People are sailing, Robin’s close master!

People are sailing, Robin’s close master!


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Robo traveled to the world of pirates, his body rejuvenated and became a little kid, and was rescued by Robin, and he got a golden finger at the beginning——

[Just time travel, you have activated your talent – born to be powerful! 】

[After surviving for one year, you have activated your talent – Wushuang domineering! 】

【Famous all over the world, you have activated your talent – sublime to the fullest! 】


Climbing to the top and exploring the world, Rob is known as the true free man, the pioneer of the new era, the uncrowned emperor, and the hidden overlord!

Warring States: “I didn’t expect you to be the remnants of O’Hara!”

White Beard: “Gu la la la…you really are a brother and sister that should not be underestimated!”

Redhead: “What a free guy!”

After some years.

Someone once again saw Rob, Robin and a small child they were holding:

“You two are definitely brother and sister… right?”

Feilu’s exclusive signed novel: “Man is Sailing, Robin’s close master! “; this novel and characters are purely fictitious, any similarity is purely coincidental, please do not imitate.


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