Quick Transmigration: Reforming the Blackened Big BOSS

Chapter 37: A sword rampant in the last days (37)

  Chapter 37 A sword rampant in the last days (37)

   Thinking about what she would look like at that time, Shi Minzhi felt very excited.

  Baitang: "Then feel free to come and try."

  Bai Tang is not afraid of Shi Min's methods. She is a person with a very firm heart and a pair of keen eyes. She only does what she thinks is right.

  Shi Minzhi silently slid the wheelchair and followed behind Baitang.

  When I got to the tenth floor, a middle-aged woman opened the door. She was in the embarrassment of most people in the last days. With disheveled hair, cautious and flustered eyes, when he saw Baitang, his eyes lit up as if seeing a savior.

  She looked around for a while, and hurriedly said: "You are the captain, right? My name is Wang Xiuchun. There are two children in my room. Please help me save them. I can't live without them."

  Baitang turned his eyes and said, "Is it in the room?"

  Wang Xiuchun said: "Yes, big sister, the two of them have a fever, and I can't carry them away by myself. Big sister, can you help me hug one?"

  Baitang nodded: "Yes."

  Baitang followed Wang Xiuchun into the house, but Shi Minzhi slid his wheelchair to the door.


   An unexplained laugh escaped from his throat.

  This woman's house is quite big, with four bedrooms and a spacious living room. The house is still clean and tidy.

   "Where is your son?" Baitang asked.

  Wang Xiuwei: "Big sister, your sword is too sharp. My son is timid and confused. He is afraid he will be injured. Can you put the sword here for a while?"

  Baitang smiled and put Cang Lan on the table: "Of course."

  Wang Xiuchun led Baitang inside and said, "Big girl, my son is a bit heavy, so I'll trouble you."

  Baitang put her hand on the doorknob, but Wang Xiuchun, who was behind her, suddenly pulled out the fruit knife hidden in her sleeve, held it with both hands, raised her hand high, and stabbed it at the back of Baitang's neck with all her might.

  The moment the dagger was about to touch Baitang's skin, the dagger broke suddenly. Baitang had already withdrawn his hand from the doorknob, pinched Wang Xiuchun's hand with his backhand, and twisted it hard.

   With a creak, Wang Xiuchun dislocated his hand and let out a miserable scream. Baitang threw her on the ground, and said with a smile, "What's the matter? I'm afraid your zombie son has no food? Are you in such a hurry?"

  Wang Xiuchun was startled, eyes dodged: "My son is not a zombie! I killed you just because you deserve to die."

"Interesting." With a thought of Baitang, Canglan returned to her hand in an instant, "Not to mention, you and I have never met, even the original Baitang, she has never met you, and her family has never been there. Passing through this city, where did the word **** it come from?"

Wang Xiuchun didn't speak, and Baitang was not in a hurry: "I have killed not tens of thousands of zombies, at least eight thousand. Then let me go in and see if he is a zombie. If he is a zombie, then it would be great , My hands are itchy, I don't mind killing one more zombie."

  Wang Xiuchun hurriedly grabbed Baitang's leg and denied it: "My son is not a zombie, you can't kill him!"

   "You can kill me for no reason, why can't I kill your son?" Baitang's posture was extremely lazy.

  The person in this room, hearing the noise, was clearly a zombie.

  Wang Xiuchun kowtowed and begged: "I was wrong, you came after me, don't hurt my son."

  Baitang smiled and said: "What a mother-child love, today, I will fulfill your mother-child love."

Baitang really opened the door this time, and glanced inside, there was indeed a zombie inside, smelling the smell of a living person, walking towards them, there were several bones in the room, it seems that this Wang Xiuchun Many people were deceived by such means, and they were bewildered by her weakness and pitifulness, and died at the mouth of zombies. They were good intentions, but they were harmed.

  (end of this chapter)

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