacken the big boss to kill her, and she is not allowed to do things that are not good for the blackened big boss.


  Shi Min Zhixiao almost burst into tears.

   "Captain, I still have a few questions for you."

   "Ask." Baitang said with a smile.

   "Is your real body a white crabapple?"

  He thought that she would definitely be killed, so he specially prepared layers of white begonia flowers to see her off, because Baitang was someone he wanted to kill but didn't hate.

  Gods block and kill gods, Buddhas block and kill Buddhas, whoever stops me will kill whoever!

  Baitang's existence is so depressing.

  Baitang's eyes turned: "I, I was talking nonsense. Of course I know that you have never given up on dragging everyone to be buried with you. Although I won't influence you according to that little thing's request."

  (end of this chapter)

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