Plunder the heavens and all the worlds

Plunder the heavens and all the worlds


163 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Xiao Yi was reborn!!!

The system is bound at the beginning, the hang-up becomes stronger, and the mining is invincible!

“Digging into Tianhe intelligent chips, independent computing, independent evolution, and opening up a new world”

“Dig up gene repair technology and resurrect the Jurassic!”

“Digging up the production line of the aircraft carrier of the Kwafu, with a full load displacement of millions of tons!!!”

“Dig into the inner canon of the Yellow Emperor, from dawn to dark!!!”

From now on,

Investment can be rebated 100 times, puff girls can randomly get skills, buy a piece of land, and can generate millions of tons of gold mine!

With a snap of fingers, all countries in the world will be terrified.

Feilu Novel Network exclusive signed novel: “Plunder the Heavens and Worlds”; This novel and characters are purely fictional, if there are similarities, they are purely coincidental and should not be imitated.


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