Peach and Plum Do Not Speak

Peach and Plum Do Not Speak


148 Chapters Completed Status


This is an age-gap story. Bai Fumei Gentle Royal Sister & Ruan Meng Xueba Girl HE Xiang

Tao Anzhi: Yanxi, do you love me?
Yan Xi: Tao Tao, of course I love you.
Tao Anzhi: So do you like me?
Yan Xi: Tao Tao… I can’t…

Content tags: A match made in heaven
Protagonist: Yan Xi, Tao Anzhi ┃ Supporting roles: Gao Jiming, Liao Chengyu, Xu Jiaer, Yang Mengmeng ┃ Others: cultivation, age difference

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