Pirate: Don’t force me to swing the hammer

Pirate: Don’t force me to swing the hammer


298 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Pirate: Don’t force me to swing the hammer

[Pirates + DNF System + Hammer Milk + Rescue System + Adventure Upgrade] The blue star boy Xiao Nuo’s soul traveled through the world of One Piece. The reason was that he used the auxiliary milk as a hammer milk?Xiao Nuo, who had just arrived in the world of pirates, was rescued by young Nami. In order to protect Nami's beautiful childhood, Xiao Nuo awakened the DNF strongest adventurer system.Can you level up and become stronger just by farming pirates?As long as you get achievement points, you can buy items in the mall and draw prizes?As long as you knock down the Celestial Dragon, your wish will come true?From then on, the nightmare of pirates, the executioner of Celestial Dragons, and the savior of civilians appeared!They are the [Apostles] of the pirate world. The first apostle: [Saint] - Xiao Nuo, the second apostle: [Elemental Holy Spirit] - Nami, the third apostle: [Sword Emperor] - Nokigao, the fourth apostle: [Destroyer] - Eustace Kidd Fifth Apostle: [Nian Emperor] - Nico Robin Sixth Apostle: [Jiwu Emperor] - Portcas D. Ace Tenth The Two Apostles——****………… PD: The introduction is weak, readers please move on to the main text!


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