Chapter 2 A sword that runs rampant in the end times (2)

December 28th, 2022

Is this the so-called zombie? With such a slow pace? Did you guys learn from ants and turtles?

Bai Tang was too lazy to wait for them to come up slowly so she rushed straight up. As she made a somersault, Canglan whirled in her hands, directly slashing the heads of the two zombies as easily as chopping watermelons.

In fact, the speed of these two zombies are no longer slow, but facing Bai Tang, a female god of killing, they are no match against her.

Bai Tang landed behind the two zombies, bent her arms and gently hitting them, the bodies of the two zombies fell to the ground. The whole process can be said to be quite clean and Bai Tang didn’t even look back.

Bai Tang sighed softly and stroked the end of her sword, Canglan. It’s not interesting, it’s really boring, can’t we have something more challenging?
Countless zombies kept piling on the ground, the area around Bai Tang is like a no man’s land. With the extremely sharp Canglan cutting all the way through, all zombies in front of it were like babies.

After walking for more than ten minutes, Bai Tang finally reached the end of the route given to her by System 168. It was in a stadium where there were less zombies.

Shi Minzhi opened his sinister eyes from the blood stains, the heart-piercing pain was still there. Just now, while the zombies were biting and gnawing his whole body, he kept his gaze fixed on his wheelchair lying among the pile of broken arms and stumps. With both hands supporting his body, he stubbornly crawled over.

There is no way around it, as he was born with a disabled leg. Even when he literally died for more than a dozen times and came back to life, his leg disability has always been a constant. After crawling all the way, he finally climbed to the side of the wheelchair. Shi Minzhi grasped the armrest of the wheelchair with both hands, exerted a slight force and successfully sat on the wheelchair.

“Shi Minzhi is inside, right? System 168.” A cold light flashed in Bai Tang’s eyes.

[Host, Shi Minzhi is inside. Have you figured out what to do? As the blackened big boss, Shi Minzhi is very sensitive and bad. He has manipulated the zombies and dragged many civilians to be eaten by zombies.]
System 168 continues chattering all the way, saying a bunch of stuff with its small mouth, without realizing that something was wrong with the current situation.

Bai Tang sneered and carried Canglan into the gym.

In the huge stadium, Shi Minzhi sat there alone. He was sitting in a wheelchair, fixing his sleeves. His body was covered with blood and some dirty filth. The man’s face was born extremely well. Even though it is not very clean now, it has a look of a broken and messy beauty to it. However, Bai Tang didn’t have the heart of appreciation at all. As System 168 said, Shi Minzhi’s hands were already stained with the blood of innocent people.


“You are Shi Minzhi?”

The clear voice rang next to Shi Minzhi’s ear. System 168 was worried, what is the host doing? How is this a way of making a good first impression?
Suddenly came in and loudly asking, “You are Shi Minzhi?”, isn’t this obviously telling him clearly that she is here specifically for him?

[Host, this is not the way to do this. I think how other hosts selected by other systems is firstly, save him, take him with you, and then treat him well. Also try to overcome all hardships together, and to always believe in him.]
System 168 summarized the experience he learned from other systems and carefully told Bai Tang. There is no other way, it seems that his host is a bit silly. Now it’s no longer certain whether she is capable of successfully completing the task and earning points in order for it to upgrade.

Shi Minzhi’s eyes are dark and sullen. His long and bony fingers kept smoothing out the folds and wrinkles on his sleeves. He swept a glance at the young girl at the entrance of the gymnasium. The girl tied a high ponytail, her clothes slightly disheveled. But her behavior seemed a little strange while holding a beautiful sword. Does modern people still carry a sword around?

Here comes another prey.

Shi Minzhi chuckled, and replied: “I am Shi Minzhi. What do you want from me?”

Just a little girl, easy to solve.

After getting the confirmation, Bai Tang also smiled: “Shi Minzhi, I heard that you have blackened, and rather a blackened big boss at that.”

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