Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 68: A sword rampant in the last days (68)

  Chapter 68 A sword rampant in the last days (68)

   I can't say anything else, it was originally a sure chance of winning, but I just found out that the one who is sure of winning has become Baitang.

Baitang waved his hands again and again: "It's too much to say, we are to each other, you are hypocritical, I am pretending. However, I won completely, and Shida turned into a boss. I am not very satisfied with the last tenderness you gave me, so I will give it to you too." I have prepared a special gift, I think you must like it very much."

   This tone sounded strangely familiar to Shi Minzhi. However, he is not as indifferent as Baitang. Baitang has confidence, but he may not have it.

   "If it is your blood, I will be very satisfied."

  Shi Minzhi's dark eyes were like a whirlpool in the deep sea, trying to **** people into it.

  He still has cards.

  Baitang looked at Shi Minzhi like this, playing with taste: "I guess, you have to bet again, what if you can kill me? Right, the special ability of devouring ability."

  Shi Minzhi's dark eyes suddenly shrank, and he looked at Baitang in shock.

   When did she know?

  For the first time, Shi Minzhi finally looked at the woman in front of him squarely.

"As you wish."

   It sounds nice, but in fact, he has no choice.

  He didn't even know what Baitang had prepared for him.

  Theoretically, he is immortal, and hatred supports him to survive again and again. Shi Minzhi was also afraid that he would not survive that long time.

  Baitang notified the leader and took these people away again, while Shi Minzhi was in her hands.

   "I'm curious, when did the captain discover this special ability of mine."

  Shi Minzhi thought he hid it very well, and never used it on living people. He even deliberately disguised an image in front of Baitang.

  Baitang smiled and said: "I knew it from the beginning. You deliberately concealed it, but I didn't expose it."

  Not only did she not expose it, she even intentionally sang a play with Shi Minzhi.

   Coincidentally, what Shi Minzhi showed her was his plan, and what she told Shi Minzhi was also what she told Shi Minzhi specifically.

   Not a complicated plan, just need some patience.

  Baitang never believed in Shi Minzhi, she only believed in her own judgment.

  Shi Minzhi's mood is very calm now, and it's because he doesn't know Baitang well enough.

  At first he thought he was a disguise, but he didn't know that Baitang could also hide and disguise, and even disguised better.

  Baitang pushed Shi Minzhi towards the laboratory, Shi Minzhi's heart sank.

how? Is the high-spirited team leader going to give him to the researchers for study? Want to find out the secret of his immortality?

  Thinking of this, Shi Minzhi smiled mockingly.

   "Can I still see the sun outside?"

   For a long time, an illusory sentence.

  Baitang wondered: "Aren't you a person who likes light, do you still want to see the sunshine outside?"

   "That's right, everything should be dark and there should be no light." Shi Minzhi's eyes flashed fiercely.

  The black supernatural power instantly enveloped Baitang, and invaded Baitang's body fiercely. With a twist of his wrist, the sharp blade came out, heading straight for Baitang's heart.

Baitang's complexion remained unchanged, and his fingers clamped the dagger so that it could not move half a step forward, and the black gas could not penetrate for a moment. Grasping Shi Minzhi's wrist, he folded it, and Baitang used his other hand together, and the broken dagger pierced into Shi Minzhi's heart at the same time, and bright red blood gushed out.

  [Host, you! You are simply unreasonable. ]

  System 168 turned out to be a little numb.

  [Don't kill the blackened big boss, you should probation, probation is the main thing. ]

  Baitang exerted more force, and the blood gushed faster.

  This small system, I will clean it up later.

  Baitang sighed, taking advantage of Shi Minzhi's resurrection, Baitang abolished Shi Minzhi's last support.

  (end of this chapter)

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